Chargen Walk-Through

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cg/check +- shows you the checklist and informs you of what's done and what isn't.

stat template +- List what templates are available.

stat/template <template> +- Start or change your template.

stat/wipe +- Start completely over. (This is NO LONGER the way to change your template.)

cg/submit +- what you type when you're absolutely sure you're done.

Stat Info

stat <stat name> +- information about stat.

stat *<stat bit>* +- Find a list of things that match.

stat <template>/* +- List restricted stats that <template> can take.

stat merit <template>/* +- Ditto, but for merits only

Set Stats

stat/set <stat>=<value> +- Set stat to value!

stat/set <stat>+<value> +- Add value to current stat!

stat/set <stat>-<value> +- I bet you can guess.

stat/set <stat>=<nothing here> +- Erases the stat from the sheet.

stat/set <stat> (<type>)=<value> +- Hey, some things like 'language' have many types. 'stat <stat name>' will tell you what <type> can be.

stat/set <stat>.<substat>=<value> +- What's a substat? Well, specialties are substats. 'stat <stat name>' will tell you what <substat> can be. example: stat/set medicine.first aid=1 (All Specialties take "1" as their value.) =, +, - are all allowed for stats that take numbers.

stat/set <stat>=default +- Oops, I messed up, get me back to the starting value! (Yes, 'default' is literal.)

Do not put dashes in Specialty names or you will not be able to roll them! The '-' will be taken as 'minus the next word'! You have been warned!

Player Commands

cg/status <player> +- Check the status of yourself/<player>. There are many.

cg/log <player> +- Check your/<player>'s approval log.

cg/submit +- Ask staff to be approved.

+help aspirations - 2 short-term and 1 long-term to start.

Breaking Points - As per the chosen splat. The base examples in the book can be used, but custom ones are encouraged to be placed into +notes.

Defining Moments - These are snapshots of really important moments, turning points that made them who they are. For these we require:

+- 3 mortal moments. +- 1 for any kind of supernatural becoming or significant exposure. These go into a single +note and can range from a few words to a paragraph. Notes: For plain mortals, you will need Breaking Points and Defining Moments


Bonus attribute dot based on seeming. Use stat/set <attribute>.favored=1 and then stat/set <attribute>+1

Dot of mantle for your court. Will be added at the time of approval.

Notes: Defining Moments, Touchstones

IMPORTANT: Changelings need to have a Faedesc set. Please use &faedesc me=[header(Fae Desc)]%r(desc as normal)


Notes: Defining Moments and Breaking Points


stat/set <Attribute>.Favored=1

Then: stat/set <attribute>+1

stat/set <Discipline>=<#>

For coils you must: stat/set coils=<Coil Name> before it will let you buy coils.

To set your chosen Mystery Coil you must: stat/set Mystery=Coil of the <Name of Coil>

Notes: Breaking points, Defining Moments, Touchstone


Remember to include your regnant in your app, and that both of your disciplines come from their clan.
One dot must be a physical discipline.

Notes: Breaking points, Defining Moments


To set your extra dot for your chosen Auspice Skill use:
stat/set <skill>+1

To set your Moon Gift:
stat/set <Crescent/Full/Gibbous/Half/New> Moon's Gift=#
e.g. stat/set Full Moon's Gift=1
If you are getting a second Moon gift, you do
stat/set Full Moon's Gift=1.2 (So it sets both gift one and gift two)

To set your Shadow Gift(s), first the facet needs to be unlocked.
stat/set <Gift Name>=unlock
e.g. stat/set Gift of Strength=Unlock

Then set the renown gift for the Shadow or Wolf Gift:
stat/set <Gift Name>=<Renown>
e.g. stat/set Gift of Strength=Cunning

Notes: Kuruth Triggers, Touchstones (One physical, One spiritual), and Defining Moments.


To set your free tell use:
stat/set Tell (<Tell Name>)=3

Notes: Breaking Points and Defining Moments.