he fury is not something that can be contained. It is primal, spiritual, it is the stuff of life forgotten by the modern age. Those whom are tasked by things far older than memory can recall -- a sacred duty to partake in the never ending cycle of predator and prey, it is them we call forth, the Forsaken.


he world is a battleground, these are the stories of defending our people, and our lands. Making sure they know at the end of the day who will be at the top of the food chain. We will lose Uratha, we will lose our wolf-blooded. But our honor and our lands will never be lost here in the Chicago. We will do whatever it takes to protect, to honor our people. If you wish to fight besides us, we can always use more claws and teeth, or smart blooded, to help us in the dark nights ahead. No matter what happens all we have is each other, and we need to stand together that is our way.
Sphere Details

Sphere Staff

Wizards: Lilith
Admins: LilithSilverTrickster
Storytellers: Lilith

Sphere Information

Status: Open
Splats: Werewolf & Wolfblood
Important Links

Hangouts - Where the wolves go to growl.
Approved Lodges - The groups within the tribes.
Blue Moon Pack - The current Protectorate leaders.
Cheat Sheets - Handy information about form bonuses and wolf specific tidbits.
First Tongue Lexicon - A lexicon of First Tongue words.
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