Stat Box
DOB: 19 May
Concept: Repentant Monster
Occupation: Community Outreach Counselor
Thread: Honor
Needle: Protector

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Leechfinger
Court: Summer
Motley: Unsworn
Entitlement: Untitled
Keeper: Ravenous Grand Maw

Pusha T, Mako: Misfit Toys
I declare war
On anybody standing in the way of what I dream for.
How could you ignore
The ones that are voiceless, screams from the poor?
They only here to score,
I do it for the underground kings that'll need more.

Caligula's Horse: Marigold
I feed my soul.
I force a smile, ignore the hole.
Wishing like hell that I was still God
With nothing above me

Ecca Vandal: Rell, The Iron Maiden
Tear through the veil,
Hand to the blade.
I'm fearless again, fearless again.

NAOKI: Sky Should Be High
Here we go again, contradiction!
Should I stay or should I die.
Tried to pave a path, dug a huge hole
Had no clue that was my grave!


       Before you stands a black man somewhere around 6'6". Despite his height he doesn't come across as imposing, although that stocky frame of Namdi's might make one think otherwise. His even brown skin is covered in a few cuts, scrapes, and scars, although the largest of them are covered in tattoos. Namdi keeps his hair cut close in a Caesar, and his facial trimmed down to a light moustache.

       He carries himself with a sense of pride at all times. His head held high, his shoulders never sagging, and never a word without confidence behind it. However, there is a sense of tiredness to Namdi, and the crow's feet and prominent tear troughs betray a world-weary soul.

       Namdi's style of dress tends to be casual at almost all times. A monochromatic t-shirt, jeans or slacks, and he always has the same pair of black of black Nikes. More often than not a metal chain connects something from left pocket to his belt loop.


       Hunger defines the Mien of this 6'6" Ogre. Despite his imposing size and muscle he looks like he could do with just a bit more. His red eyes glow with a keen focus on anything in front of him, and it always seems like his eyes are on fresh prey. His mouth is filled with sharp teeth, and those are outmatched by the larger than average canines that sit at the corners of his maw.

       This Summer's Mantle expresses itself in two ways. A warm summer breeze that accompanies his every movement. Additionally, his body is wreathed in a squelching heat that leaves him warm to the touch.



RP Hooks
  • Healer: Whether magical or mundane Namdi's usually happy to fix up just about anyone supernatural for a coin or two.
  • Changeling: Namdi was taken by Ravenous Grand Maw during his first year of uni. While he escaped and his fetch is no more, he now counts himself as one of the Lost.
  • Nouveau Witch: He still doesn't have his head completely wrapped around much of the strange, preternatural world out there. He's trying though!
  • Swordsmanship: He's no Miyamoto, but Namdi is fairly skilled with a blade. The Changeling's more than happy to offer his blade for another, or teach those willing to learn.
  • Mediator: Largely due to his job Namdi has become well-equipped at stopping problems through words over violence or anger. Be it bringing people together or coming to the heart of the issue.
  • Ally of the Homeless: There's not much that Namdi can do for the city's most vulnerable, but he does whatever he can however he can.
  • Motorcyclist: Namdi owns a motorcycle he regularly rides, although the make and model look somewhat off. To those with fae-touched eyes they can clearly see his ride for what it is, a creature of the Hedge that he uses as a mount.

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