XP Gains

  • A passive beat (.2 xp) will be awarded nightly.
  • Players can earn +2 beats (.4 xp) per plot scene participated in. This can include large social scenes, or important, smaller, social scenes such as Clan meetings as well as more plot and combat oriented scenes.
  • +1 beat (.2xp) is granted to ST's for running scenes as a show of appreciation for the hard work involved.
  • An additional +1 beat (.2xp) for running or being in a plot from the +plots roster.
  • Fulfillment of Aspirations
  • Resolving conditions awards a beat.
  • +Randomscene (Max of 7 additional beats per week.)
  • Taking lethal damage in one of the last 3 boxes.
  • Dramatic Failures.
  • Each sphere also has specific events that gives beats, such as Frenzy.

XP Rollover

At current, the rollover policy is for 10% of total xp earned, with an exception made for a painless pk, as noted in the '+News PvP' file.

A painless PK pays out an additional 10% of total earned xp, for a total of 20%. In part this is a reflection that people put in the time and effort, and to make rolling into a new pc easier to handle in the event of pvp/pk.