The Changelings of Chicago have seen horror and disaster in the heart of their community. In the early year, one of the Gentry managed to breach the trod leading to the old freehold near the Brookfield Zoo. In a few terrified hours one of the largest Changeling communities in the United States was reduced to less than two dozen escapees, with dozens more either being recaptured, or being killed while fighting back, or simply for sport.

Now the community reels, searching for security, for answers, and for a new future. Slowly coalescing around the glamour of the Six Flags park just north of the city, a twice broken people now look for others like them. To help, to rebuild, or simply to take revenge for another unjustice visited upon them from visitors from across the hedge. Defeated, but unbowed, now is the time for men and women to leave their mark.
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Wizards: none
Admins: SilverTrickster
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Status: Open
Splats: Changeling
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CGen process!

You will need a copy of both Changeling: The Lost, Second edition. And Chronicles of Darkness 2nd edition. If you are getting your books through Drivethru, be aware that Changeling the Lost 2E is under White Wolf, but Chronicles of Darkness 2nd is under Onyx Path Publishing. Just so you know you are getting the right things.

Chargen will be open by book where it does not conflict with game rules, I am not going to ride anyone's behind. You can find the rules for background writing and the like elsewhere on the wiki.

I will, as forewarning, do everything I can to be in contact with you directly when processing your application, this won't always work due to timezones and the like, but it allows both you and I to ask questions during the process, and makes it go a bit smoother. Just don't be afraid if you get a page asking if you are available. As a heads up, I am not terribly familiar with 2nd edition outside of Changeling, so if you could write notes for things that might come from other splats, that'd be really helpful. Thanks!

IMPORTANT: When writing your &faedesc, please use &faedesc me=[header(Fae Desc)]%R(Your desc goes here)
Your realdesc and your faedesc otherwise will list right after the other and we have yet to figure out how to hard code it. Sorry.

Court Goodwill: This merit is limited to five dots in total, with the highest rating allowed in one court limited by your mantle in your own court.

Most of all, have fun! And good luck!

Log IC Date
Debts Paid 2022.11.16
How To Pay Off A Debt 2022.11.11
Hot Chocolate Club - Perfect Sprinkles 2022.11.12
Peace Offering 2022.11.09
Not Your Average Monday 2022.11.07
Bargains 2022.11.03
Don't Steal Candy From Kids 2022.11.02
A Blooming Cactus 2022.10.31
Autumn Hunt 2022.11.05
Few Too Many 2022.11.03
Mass Murder Is Not The Solution 2022.10.26
Healing as Breakfast 2022.10.26
Heather Jones' Silver Locket 2022.10.24
Mutual Understanding 2022.10.22
Worst Mistake 2022.10.21
Secondhand Shopping 2022.10.21
Uppercase Books & Underground Coffee - Grand Re-Opening 2022.10.22.
Accorded 2022.10.16
Night At The Museum 2022.10.15
Autumn Census: Ben 2022.10.18
It Wasn't Right 2022.10.15
Fun, Fists, and Friendship 2022.10.10
Trading Secrets 2022.10.14
Someone Good To Know 2022.10.13
Make It Disappear 2022.10.12
Alley Horror 2022.10.12
Unruly Shoppers 2022.10.08
Finding a Lost housemate 2022.10.06
Prized Plushies at the Pier 2022.10.01
Assembly At An Aquarium 2022.10.01
Miasma 2022.09.22
Fragments 2022.09.20
Frostlinger 2022.09.18
Strangers in the Park 2022.09.14
Breathing 2022.09.10
Pink and Petite Reunion 2022.09.09
Hidden in Hyde 2022.09.08
Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Shootin' 2022.09.05
Meeting Mr. Hubert 2022.09.07
Bonfire 2022.09.05
Magical Accidents 2022.07.21
Piles of Regret 2022.09.04
Candy-Bright 2022.09.03
Uncanny 2022.09.03
Gummies and Gossip 2022.09.03
September Changeling Court 2022.09.03
Payback Hot Dogs 2022.09.02
A Touch of Satin 2022.09.03
Fire & Moon 2022.08.31
A Summer Storm in Satin 2022.08.31
Imoen's First Day 2022.08.26
Ravaging Rune 2022.09.01
A Beginner's Guide To Insects 2022.08.31
Pasta Summer Night 2022.08.31
Recruiting Rune 2022.08.30
Close to Home 2022.08.29
Fear in the Graveyard 2022.08.29
Trick of the Light 2022.08.27
Late Night Viewing Hours 2022.08.25
Weird Sounds 2022.08.24
Volunteering at Turning Leaf Center 2022.08.24
Making Plans for Pure 2022.08.22
Updates 2022.08.24
Your Word 2022.08.24
Standup Vegetable 2022.08.23
It's Not Stalking If It's Legal 2022.08.21
Chancing It 2022.08.23
Assessments 2022.08.22
How Not To Treat With The Lost 2022.08.22
Social Expectations 2022.08.22
Housewarming and Hard Feelings 2022.08.22
Onion Rings and Bacon 2022.08.21
The Frost Giant Love and Life Advices 2022.08.21
Identity Crisis 2022.08.21
Safety Squad 2022.08.20
Dealing With Shit 2022.08.20
A Proper First Date 2022.08.18
Low Stakes Community Garden 2022.08.19
Trust and Truths 2022.08.18
The Cost of Favors 2022.08.18
Return to the Jungle 2022.08.17
One and One 2022.08.17
The Taste of Satin 2022.08.17
The Business of Trust 2022.08.16
Cannibal Coffee 2022.08.12
Turning Heads 2022.08.15
Rules and Regulations 2022.08.12
Run-Ins 2022.08.11
Lost Joggers 2022.08.14
See You in Hell, Kevin 2022.08.13
Metaphorically 2022.08.12
Cool 2022.08.12
Squeamish 2022.08.12
Helpful Sort 2022.08.11
Minotaur de Force 2022.08.11
Google-fu 2022.08.09
The Soot Bandit 2022.08.09
Wishing 2022.08.08
Sneaky Statues 2022.08.08
Awkward Questions 2022.08.08
Pursuing Barnabas 2022.08.06
Hide and Seek 2022.08.06
Changeling Court - August, 2022 2022.08.05
Changeling Court - June, 2022 2022.06.23
Settling Debts 2022.08.02
Singing The Night Fantastic 2022.07.29
Turnabout 2022.07.13
If I Had Two Dead Rats 2022.07.11
Riddle Game 2022.07.10
Unfinished Business 2022.07.08
Peace Offerings 2022.07.08
A Little Bargain 2022.07.07
What's Your Deal? 2022.07.06
It's All Fun and Games... 2022.07.05
(Attempted) Murder Friends 2022.07.04