South Side Fires Part 3

South Side Fires Part 3

Spider as ST, Seth, Tilly, Firefly, Skein, Silvia, Five, Arnaud, Norman, Griffiths, The Swarm, the Shorewalkers.

20 November, 2022

South Side Fires Plot part 3: The Swarm Pack leads an expedition down into the Undercity with a group of accorded allies to work on suppressing the fires and the spirits that spread them. Replying to the Undercity Prince, Tillo Protz, who is looking for hands to help put out remnants of fire that he and his can't reach without risking final death or causing more problems. On the way, they find a fight and a new portion of the wound that's opened up.

+----+ Spider +----------------------------------------------------------------+

Another night going into the belly of the beast. Several brave brave souls have been delving into The Wound over the last few weeks, finding what is inside and so far, dealing with the spirits there. It has even become a cross 'Race' endeavor now. Uratha, Lost, and even Kindred all working together to make a valiant attempt at pushing back the Wound while other forces are trying to rip it open deeper; causing it to bleed into the physical world at times.

As they 'crew' all stuffed in a van, or perhaps going as a caravan, is headed back to the previous location, Spider slams on the breaks and points toward something they haven't seen before. He directs the attention of others toward a location just down an alley they were about to pass by. There nother small section of wound has been torn open where previously none occured. Also here is what appears to be a battle between two groups some maybe have not had the previledge of witnessing before.

On one side are what appears to be ... four grotesque spidery creatures with some remaining semblance of the humans that host them. Kind of look like this:

Against them, fighting like demons are eight other grotesque human-rat hybrids that appear diseased and even sightly decaying, flesh eaten away in places as if by Leprosy. They appear something like this:

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+----+ Skein +-----------------------------------------------------------------+

Skein is stuffed into the van, sitting up front near Spider, but in the middle rather than by the window. The window seat is saved for someone who is more badass than Skein. When the van stops and she looks over to the dieased spiders and a soft gasp of concern escapes her lips. She seems frightened.

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+----+ Griffiths +-------------------------------------------------------------+

Griffiths kicks the back doors of the van with a size 13 boot, slamming them open with a shrieking protest of automechanical hinges. She's clutching a large, heavy-looking burlap sack to her chest - stained and ugly, but cradled like a precious baby. She calls back into the van with all of her Outdoors Voice, bolstered by the form of the half-man. "Oi, SHOREWALKERS! LOOK! Fuckin'... Spider-man! 'ow far are we from the Big Apple? Bastards are lost, eh? Let's KICK THEIR FUCKIN' TEETH IN, AUOOO!"

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+----+ Laughs-at-Death +-------------------------------------------------------+

Laughs-at-Death jumping out of the van in Dalu as the wolves that gathered for this excursion already worked together on the sacred hunt rite, there is a nod back to Tilly who says she'll keep the exit open for the group, guarding the rear with Mac, Vance, and Spider. Growling softly the Blood Talon preps for the fight ahead while pointing to the fight. "We know the wound is open here, we know nothing there looks like it's good for this side of the gauntlet..."

Making sure the Swarm on guard is keeping people away from the entrance to this alley he shifts into his near wolf form, a huge black furred dire wolf that growls and snaps before looking to the other wolves and the rest of the group with them, obviously having a hard time holding back. With a loud howl he rushes forward to wade into the fight!

+----+ Sun Nov 20 16:32:13 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Norman +----------------------------------------------------------------+

This time Norm is packing an M4, an load-bearing vest with pockets and ammo reloads, BDU pants, boonie hat, boots, and it's all oversized because he shifted into Dalu form soon after getting outfitted. His fetish pistol Liberty is along in a shoulder rig, and he has a couple of HE grenades in pockets of his LBV. He's bringing the war Iron Master style. When he jumps out and sees that group of monsters he snarls in a deep-chested version of his southern accent, "Holy shit that looks like driders like out of Forgotten Realms! I can't WAIT to kill these!" He's already racked a round into the chamber of his rifle and thumbed the selector to Fire.

