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Log Date Characters Summary
Stars Fell on Chicago 2023.04.02 Mahdi, Five, Saulot as ST Every meteorologist and would-be astrologer didn't predict anything like this. A beauteous display of falling stars falling all over the city. Harmless meteoroids on first sight, but those around them when they land speak of something us. A few such falling stars fall onto the roof of a local pizza joint (Fireside), and strangeness ensues.
To The Nines - Hazelnut 2022.12.30 Frank, Hazel Two fellow travelers in the darkness meet in a place of dim light and strong shadows.
South Side Fires Part 3 Continued 2022.12.04 Spider as ST, Seth, Tilly, Firefly, Skein, Five, Five, The Swarm South Side Fires Plot part 3 continued: The Swarm Pack leads an expedition down into the Undercity with a group of accorded allies to work on suppressing the fires and the spirits that spread them. Replying to the Undercity Prince, Tillo Protz, who is looking for hands to help put out remnants of fire that he and his can't reach without risking final death or causing more problems. On the way, they find a fight and a new portion of the wound that's opened up.
Terribly Toxic Thanksgiving Turkeys 2022.11.22 Alexander, Arnaud, Norman, Thalia, and Five as ST A group of Accorded run into some deceptively delicious turkeys.
South Side Fires Part 3 2022.11.20 Spider as ST, Seth, Tilly, Firefly, Skein, Silvia, Five, Arnaud, Norman, Griffiths, The Swarm, the Shorewalkers. South Side Fires Plot part 3: The Swarm Pack leads an expedition down into the Undercity with a group of accorded allies to work on suppressing the fires and the spirits that spread them. Replying to the Undercity Prince, Tillo Protz, who is looking for hands to help put out remnants of fire that he and his can't reach without risking final death or causing more problems. On the way, they find a fight and a new portion of the wound that's opened up.
Hatred and Fear: Introduction Part 2 2022.19.11 Griffiths, Harlow, Lina, Norman, Silvia, The Shorewalkers The pack meet to discuss what Silvia and Griffiths found.
Hatred and Fear: Introduction 2022.11.19 Griff, Silvia, Shorewalkers, Silvia as ST. Silvia, distracted by the Crescent Moon, spends some time in the Shadow with Griff. They happen upon a very nasty spirit in their would-be territory.

The log begins mid-scene, where the wolves enter the street that that houses this spirit.

Debts Paid 2022.11.16 Arnaud, Five, Faith as GM In which Arnaud and Five go to take care of some gangsters owing Faith money, to repay the debt Arnaud has to Faith. Things go wrong and right, and something weird happens.
How To Pay Off A Debt 2022.11.11 Arnaud, Faith, Five Faith visits Arnaud and Five with a suggestion on how Arnaud can pay back the favor he owes the vampire for insulting her that one time. They also discuss the wound and its problems.
South Side Fires Part 2 2022.11.12 Spider as ST, Seth, Tilly, Elodie, Faith, Haliburton, Five, Rafe, Rachel, The Swarm South Side Fires Plot part 2: The Swarm Pack leads an expedition down into the Undercity with a group of accorded allies to work on suppressing the fires and the spirits that spread them. Replying to the Undercity Prince, Tillo Protz, who is looking for hands to help put out remnants a fire that he and his can't reach without risking final death or causing more problems.
Hot Chocolate Club - Perfect Sprinkles 2022.11.12 Tennyson, Javi, Lina, Elodie, Chicago Hot Chocolate Club
Inaugural Meeting of the Chicago Hot Chocolate Club 2022.11.05 Lina, Phaedre, Javi, Tennyson, Celandine, Chicago Hot Chocolate Club The accidental creation of a new club...
Notorious Norman vs Fiery Five 2022.11.08 Five, Norman, Faith An explosive rematch between friends gone wrong.
Peace Offering 2022.11.09 Arnaud, Haliburton In which Arnaud brings a peace offering to Haliburton.
Checking on Rafe 2022.11.09 Ben, Rafe and Sebastian Ben was called to check on a new arrival to the city at Al Raby Community Center early in the morning before his shift at Chicago Hospital.
Not Your Average Monday 2022.11.07 Arnaud (also GM), Five, Griffiths In which there is almost a cataclysmic event in Auburn Gresham, when a truck with dangerous and flammable goods is in a serious accident. There is fire!
The Hook Hand Hunts! 2022.11.06 Griffiths, Silvia Griff introduces Silvia into what the Lodge of the Hook Hand is really all about.
Bargains 2022.11.03 Arnaud, Five In which Arnaud reveals his mien and makes a Bargain with Five, and he promises to try to be friendly with vampires.
Don't Steal Candy From Kids 2022.11.02 Arnaud, Solomon Arnaud invites Solomon to dinner, having cooked bouillabaisse. He learns the truth about Halloween candy.
