Coded Features



+Help Beginner - This covers a handful of started commands to get someone going with mushing.


+help posebreak
&POSEBREAK-BEFORE me=strcat(%r, divider(%n), %r)
&POSEBREAK-AFTER me=strcat(%r, divider(time()), %r)
+posebreak before - just a header with a name. +posebreak both - header with name and a timestamped footer.

&POSEBREAK-BEFORE me=%R%t%cm+ %ch%cb+ %ch%cg+ %ch%cy+ %x<#ffaf00>+ %ch%cr+%cn %n %ch%cr+ %x<#ffaf00>+ %ch%cy+ %cg+ %cb+ %cn%cm+%cn%R
+posebreak before - rainbow sparkles with a name, no 'after/both' set up.


+help repose - Pulls the last handful of poses in the last 30 minutes.


+help poseorder - Helps you remember when it's your turn to pose. Can be just a visual poke, or a beep if set to loud.

Money and Gear


+help resources - Money.
At the beginning of every month, and upon approval, resources are doled out. These can be giving to players, or used with the equipment system. Eventually we will have a crafting system that uses these as well.


+help equipment - How to buy gear.
This system uses +resources, and will open a job for staff to process. If there is something missing from the list, please pitch it to us via +request.


+help coins - A barter system.
This is a very important part of the city's theme. The coins are used by anyone in the know to bargain, buy favors, grease palms, make apologies with... The uses are many and varied. It replaces a classic 'boon' system. Coins can be earned by doing favors for npc's, showing up to Allthings. NPCs can be approached with coins to win favors. For example, buying access to a high rated library for a week might cost 2-3 coins for a week of access. Information about the Twilight Accord can be found here.

Finding Mischief


+where - Shows where everyone is.

South Side (SS) <--- for example has the +travel code for the District, and is color coded for which splat holds control.
+ Armour Square [H] <--- The + is color coded for which splat has control of the neighborhood, as well as a mundane reference for risk of violence. H is High. It also indicates that the Neighborhood of Armour Square is inside South Side.
++ Backroom - Rook and Crown..........................................Sam. <--- The ++ is also color coded to display who controls the space, and that it is a build within the neighborhood.

Using these pieces, they act as a map to help you find your way, let you know who holds sway, and how dangerous the area is.

Dir / Hangouts

+help dir and +help hangouts - The two files are interchangeable.
It shows how many people are in public builds or businesses and how to get to them.


+help travel - Has the commands for jumping about the grid.
+travel by itself can be a bit spammy, but it will give a list of places you can get to by typing +travel <thing>.


+wantrp - Shows people looking for Rp.
+wantrp/on - You want rp!
+wantrp/off - You don't want rp.

This will also ping the LFG channel (addcom lfg=LFG) with an alert when turned on. It turns off after two hours.


+help factions - An important part of how to find people in your sphere.
At approval you should be added to your primary factions. If there is a faction you feel you should be part of, but aren't, or if there is a faction that needs to be made, feel free to put in a +request.


+help map - Maps are a complicated beastie.
If you are ooc or in a District space, it will show the 9 district rooms, show spheres, and undercity. If you are in a Neighborhood, it will show a loose 'ish' of how the neighborhoods relate to each other. Accuracy guaranteed, just ish'ing.


+help temp rooms - Temporary rooms for use on grid.
Does what's on the tin. Creates a temporary rp room almost anywhere for use for scenes where there isn't quite a space you're looking for.

Practical Goodies


+help plots - Plots for people to run.
Another one that is more or less what's on the tin. It's a system where players with ideas or staff that want something run can put ideas for players to ST. There are extra beats involved. When you claim one, it opens a job for conversation or logs to be posted for Beatings. Inside the job, it will also hold the secrets or plot twists that seems fun or fitting. Because it opens a job, you can't just peek at secrets without staff knowing.


+help +events - Helps organize rp events.
It can be a little tricky the first time. Time is in 24hr format.


+help descer - Allows for multiple descs.
You can also build desc pieces and mix and match different elements.


+help census - Dispays how many of what type of characters we have.
Also allows you to see whatt he power curve in a certain stat looks like with +census (attribute or skill)

Fun Shit


+help rs or randomscene - Extra beats per week.
The first two weeks someone is approved, anyone can claim them for beats. After that it provides a trio of names to pick from to try and catch for a scene. This is to encourage people to meet with new faces and maybe some old faces and expand their rp opportunities. Important: You must register your alts or you could lose beat opportunities to your own alts. +help alts.


+help badges - Adds a fun badge to someone's +finger.
Just a fun way to mark certain events or remember funny things that happened.