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+----+ Arnaud +----------------------------------------------------------------+

Arnaud did some interesting martial artsy exercises before entering the van, and on the way he took out a small glass jar with airholes, pulled out the live spider that was in there and ATE it, and now he's crunching violently on ice he bought in a large paper mug. Changelings, right? Whatever that does, it seems to make him both bigger, more intimidating and impressive. Spotting the weird monsters with his enhanced eye-sight, he is surprised, but not worried. Yet. "Uh, what are those?" he asks as he jumps out, glancing at Five to make sure he knows exactly where he has her at all times.

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+----+ Silvia +----------------------------------------------------------------+

It's one way to meet one of the other packs in Chicago. It goes something like 'Nice boots, wanna hunt?' And then here's The Swarm and the Shorewalkers both.

Silvia's out of the van right behind Griff, readying her rifle. She looks tiny next to the giant in Dalu. "Motherfuckin' hosts." She snarls as she lines up with the rest of her pack, ready to begin, readying her shot. There's a glance over her shoulder at Arnaud, an unknown. "Ancient fuckin' spirits with a whole fuckin' story that now's not the time to go into, but they're bad."

+----+ Sun Nov 20 16:37:12 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Five +------------------------------------------------------------------+

Five is dressed in her usual gear, tactical hoodie, a flak jacket now, pants and boots. She's already doing her best to keep focus and not get too unnerved by the werewolves and their... well, whatever it was that made her brain get funky. Sticking close to Arnaud, she peers out over toward the creatures. "Should we just... let them kill each other? I could try setting the area on fire or something?"

+----+ Sun Nov 20 16:37:52 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Firefly +---------------------------------------------------------------+

Firefly would've caravan'd no matter how much space was in that van. She was all about freedom and loved the feeling of a rumbling hog between her thighs. When they pull to a stop she glides up to the driver's side window and looks to see where he is pointing. "Ah shit shug, the crazy's already started without us?" When the sound of Griffith's big ass boot kicking open the back doors of the van hits the petite Creole girl's ears she sighs and gets off her bike before propping up the stand.

Lazily she makes her way to where the rest of her peeps were at, giving Laughs-at-Death a wide berth when she does. "Do we get to kill em all or are any of 'em considered friendlies?" As Firefly inquired her smile grew larger and far more dastardly. With a flourish the lighter in her pocket is produced and flicked open so the flame can be drawn out for her to toss from hand to hand. Norman's loadout gets a double take and a whistle of approval. "I like your rifle, it's real big and them there on your chest, those grenades too? Damn. I feel like I came a bit underdressed."

+----+ Sun Nov 20 16:37:58 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Spider +----------------------------------------------------------------+

The main portion of The Swarm does hang back to keep anybody away from the alley, foes or 'innocents' that might happen into the area. Outside the alley the fighting force gathers and prepares their charge at the already ongoing skirmish between the two groups; Spider hosts vs Rat hosts. It seems the spiders, being severely outnumbered, are on the losing end. It doesn't help that one of the Rat-hosts looks like a bigger nastier version of them. This thing is in the middle of the fight ripping legs off the spider-hosts while the other rat-hosts are keeping them busy. It actually seems to be a well co-ordinated attack on the spider-hosts. It looks as if they don't notice the approaching group, right up until one of the rat-hosts turns to stare at them and begins to scream-squeak loudly.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 16:44:01 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Firefly +---------------------------------------------------------------+

Firefly wastes no time in lighting up one of the Azlu. They're disgusting and she hates spiders but would never admit that to Spider! When she gathers up the flame it's hurled with a forceful toss at one of the creatures with a wickedly delighted smile on the deviant's face. "Literally kill it with fire y'all," she mutters before stepping onto her back foot.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:06:53 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Laughs-at-Death +-------------------------------------------------------+

Laughs-at-Death waits for the first fireball to get lobbed into the fray before rushing forward. The black-furred dire wolf closes the gap between him and the fight going on while plotting his attack.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:11:44 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Five +------------------------------------------------------------------+