A Blooming Cactus 2022.10.31 Arnaud, Five Arnaud's cactus is finally blooming. Five asks uncomfortable questions, forcing Arnaud to start facing his feelings.
Autumn Hunt 2022.11.05 Arnaud, Elodie, Loreley, Solomon as ST The Autumn Hunt pits the three Lost against a group of bully hobs. The risk is big.
Few Too Many 2022.11.03 Solomon, Javi, Gareth, Miel, Darwin as ST A couple of mortals, changelings, and a wolf seek to resolve a nasty problem encouraging bursts of violence amongst the population of Hyde Park.
South Side Fires Part 1 2022.11.04 Spider as ST, Locust, Firefly, Seth, Tilly, Griffiths, The Swarm South Side Fires Plot part 1: Smoke and Pain. Part of The Swarm Pack heads down into the Undercity with Griffiths to start working on suppressing the fires and the spirits that spread them. Replying to the Undercity Prince, Tillo Protz, who is looking for hands to help put out remnants of fire that he and his can't reach without risking final death or causing more problems.
Masquerade Around the World 2022.10.31 Faith, Arnaud, Joshua, Khali, Heloise, Haliburton, Javi, Darwin, Five, Nisha, Spider, Seth, Tilly, Skein, Vance, Cellandine Faith throws a Masquerade ball successfully.
Mass Murder Is Not The Solution 2022.10.26 Arnaud, Solomon Arnaud visits Solomon, as he is someone good to know and someone not to piss off. He offers his services, and receives some good advice.
Healing as Breakfast 2022.10.26 Arnaud and Ben Arnaud comes early in the morning looking for magical healing and some breakfast.
Heather Jones' Silver Locket 2022.10.24 Arnaud, Tennyson Arnaud hires Tennyson to find some people.
Mutual Understanding 2022.10.22 Arnaud, Five
Worst Mistake 2022.10.21 Arnaud, Faith, Five, Haliburton In which the gang corners Arnaud and Five, and chaos reigns in the night. Vampires come to the rescue!
Secondhand Shopping 2022.10.21 Arnaud, Five In which Arnaud and Five shops for secondhand kitchenware.
Uppercase Books & Underground Coffee - Grand Re-Opening 2022.10.22. Arnaud, Faith, Sonny, Five, Heloise, Tennyson, Nisha, Rachel Strangers and friends congregate at the re-opening of a bookstore and coffeehouse.
Territorial 2022.10.20 Silvia, Solomon Silvia goes hunting in Solomon's territory. There's an argument over a dead body. Sorry, dead dude.
Accorded 2022.10.16 Arnaud, Faith, Five In which Five joins the Twilight Accord.
Night At The Museum 2022.10.15 Arnaud, Five, Haliburton A taunting shadow creature enrages a Summer and a mortal with fire, when they break into the Museum at night.
Autumn Census: Ben 2022.10.18 Solomon, Ben Solomon shows up at Ben's house to ask a few simple questions
It Wasn't Right 2022.10.15 Faith, Haliburton, Javi, Darwin, Miel Two vamps, a wolf, a changeling and a ghostly-flavored mortal investigate the haunted happenings at Chicago-Read in Dunning.
Breaches Below 2022.10.11 Arthur, Five A glimpse underneath the city, a peek behind the mask.
Fun, Fists, and Friendship 2022.10.10 Arnaud, Firefly, Five, Harlow, Norman, Seth, Spider Various folks gather for some fun at Satin and Savagery.
Trading Secrets 2022.10.14 Arnaud, Five Arnaud and Five have a Talk, in which secrets are shared, promises made and friendship blooms.
Someone Good To Know 2022.10.13 Arnaud, Heloise In which a careful Winter advices a Summer on the virtue of suspicion, and whom is good to know.
Make It Disappear 2022.10.12 Arnaud, Faith Cleaning up a mess sometimes requires a bit of help from the experts.
Alley Horror 2022.10.12 Arnaud, Arthur, Five Some things go bump in the night and some things go more bump than others.
Unruly Shoppers 2022.10.08 Arnaud, Faith
Finding a Lost housemate 2022.10.06 Arnaud and Ben Arnaud meets Ben as he's heard about the Fairest offering for a place to stay in exchange of house fixing.
The Dead of the Night -- Part II 2022.09.30 Solomon, Madison Odd details emerge about a victim.
Prized Plushies at the Pier 2022.10.01 Faith, Five, Heloise, Javi, Norman You get a plushie, and you get a plushie, everyone gets a plushie!
Assembly At An Aquarium 2022.10.01 Arthur, Five, Haliburton, Heloise, Rachel, Solomon A bunch of strangers gather and everyone has a nice time. Chicago, the most friendly city in the world.
The Dead of the Night -- Part I 2022.09.29 Brendan, Madison Detective Roberts (Brendan) and Sterling (Madison) meet at the scene of a dead body. Forensics have arrived.
