Full Name: Thalia van Rijn
DOB: November 20, 2000
Virtue: Protective
Vice: Curious
Occupation: Unemployed. You hiring?

Court: Courtless Court courtless.png
Regalia: Shield
  • Hedge Addiction
  • Arcadian Dreams
  • Madness
RP Hooks

Dot black-mini.png Fae-Touched: Whatever she is, it's rare.

Dot black-mini.png Lucid Dreamer: And a Dream Shaper, too.

Dot black-mini.png Jiu Jitsu: Training since she was a child. Let's fight.

Dot black-mini.png Dutch-Brazilian: And proud of her mixed heritage.

Dot black-mini.png PI-in-Training: Need something found? Someone?

Dot black-mini.png Newly Accorded: She's only just back from the Hedge.


Long-bodied and lean as a whipcord, honey-skinned and vaguely shifty, Thalia has green eyes so pale they're nearly grey, and there's usually a braid running somewhere through her mane of dark blonde hair. Her eyebrows are meticulously manicured, her cheekbones imperiously high, and her jaw is set in determination. She speaks with a musical, lilting tone that's colored by the inflections of both Brasilian and Hollandic accents.


Born in São Paulo, Thalia spent the first decade-and-a-half of her life in between Brazil and Rotterdam in the Netherlands with her parents and her twin brother, Noah, before the family moved to Evanston in the United States as the twins were starting high school.

Shortly after finishing college and while the twins were at home, visiting their parents, Noah was taken by the Gentry; Thalia witnessed this capture and pursued them through a gate, herself becoming lured into and trapped in the Hedge. She struggles to estimate how long she was in there, but often characterizes it as months and notes that the same amount of time doesn't have seemed to have passed back home.

A Fetch has taken her brother's place in his life, she has only recently been introduced to the Accord and all that goes with it, and she's desperate to get back to the Hedge to try to find and save her brother.

Javi - We spent Thanksgiving together and he can see ghosts.
Gareth - Hopefully I'll be working with (for?) him soon.
Darwin - He's a werewolf, but he's kind. That's enough.
Faith - Weird-ish vibes.
Five - Fun and nice but she's got that wild dog look in her eye. You know the one.