Five watches as there's someone else who controls fire. Eyes wide, oh my gosh. It takes her just a second to refocus on the fight. Although she doesn't want to get in too close just yet, the mortal moves up just enough to set herself getting closer for a better attack. She eyes behind the group of fighting... whatever the creatures are. Concentrating for a moment, with a wave of her hand, a small fire starts behind the monsters in the alley.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:21:47 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Silvia +----------------------------------------------------------------+

Silvia's watching all the rats fleeing, and she frowns. "Fuckin', stop them from ..." she trails off, rather than telling people what's what, and decides to just do. Which means she's lifting her rifle, taking a moment to line up her shot properly, and hitting that big giant Beshilu right in the side of the neck. BANG.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:27:29 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Arnaud +----------------------------------------------------------------+

Arnaud watches these monsters with fascination, and awe. He knows they are not hobs, but he can't help drawing parallels to what he's seen in the Hedge. He has one major mission here though, and that's to make sure Five is safe and allowed to do her damage, so when she moves he moves right with her and flexes his claws - claws that are extra lethal tonight, not that anyone here can see them. A moment's of focus makes his motions seem almost blurred and he's shifting back and forth near Five, clearly having enhanced his speed somehow.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:33:14 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Norman +----------------------------------------------------------------+

"It's tryin' to run!" shouts Norm, wading right into the thick of the alley as fast as he can, even passing up a target so he can fire at Zed, the Beshilu trying to flee. He squeezes off the shot but it whizzes precariously close to his target rather than hitting meat.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:36:01 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Griffiths +-------------------------------------------------------------+

Griffiths cackles madly against the bellous chaos - like a kid in a candy shop, excitedly bounding about the place and stamping her massive feet. She throws the burlap off of her precious cargo - a gleaming red chainsaw, annointed with swirling, war-paint symbols and ugly rusty teeth. She yanks the cord, the machine snarling into life - waving it over her head like a mad-woman. She throws her head back and howls from the very bottom of her lungs, pulling from below the depths of her soul. It is a noise that rattles the human eardrum, and makes glass fear cracking from baneful, lunatic resonance. "AOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!"

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:39:01 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Spider +----------------------------------------------------------------+

The fight between the Azlu and Beshuli is brutal. Then one of the Spider-Hosts get lit up and screams out in pain with a hissing sound like steam escaping under pressure. It lays there still and on fire. Quickly Laughs and Five charge in to attack, running for the alley. Inside they get a better look at the beginning tear in the Wound. While the entire area of Undercity is ripe to become more Wound, it takes the act of something to break it open. Here they can see through the actual rip in the Gauntlet that seperates the physical from the spiritual. They can see the Rat-Hosts on the other said waiting to finish off the Spider-Hosts.

Silvia fires a round into the Big Rat-Host, green bile-like blood spraying from the impact. It doesn't even seem to notice her. The massive Rat-Host just drags two of the spider-hosts backward into the Wound with it. As soon as it is inside, the rest begin to swarm the Spider-hosts, trying to end them quickly.

Normal fires a shot off, through the rip into the Shadow, but misses his target. Then a howl echoes through the Undercity, a glorious battle cry to rally the pack. Only one Azlu remains outside of the rip in the Gauntlet.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:47:49 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Skein +-----------------------------------------------------------------+

Skein climbs out of the van. She watches the fight, her brown eyes are wide and her tiny form is tense. She still seems frightened. Skein tries to move closer to Firefly and maybe behind her? But she doesn't get too close to the fight or to the gauntlet tear. She studies the nearby area closely. "There is a a lot of skittering and squeaking somewhere..." She says.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 17:53:34 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Firefly +---------------------------------------------------------------+

Even though Firefly was a hybrid, she'd never been on the other side of the Shadow, that wasn't her place. Still an opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime and she rushes inside, slipping into the wound itself and becoming scarcely visible, a blurred, hazy thing that disappears from sight...but then there comes light, a great deal of it red and yellow as it blossoms into a raging inferno.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:06:48 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Laughs-at-Death +-------------------------------------------------------+