Miasma 2022.09.22 Faith, Javi, Darwin, Solomon, Haliburton The gang pokes at some ephemerally haunted items and man they are /nasty/.
Fragments 2022.09.20 Solomon, Darwin Solomon provides lasagna, mild threats, comedy, and horrifying insight on Arcadia. Darwin is there for the ride (and food).
Job Offer 2022.09.20 Faith, Gareth Faith meets an Accorded human and reveals her nature, Gareth gets a job offer and learns a little about vampires.
The Dark Gospel 2022.09.19 Haliburton, Faith Hal gives Faith a complex answer to the question of what the Lancea et Sanctum believes.
Frostlinger 2022.09.18 Solomon, Darwin, Javi Javi, Darwin and Solomon buckle down on breaking the fetter of a frosty spirit. They also feed Solomon's pet mantis, very important.
A Hunting We Will Go 2022.09.16 Khali, Rachel, Seth, Tilly, Velathrix, Lilith as ST Khali, Rachel, Seth, Tilly and Velathrix go down into the Undercity to begin hunting down the Pure.
Strangers in the Park 2022.09.14 Ben, Cori Ben and Cori meet, recognize each other as one of the Lost, and talk for a bit in the park that gives the neighborhood its name.
Fries Fries Fries 2022.09.11 Darwin, Javi Darwin and Javi eat them! And also discuss some things.
Of Change and Love 2022.09.11 Javi, Darwin, Gareth Darwin makes people get up at like 5am on a Sunday to do some ritual which sadly doesn't involve blood /or/ sex.
Chaos at the Crestwood - 2 2022.08.07 Javi, Maya, Loreley as ST Javi has summoned Maya for some research help
Breathing 2022.09.10 Javi, Solomon Solomon and Javi exchange gifts.
Pink and Petite Reunion 2022.09.09 Cori, Rune Old friends unexpectedly find each other again in an unexpected place and start catching up with each other.
Academic Superstars 2022.09.08 Darwin, Javi, Maya Not really, but kind of.
Hidden in Hyde 2022.09.08 Solomon, Darwin Darwin and Solomon take a peek into the Shadow of Hyde Park.
Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootin' 2022.09.05 Ted, Faith Faith and Ted shoot guns and shoot the shit.
Meeting Mr. Hubert 2022.09.07 Razi, Fiametta, Bedlam as ST Razi and Fiametta go to speak with the Lost of the Southern Freehold.
A Good Cause 2022.09.06 Fiametta, Javi Javi and Fiametta make a plan. Some other things come out.
Bonfire 2022.09.05 Fiametta, Darwin Fiametta and Darwin discuss a bit of ballet, a bit of Shakespeare, a bit of the nature of spirits. And potential game night.
Party Time 2022.09.06 Faith, Paige Paige attends a party and happens upon another Kindred. Faith gives her a brief overview some of the current issues.
Ordering Chaos 2022.09.03 Razi, Javi Razi takes Javi to one of his favored spots in the city.
Magical Accidents 2022.07.21 Javi, Solomon Javi accidentally goes on a date with Solomon. Also, there is cake.
Piles of Regret 2022.09.04 Javi, Solomon Solomon helps Javi out with a Thing.
Candy-Bright 2022.09.03 Fiametta, Javi, Maya, Darwin, Ted It's /nearly/ a beach episode. Javi takes a break from studying, Maya shows off her lake treasures and struggles with names, Darwin gets dunked, Fiametta treats everyone to tacos.
Uncanny 2022.09.03 Gareth, Miel, Darwin Things are made a little more real to Gareth, and Darwin learns just what it means to challenge a changeling to a game.
Gummies and Gossip 2022.09.03 Ji-Ho, Solomon Ji-Ho stops by to check in with Solomon after the Changeling Court.
September Changeling Court 2022.09.03 Rachel, Solomon, Ted, Lyra, Logan, Fiametta, Andreia, Razi, Steve, Maya, Miel, Ji-Ho, Delilah, and Bedlam as ST The Chrysanthemum Freehold meets to discuss the growing rumors of a traitor and the potential for war with the mysterious Southern Freehold.
Study Buddy 2022.09.02 Bertie, Javi It's a short session.
Payback Hot Dogs 2022.09.02 Javi, Ji-Ho Ji-Ho enlists Javi's help for a very important project.
A Touch of Satin 2022.09.03 Cumani, Kumanhi, Fiametta, Paige, Dante Kumanhi's Debut at Satin (NSFW)
Fire & Moon 2022.08.31 Andréia, Sebastian, Luna, Fiametta After hours, a smoldering Andi finally catches her prey in the backroom. There are ugly tears, and Panda Express.
A Summer Storm in Satin 2022.08.31 Luna, Ben, Rune, Fiametta, Andréia, Brendan A new girl is interviewed by Luna, a newcomer arrives to check out the club, and Andi causes a ruckus.
