City Grid



he grid is tied very closely to our Territory System, looking at that will help you understand the information to the side of them. This will also help you make your strategic plans for city domination. See Directory for a condensed overview of the places of interest within each neighborhood.

Far North
Albany Park LV(15) Open
Edgewater LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Edison Park LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Forest Glen LV(25) Open
Jefferson Park LV(20) Open
Lincoln Square LV(15) Open
North Park LV(25) Open
Norwood Park LV(20) Closed
O'Hare LV(20) Closed *Places of Interest
Roger's Park LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Uptown LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
West Ridge LV(15) Open
Northwest Side
Belmont Cragin LV(15) Open
Dunning LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Hermosa LV(20) Open
Irving Park LV(20) Open
Montclare LV(15) Open
Portage Park LV(15) Open
North Side
Avondale LV(15) Open
Lakeview LV(25) Closed *Places of Interest
Lincoln park LV(25) Claimed
Logan Square LV(20) Claimed *Places of Interest
North center LV(20) Open
West Side
Austin LV(20) Open
East Garfield LV(15) Open
Humboldt Park LV(15) Open *Places of Interest
Lower West Side LV(15) Open
Near West Side LV(35) Open *Places of Interest
North Lawndale LV(15) Open
South Lawndale LV(15) Open
West Garfield LV(15) Open
West Town LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Southwest Side
Archer Heights LV(15) Open
Brighton Park LV(15) Open
Chicago Lawn LV(15) Open
Clearing LV(20) Open *Places of Interest
Englewood LV(15) Open
Gage Park LV(20) Open
Garfield Ridge LV(20) Open
McKinley Park LV(15) Open *Places of Interest
New City LV(15) Open *Places of Interest
West Elsdon LV(15) Open
West Englewood LV(15) Open *Places of Interest
West Lawn LV(15) Open
South Side
Far Southwest Side
Far Southeast Side
Avalon Park LV(15) Open
Burnside LV(20) Claimed
Calumet Heights LV(15) Closed
Chatham LV(15) Claimed
East Side LV(20) Open
Hegewisch LV(15) Open
Pullman LV(20) Open
Riverdale LV(15) Claimed
Roseland LV(15) Claimed
South Chicago LV(15) Open
South Deering LV(15) Closed
West Pullman LV(15) Open

Far North (FN)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Edgewater Cudahy Library Library
Edison Park Six Flags Amusement Parks Entertainment
O'Hare Phil's Pawn and Payday Loan Pawn Lincoln
Roger's Park El Encantamiento Cigar Lounge
Uptown Eternity, Inc. Business Ali
Uptown Graceland Cemetery Cemetery

Northwest Side (NW)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Dunning Brownstone Apartments Apartments

North Side (NS)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Lakeview The Tower Tur
Lakeview Jane Byrne's Shelter Shelter
Lakeview Old Chicago Inn Tur
Lakeview Wrigley Field Sports
Logan Square El Coyote Gordo Bar Cleon

West Side (NS)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Humboldt Park Redbrick Apartments Apartments
Near West Side United Center Sports
West Town Uncanny Franny's Occult Shop Francine

Central (CE)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Loop Sears Tower Shopping
Loop The Pulse Night Club Percy
Loop Cook County Morgue Morgue
Loop Grant Park Park
Loop Millennium Park Shopping
Loop Theater District Entertainment
Loop Block 37 Elysium (North Praxis)
Near North Magnificent Mile Shopping
Near North Police Station Law
Near North Omega Tower Science Lucius
Near North Excelsior Arms Apartments
Near North Navy Pier Government
Near North Drake Hotel Hotel
Near North John Hancock Center Entertainment
Near South Shedd Aquarium Science
Near South Adlet Planetarium Science
Near South Fireside Pizza Neutral Safehouse Accord Council
Near South Soldier Field Allthing Location

Southwest Side (SW)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Clearing Abandoned Graveyard Cemetery
McKinley Park Vice Tattoo Tattoo Parlor
McKinley Park Garden of Thorns BDSM Club Saralin
New City Lyons Investigations Business
West Englewood Booze and Broads Tur

South Side (SS)

Neighborhood Name Type Owner
Armour Square Rook and Crown Occult Shop Sam, Dean
Armour Square Blackwell Apartments Apartments
Armour Square Doc's Pad Bar
Armour Square Mercy Hospital Medical
Bridgeport Guaranteed Rate Field Sports
Grand Crossing Volund Automotive Repair Garage Randall
Hyde Park Sky Goddess Coffee Cafe
Hyde Park University of Chicago Education
Oakland Bright Willow Apartments Apartments
Oakland Oakland Beach Beach
Washington Park Turning Leaf Center Shelter
Woodlawn Old Slaughterhouse Elysium (South Praxis)
Woodlawn The Abbatoir BDSM Club Da'mon

Far Southwest (FW)

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Far Southeast (FE)

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