Stat Box
Mask: Cult Leader
Dirge: Scholar

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone



Some men are blunt and others are sharp, Mahdi is of the latter category in a categorical way. His dark hair is kept tucked back and swept in just the right way, and his full beard is groomed without a stray hair in sight. His olive complexion tinged with an unhealthy palour, but he takes it in stride. His brown eyes cold and attentive, and the only thing on him that seems quick, always moving and taking in the whole and the detail.


Any of the Kindred with some contacts outside of the city of Chicago can find out the following with some snooping:

  • Word is Mahdi is out of Detroit and was a member of that city's praxis for at the very least half a century.
  • His Sire is in Detroit still, a Shadow going by the name Mistletoe. They don't seem to be on bad terms, but good? Who knows.
  • Supposedly he got into hot waters in his old praxis a few times, the accusation was that he guided mortals into having the supernatural revealed to them thus breaking the Masquerade. It never lead to anything, the Crones are known for their mortal acolytes, after all. But it is a bad reputation in some circles.
RP Hooks
  • Occultism: A collector of the occult, eccentric and esoteric. Keen to show an interest in a myriad of subjects and a desire for eccletic items. He is not an unusual sight in little nooks and stories. Be it popular mysticism with crystals and tarot cards, or things of a darker and stranger nature still.
  • Dream: Mahdi is a purveyor of dreams, be it the interpretation of them. Have you the secrets of the future and the past hidden in your dreamscape? Need you the skeins of it revealed to you? Or indeed need you a particular vision given unto someone? Master the mysteries of the subcounscious, or even the collective subconscious if you're into that Jungian shit. He does not mind.
  • Vampire: He is one of the living dead. But a strange one, haunting the dreams of others. Are you having a nightmare?
  • Circle of the Crone: One of the Mother's Army, he was touched by the Mother early in his Requiem. He saw her darkness and reveled in the dread revelations therein. He wishes all willing to share in it.
  • Cruac: Those crones witches and their fucking blood sorcery. Word is he's got some.