Imoen's First Day 2022.08.26 Sebastian, Imoen, Andréia, Fiametta Or; as much of it as Andi was present for!
Ravaging Rune 2022.09.01 Andréia, Rune How to start a dumpster fire using two women and a dumpster.
Wayward Mountaineer 2022.08.31 Darwin, Javi Darwin runs errands and answers some questions.
A Beginner's Guide To Insects 2022.08.31 Solomon, Gareth Gareth gives Solomon an update on his case.
Pasta Summer Night 2022.08.31 Ben, Wolfe Ben invites Wolfe to dinner, sets a surprise for him and things skyrocket all in a sudden.
Gareth Thinks He Knows Things 2022.08.30 Gareth, Ji-Ho Gareth thinks he knows Ji-Ho's weird. He's right!
Recruiting Rune 2022.08.30 Ben, Rune Ben finds a homeless young woman and offers her a place to stay and breakfast.
Mortified 2022.08.30 Gareth, Darwin Fresh off of learning The Truth, Gareth goes to confirm suspicions with a close friend.
Close to Home 2022.08.29 Candy, Javi, Maya Some discussion, some sugar.
Fear in the Graveyard 2022.08.29 Faith, Fiametta After having seen each other only in passing a few times, Faith and Fi meet properly.
Uncomfortable Revelations 2022.08.29 Razi, Gareth Gareth has some questions. Razi...kind of has some answers?
Grand Opening of Satin 2022.08.28 Fiametta, Sebastian, Imoen, Luna, Javi, Razi, Ji-Ho, Ashlyn, Nick, Rachel, Felipe, Darwin, Abi, Misha, Marigold The grand opening of Chicago's premier adult entertainment club gets underway.
First Date 2022.08.26 Javi, Razi It goes pretty well, all things considered. Minus a hiccup or two.
Trick of the Light 2022.08.27 Fiametta, Darwin Fiametta detours with Darwin on her way home.
Late Night Viewing Hours 2022.08.25 Solomon, Haliburton Solomon receives a head's up about an intruder at the Oriental Institute. He comes poking around and finds a fellow intellectual.
Weird Sounds 2022.08.24 Fiametta. Javi, Maya, Razi Razi and Fiametta run into Javi, Maya runs into all of them. Music is discussed, a lot.
Volunteering at Turning Leaf Center 2022.08.24 Ben, Logan Ben heads to Turning Leaf Center to volunteer as a doctor and meet its manager, Logan.
Making Plans for Pure 2022.08.22 Marigold, Fiametta, Sebastian, Andréia, Roman War! What is it good for? Making some coin.
Updates 2022.08.24 Ji-Ho, Razi Ji-Ho gives Razi some updates from his investigation efforts. Razi's player definitely knows the difference between a nectarine and a tangerine. There definitely aren't poses in here that make no sense.
Your Word 2022.08.24 Solomon, Darwin Solomon and Darwin catch up and go over /many/ topics without strangling each other. It's downright cordial.
Standup Vegetable 2022.08.23 Miel, Darwin Miel shares wisdom and folds laundry and puts on soothing rain sounds. Roommate of the year.
It's Not Stalking If It's Legal 2022.08.21 Gareth,Solomon Solomon hires Gareth to run surveillance. It's totally legal!
Chancing It 2022.08.23 Andréia, Imoen, Sebastian, Luna, Fiametta This is a story about a girl.
Assessments 2022.08.22 Andréia, Ben, Razi Andi drags an unfortunate to the hospital. Ben is helpful. Razi is uptight.
How Not To Treat With The Lost 2022.08.22 Ji-Ho, Gareth Gareth makes a Deal with Ji-Ho. And then immediately screws it up. Oh well.
Cold Anasthetic 2022.08.22 Darwin, Faith Darwin comes to Faith for some medcial assistance.
Social Expectations 2022.08.22 Razi, Solomon Razi and Solomon run into each other at a charity fundraiser.
Housewarming and Hard Feelings 2022.08.22 Ben,Wolfe Ben invites Wolfe to his place and they talk about hard memories, flert and make plans for the future.
North Praxis August Court 2022.08.21 Caleb, Velathrix, Cumani, Faith, Haliburton, and Lilith as ST
Erosion 2022.08.21 Javi, Razi Razi reveals a bit more about himself.
Onion Rings and Bacon 2022.08.21 Fiametta, Javi, Darwin Javi escapes to a greasy dive bar to get a buzz on, and runs into Fiametta and Darwin. *Is* Javi Chicago's Kevin Bacon?
The Frost Giant Love and Life Advices 2022.08.21 Ben, Kase Kase and Ben meet randomly at a bar and talk about love, life, career and the meaning of existence as they have drinks at Molly O'Malley's.
Undercity August Court 2022.08.20 Jack, Kumanhi, Nichole, Marigold, Roman, Faith, Haliburton, Cumani, and Lilith as ST Undercity Court in the Oubliette.
