City of Shadow Mux uses a system of log templates and dynamically-propagating lists to store and make accessible logs of people's RP. The log list template for your character page can be found at Template:RP Logs, and the template for making new logs can be found at Template:Log.

       See current logs at Category:RP Logs

       To create a new log with a fillable form, type the name of your log into the box below. (Do not include the Log: prefix.)


       If you prefer to create your form using the manual template preload, simply type your name into the box after "Logs:". Don't delete that first bit; if you do, the log won't show up on anybody's pages.

       Do not post or blank logs without the consent of all parties; if you post a log and then change your mind, it's not really okay to just blank that log without the okay of the other parties in the log. Please do not edit yourself out of PrP logs without consulting staff; participating in a PrP constitutes consent for the log to be posted, removing yourself from a log without speaking with staff is inappropriate.