Laughs-at-Death follows his packmate Firefly into the wound, bounding easily forward in his urshul form. Once in the wound he finds a chaotic scene of with fire and smoke all around. Rats screech and scream as spiders cry in pain. Pouncing on the nearest smoky form he knocks it to the ground and tears into its flesh with a powerful rending bite. That bite leads to the wolf sputtering and coughing, retching as he falls back near the entrance to the wound.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:22:24 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Five +------------------------------------------------------------------+

Without a second thought, Five leaps in after her fellow fire fanatic and Seth! Lunacy and a fun personality don't help someone make logical decisions. Upon seeing all the chaos, she attempts one of the various tricks up her sleeve. A bit of an explosion, some creepy creatures getting exploded on, more fiery fun... It's like a party in the Shadow!

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:35:42 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Silvia +----------------------------------------------------------------+

"Fuckin' hell this got wild. Try and save that last fuckin' Azlu," in her Australian accent, because the Ithaeur has thoughts and plans! She's darting forward, her rifle held close to her chest, and then paws hit the ground as she speeds forward and darts into the wound. It's a bad idea, probably, the chaos and the god awful smell, but she's biting into one of the Beshilu, nipping it at ... and kinda retching afterwards, because clearly she didn't pay attention.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:42:35 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Arnaud +----------------------------------------------------------------+

Arnaud is not surprised that Five runs in. He knows her well enough by now to realise she's crazier than he is, so when she moves, he's first a shadow and then he's past her, a flash of motion as he jumps through to another world without hesitation, sees the situation in the blink of an eye and decides to for now abandon Five's side to bowl into a rat further away. Claws from both hands rake across the body of this creature and rends large gashes on its body. "Are we SAVING the spiders?!" he shouts cause he has no idea what the hell is going on and just does what the others do.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:50:49 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Norman +----------------------------------------------------------------+

He doesn't hesitate a second. The battle is through the tear in the Gauntlet, and the battle is where Norm goes! He charges in directly after Silvia, and the beshilu she eats sudden finds its head cracked open, crushed to the ground as the Rahu sends it on its way to Hell! "Get some, motherfucker!" he shouts happily.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 18:59:02 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Griffiths +-------------------------------------------------------------+

Griffiths charges headfirst at the tear, screaming at the top of her lungs. She holds her chainsaw aloft like Excalibur itself, sprinting as fast as she can after her Rahu and her Ithaeur. Finally inside, she looks about - sniffing the air and gagging. She identifies the biggest, baddest target possible and shrieks - "FUCKFACE! PICK A GOD AN' PRAY!" She leaps at it, bringing the chainsaw down on it's hide with a leaping attack - spraying rat-funk everywhere as the chainsaw howls!

+----+ Sun Nov 20 19:04:59 2022 +----------------------------------------------+

+----+ Spider +----------------------------------------------------------------+

What a sight to behold. As soon as the Azlu disappears, everybody begins to file into the rip in the Gauntlet, what could only be seen as a new part of the Wound opening into our world. They followed the Beshilu inside and left Skein outside after her warning. Did they even hear her warning? She heard something while they were all busy fighting, caught in the heart pounding, blood pumping, adrenaline squirting, midst of combat. So the chances are good they didn't hear the ghoul.

Inside the Shadow it is a mess with Rat-Hosts everywhere, some of them on fire, others bitten and oozing vile green blood. Both Azlu are done, one torn to bits while the other has exploded -SOMEHOW- and in the middle of it all is scorched 'earth' from an inferno. So it wouldn't be a surprise to anybody they failed to notice the lightly low rumble on the ground, right on the precipice between the physical world and the shadow.

There is shouting heard from outside of the tear. The voice is familiar. It sounds like Vance, Mac, Spider and Tilly. They are yelling at the group for some reason and it sounds serious. A warning perhaps? It would seem something is coming.

+----+ Sun Nov 20 19:13:03 2022 +----------------------------------------------+