Identity Crisis 2022.08.21 Miel, Gareth Miel and Gareth come to an understanding
Safety Squad 2022.08.20 Fiametta, Ji-Ho, Razi Ji-Ho goes for a sense check from the sensible safety squad.
Dealing With Shit 2022.08.20 Javi, Solomon There is a lot of it in this scene.
Identical 2022.08.20 Gareth, Darwin Gareth uncovers something strange about Miel and shares his worries with Darwin. Idle talk of fairy tales.
Alan Watch 2022 2022.08.18 Gareth, Ji-Ho Ji-Ho tells Gareth that he can stop the hunt for Alan.
A Proper First Date 2022.08.18 Ben, Wolfe Ben and Wolfe have their very first date listening to jazz at Molly O'Malley's.
Low Stakes Community Garden 2022.08.19 Ji-Ho, Darwin, Gareth, Javi, Miel Javi has been asked to help rejuvenate a ghost's community garden in Sherman Park. Miel, Darwin, and Gareth (sort of) help. Ji-Ho tests Darwin('s patience).
Trust and Truths 2022.08.18 Marigold, Sebastian Marigold meets with Sebastian, Satin's newest bartender.
The Cost of Favors 2022.08.18 Solomon, Razi cinnamon sugar donuts.
Return to the Jungle 2022.08.17 Rachel, Solomon, Javi, Elias, Bedlam Solomon, Elias, Rachel, and Javi sneak into the Zoo to investigate the old Freehold Hollow and search for clues to the existence and identity of a traitor in their midst.
August South Praxis Court 2022.08.13 Brennan, Salvatore, Marigold, Roman, Elizabeth, Kumanhi, Cumani, Faith, Lilith South Praxis Court
Du Gimak X Missus O'Leary's Cow 2022.08.14 Lexi, Flint, Solomon, Kenny, Salvatore, Logan, Faith, Rachel, Raven, Lilith A group bears witness to a tragedy.
One and One 2022.08.17 Javi, Ji-Ho Javi requests a little clarification from Ji-Ho.
The Taste of Satin 2022.08.17 Andréia, Sebastian, Luna, Roman A good bar is like a garden.
The Business of Trust 2022.08.16 Andréia, Luna A wild floor manager approaches.
Meeting of Two Travelers 2022.08.15 Ali, Faith Two members of the Invictus meet for the first time.
Catching Up 2022.08.15 Razi, Fiametta Razi and Fiametta catch up about recent events on both side.
Cannibal Coffee 2022.08.12 Gareth, Zachary
Turning Heads 2022.08.15 Marigold, Andréia, Roman, Fiametta The best club in town needs a headline act.
Rules and Regulations 2022.08.12 Roman, Andréia, Marigold Setting up a business means taking care of some, first.
Run-Ins 2022.08.11 Ben, Wolfe, Andréia Everybody's running for, to, or from something.
Lost Joggers 2022.08.14 Razi, Solomon, Kellas, Elias Razi and Solomon run into each other and are swiftly joined by additional runners-intos.
See You in Hell, Kevin 2022.08.13 Javi, Razi Razi is super helpful again.
Metaphorically 2022.08.12 Ji-Ho, Miel, Darwin Miel and Darwin go out for some socializing and encounter Ji-Ho. Darwin grumps at him.
Logan Street Magath 2022.08.12 Raven, Wolfe, Scarlet, Nick, Flint, Ethan (ST) The mail train magath that was down by the North Side fires in the Underground is back. It's bigger, badder, and madder than ever.
Cool 2022.08.12 Javi, Ji-Ho Ji-Ho makes an interesting new friend.
Squeamish 2022.08.12 Solomon, Darwin In search of a proper apology, Solomon ambushes Darwin at his high school.
Payment 2022.08.11 Razi, Gareth Razi pays Gareth for ambiguous services rendered.
Helpful Sort 2022.08.11 Fiametta, Darwin Fiametta investigates a stranger on behalf of a friend.
Minotaur de Force 2022.08.11 Solomon, Rachel, Coquette, Logan, Kenny, Namdi as ST A supposed knight waits in the middle of the trod in the Glass Forest, awaiting any that would challenge him. His face has yet to be seen, and no one knows exactly what he is. What is known is that he has already assaulted a handfull of freehold members, and threatens to start doing worse if his challenge has not been met.
A Good Joke 2022.08.10 Darwin, Javi This is why we can't have nice things.
Scene Strange but not a Strange-r 2022.08.10 Ji-Ho, Fiametta Ji-Ho texts for BACKUP.
Announced Properly 2022.08.10 Solomon, Darwin A werewolf mistakes a changeling for a particular kind of prey.
Wayward Childer 2022.08.09 Brennan, Faith Brennan and Faith meet and there are many questions asked about the Invictus.
Google-fu 2022.08.09 Javi, Razi Javi has a lawyer question. Razi has a lawyer answer.
The Soot Bandit 2022.08.09 Solomon, Elias, Lilith as ST Sol and Elias attempt to track down the source of mysterious marks appearing at the sites of the fires through the city.
Wishing 2022.08.08 Fiametta, Javi Fiametta and Javi meet and discuss various things, including a friend in common.
Sneaky Statues 2022.08.08 Javi, Miel Javi is in the kind of bind that involves paying a guy. Miel happily volunteers, gets more than he bargained for.
Reunions 2022.08.08 Razi, Fiametta Fiametta gets back into town.
Baguette Bonk 2022.08.08 Darwin, Ji-Ho
A Midsummer Night's Petition 2022.08.07 Darwin, Javi Darwin canvasses for weirdly placed sprinklers.
Awkward Questions 2022.08.08 Javi, Ji-Ho Ji-Ho has some, Javi obliges...mostly.
Pursuing Barnabas 2022.08.06 Elias, Solomon, and Bedlam as ST Following the August Court, Elias, Solomon, and Rook chase down the fleeing Barnabas after his sudden announcement and subsequent flight.
Hide and Seek 2022.08.06 Javi, Solomon You're never too old to have some fun.
Changeling Court - August, 2022 2022.08.05 Solomon, Lyra, Namdi, Elias, Isaac, Gabriel, Lenny, Ji-Ho, Jacob, Zachary, Miel, Razi, Maya, and Bedlam as ST The Lost of Chicago gather to hold court once again, but this time it's interrupted by a returning and disruptive musician.
You Want a Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral 2022.08.05 Javi, Ji-Ho Javi is doing nice things for nice reasons and Ji-Ho is just being too curious for his own good.
Writing on Bone 2022.08.03 Javi, Razi, Ji-Ho Can you actually do an emergency trach with a pen?
Changeling Court - June, 2022 2022.06.23 Solomon, Noa, Elias, Logan, Damon, Kenny, Steve, Rachel, Delilah, Beatrice, Lincoln, Maya, Lyra, Mae, and PatternSpider as ST The Lost of the Chrysanthemum Freehold gather to discuss current events and reveal an uncomfortable truth.
Settling Debts 2022.08.02 Javi, Solomon Solomon dispenses some justice.
FSH 2022.08.02 Javi, Razi Javi and Razi meet at the aquarium. Also, their names rhyme.
Singing The Night Fantastic 2022.07.29 Elias, Lyra, Monroe, Rachel, Bedlam as ST Strange goings-on and a weird musician are investigated at Six Flags.
Blood in the Water - CSI: Omega 2022.07.20 Lucius, Kasandra, Noa, Colt, Elias, Ethan Start with the body, of course.
Blood in the Water - Intro 2022.07.15 Colt, Ethan, Kasandra, Lucius, Noa An Omega employee dies under mysterious circumstances, and the report makes it way to Lucius, who calls in the team to investigate.
Chaos at the Crestwood - Javi (1) 2022.07.17 Javi, Loreley (As ST) Initial investigations of the mysterious goings on at the apartment block lead to a startling vision.
Turnabout 2022.07.13 Javi, Solomon It's fair play, after all.
If I Had Two Dead Rats 2022.07.11 Javi, Mae It's polite to bring a gift when you visit someone's home.
Riddle Game 2022.07.10 Javi, Solomon Javi enlists Solomon's help -- Solomon obliges in spades.
Revelations 2022.07.06 Nadia, Salvatore When Nadia's evening off is interrupted, she learns more about her past than she bargained for.
Burn, Baby, Burn 2022.07.09 Tahlia, Javi, Namdi as ST There's no disco, but there's def an inferno. Another fire has broken, and in the west side now. Specifically, in the area of East Garfield and near the Garfield Park Conservatory. The CFD is on their way, but there's already chaos spreading among the tourists and it won't be too long before the fire reaches the Conservatory and turns it into a tinderbox.
PrP:Emptied Streets - Bug Fight Club 2022.07.08 Monroe as ST, Ethan, Solomon Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Unfinished Business 2022.07.08 Javi, Mae Javi and Mae assist a ghost. Sort of.
Peace Offerings 2022.07.08 Solomon, Mae A visit and a shared meal
A Little Bargain 2022.07.07 Solomon, Javi Solomon and Javi make a deal. Javi's fine. Everything is fine.
What's Your Deal? 2022.07.06 Javi, Solomon Javi comes to find Solomon with a few questions. Solomon has answers, plus an interesting proposition.
It's All Fun and Games... 2022.07.05 Solomon, Javi, Mae All Solomon wants is to get drunk and punch people. Why is it so hard??
(Attempted) Murder Friends 2022.07.04 Solomon, Javi, Namdi At a music festival, three strangers become best murder friends. In the eyes of at least one of them.
Regarding ASA Monrose 2022.06.23 Alex, Misha, Nadia, Ethan Alex, Misha, Nadia, and Ethan meet up to share information about ASA Monrose.
PrP:Emptied Streets - The First Power Meeting 2022.06.22 Monroe as ST, Townsend Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
PrP:Emptied Streets - The Meeting at Molly's 2022.06.21 Monroe as ST, Deirdre, Townsend Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Best for Last 2022.06.20 Kasandra, Phaedre, Lucius Lucius and Kasandra hold interviews for a new driver, and it doesn't go so great. Luckily, Kasandra saved the best for last...
What the Duck 2022.06.22 Ethan, Apophis as ST Ethan goes back to Ae-Cha's shop to see what he can see in the shadow at night. Alone. And regrets this decision almost immediately.
John Survives Frenzy Tillo 2022.05.31 John and Lilith as ST
PrP:Emptied Streets - Townsend 2022.06.19 Monroe as ST, Townsend Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Pizza Tillo 2022.06.03 Hamish, Nick, Rachel, Ashlyn, Ethan, Lucero, Elaine, and Lilith as Tillo
PrP:Emptied Streets - Ethan 2022.06.19 Monroe as ST, Ethan Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Black Ooze pt 6 - Finale 2022.05.26 Ethan, Aleks, Colt, John, Rachel, Alex, Raven, Nick, Elaine, and Lilith as St
Roach Hotel 2022.06.18 Solomon as ST, Ethan, Colt, Alex, John Ethan and Colt follow Solomon's bug friend back to an old hotel, infested with Roach spirits -- and Claimed. They decide to call in backup -- brains and muscle. Together they face the challenges that await them within, putting a stop to a ritual in progress -- but raising more questions than when they went in.
North Side Fires (Goin' Postal) 2022.06.17 Solomon, Aleks, Elaine, Alex, Nick, Ethan (ST) A weird hybrid spirit has kept the fires burning brightly in the north side of the Undercity.
The 'Ryan' Incident 2022.06.17 Lucius, Colt as himself and definitely not Ryan. Colt decides to do a little light stalking of Lucius after the latter's encounter with Ethan. After injuring the man's server, Colt has a very frank conversation with the man about his interests, and the dangers therein. But the two leave with a better understanding of each other.
Car 2022.06.17 Alex, Charon as ST, Cleon Cleon brings Alex along to begin negotiations for use of a murderous Locus.
Dryococelus Australis 2022.06.10 Solomon, Ethan Solomon thinks Ethan might be able to turn on the charm to get him some information that he needs.
This Newfound Friendship 2022.06.09 Lucius, Kasandra, Ethan Lucius and Kasandra reveal some uncomfortable truths about Ethan's past...and their role in it.
PrP:Emptied Streets - Deirdre 2022.06.08 Monroe as ST, Deirdre Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Batting Practice volume 1 2022.06.08 Cleon, Temple Two criminals meet at the batting cages to discuss a shared future and separate pasts.
What Kind of Monster - Down in the Dark 2022.06.06 Colt, John Colt and John go to explore an abandoned building that they suspect the homeless have taken up residence in, but find it strangely empty. After looking in the Hisil and seeing the scars on the building, they decide to explore, and find something terrible.
Interception 2022.06.05 Delilah, Charon as ST Delilah pulls a death-defying job for the Hawthorne Family.
PrP:Emptied Streets - Hazel 2022.05.30 Monroe as ST, Hazel Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
PrP:Emptied Streets - Nadia 2022.05.31 Monroe as ST, Nadia Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
PrP:Emptied Streets - Solomon 2022.06.03 Monroe as ST, Solomon Part of the Emptied Streets PrP
Black Ooze pt 5 - Slime Time! 2022.05.22 Ethan, Aleks, Xavier, Colt, John, Raven, and Lilith as ST
Wacky Woodsman 2022.05.14 Edwin, Nadia, Marius, Cal, and Lilith as ST
A Very Hypothetical Theoretical 2022.06.01 Nadia, Ethan Ethan isn't quite as willing to let go of the ASA Monroe thing as he'd let on, but he's not keen on getting arrested again. Maybe enlisting some help from a certain in-the-know CPD Detective can help clear the path.
The Treaty of Taquito 2022.05.30 Ethan, Colt, Solomon When Ethan and Colt encounter giant cockroaches near the brownstone, they do some science of their own before turning to the expert.
Candyman Finale 2022.05.29 Jordan, Alex, Colt, Ethan, Kit, Nick, Charon as ST Wolves hunt the draugr responsible for so much death and sorrow in Englewood.
Three Men and a Garbage Bag 2022.05.28 Ethan, Solomon, Clyde (NPC, Owner of Clyde's) Ethan and Solomon cross paths in front of a decaying Chatham brownstone where they get into a social struggle over...some guy's garbage?
Bail and Bonding 2022.05.24 * Colt
  • Ethan
  • John
  • Alicia Monrose, Assistant State's Attorney (NPC)
Colt and Ethan sit in jail after their little test of Ethan's theory at the warehouse. The one that went horribly, terribly wrong. John shows up to get them out, and the trio of them come face to face with Alicia Monrose, Assistant State's Attorney, and try to negotiate their freedom. It's a very strange negotiation, and all three of them are left wondering what the hell just happened.
Deals with Devils 2022.05.12 Percy and Lilith as ST Percy meets Tillo, and they have a pleasant chat.
Du Gimak pt 2.4 - Eyes in the Shadows 2022.05.12 Nick and Lilith as ST
Du Gimak pt 2.3 - Down the Rabbit Hole 2022.05.11 Rachel and Lilith as ST
Black Ooze pt 4- John? John! 2022.05.10 Nick, Raven, John, Ashlyn, Aleks, Alex, Chris, and Lilith as ST Dark surprises lie in wait under the city.
The Haymarket Martyr 2022.05.26 John, Nick, Raven, Charon as ST A pack is born.
For Science! 2022.05.24 Colt, Ethan Colt and Ethan decide to try an experimental weapon design against their friendly neighborhood ooze-monster, the Gloominator. Things don't go exactly as planned...
Trial of the Garmir 2022.05.26 John, Charon as ST
Pizza and Pixie Dust 2022.05.24 Colt, John Colt goes to find John after the incident at the community center. The pair of them talk, trading information about themselves and falling into an easy rapport.
Shopping Lists 2022.05.22 Ethan, Colt Colt comes back with some food, and he and Ethan talk about Ethan's adjustment to his (relatively) new life as one of the Uratha. They go over the events of the prior night, and come up with a battle plan to field-test a possible solution. All they need is a few simple items...

Mentioned But Not Present: Alex, Aleks, Ashlyn, John, Jordan, Nick, Xavier

Candyman Coming Part IV - X Marks the Spot 2022.05.21 Hazel, Nadia, Charon (ST) Our intrepid duo finally have enough evidence to pin down the location of the beast's lair!
Sharpening Thorns 2022.05.21 Casimir, Charon as ST Casimir gets a visit from a senior Knight of the Thorned Wreath.
Candyman Coming III 2022.05.19 Nadia, Hazel, Alex, Charon as ST Nadia and Hazel get the call to yet another grisly murder. Alex tags along and encounters a fleeting ghost who helps point the way.
Bloodied Thorn 2022.05.18 Casimir, B, Charon as ST Casimir and B escort a VIP Invictus Kindred and prove their valor.
Du Gimak pt 2.2 - Chasing Rabbits 2022.05.08 Raven and Lilith as ST Tillo questioning Raven about John.
A Midmorning Run 2022.05.07 Rachel, Charon (as ST) Rachel goes for a run in Lincoln Park and meets a friendly flight attendant.
Du Gimak pt 2.1 - Darker Trails 2022.05.06 John, and Lilith as ST That's unpleasant.
Du Gimak pt 2 - Namas'ga 2022.05.05 John, Nick, Rachel, Raven, and Lilith as ST Going back to where John fought the fire-Touched.
Black Ooze Pt 3 - Fowl Pudding 2022.05.03 Aaron, Leon, John, Loreley, Rachel, Beatrice, Raven, Nick, and Lilith as ST Caw, caw! Bang! Fuck, I'm dead.
April 2022 Allthing 2022.04.30 Booker, Edwin, Aleks, Chris, John, Loreley, Rachel, Dawn, B, Casimir, Raven, and Lilith as ST All the factions coming together to meet. The topic? The Black Ooze.
Candyman Coming Part II - Vampires and Faeries and Weres, Oh My! 2022.05.06 Hazel, Nadia, Charon (ST) Our crime fighting duo meet to compare notes after another round of investigations, Nadia learns more than she bargained for.
Candyman Coming - Of Corpses and Cryptids 2022.05.03 Hazel, Nadia, Charon (ST) A CPD detective and the senior ME talk shop about the latest in a string of strange murders
Next We Sharpen our Fangs 2022.04.26 Aleks, John Information is passed, plans begin to form
Du Gimak pt 1 - Scent the Prey 2022.04.26 John, Lilith as ST John puts his nose to good use. Then his claws.
Black Ooze pt 2.1 - Meeting Tillo 2022.04.25 Aleks, Alex, Hamish, Chris, John, Jack, and Lilith as ST A handful of wolves meet Tillo in the Oubliette to ask permission to explore the Undercity for signs of the Wound and the Ooze.
Black Ooze pt 2 - Black Cats Are Bad Luck 2022.04.19 Loreley, Hamish, Alex, Edwin, Karmen, Steve, Lilith as St Mischief, Mayhem, Black Cats
Black Ooze pt 1 - Something Wicked 2022.04.17 Dean, Steve, Aleks, Karmen, Jack, Allison, John, Loreley, Rachel, Lilith as ST Slimey rats cause a commotion in the Fireside Pizza Co.

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