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A facade of skyscrapers facing a lake -- and behind the facade every type of dubiousness.
—E.M. Forster

      There is a certain mystique about the Windy City -- something that a person can't quite put a finger on, but everyone knows it. The clouds are unusually dark and heavy. The sun doesn't quite shine as bright. There is a certain feeling in the air that lets one think it is October, when it is really March. This is where those things that we dare dream of in our deepest private parts of mind lurk. The horrors that defy our words, language and concept. We see them on television and media -- but seeing it in real life, no way. Just behind this comfortable veil of blissful ignorance lurks this other world -- a shadow world.

      This, my victims, is where our story takes place. All the dark alleys are made some what darker. The blood just a few shades redder. This is the World of Darkness. On our game, the goal is simple -- delightfully so. We want to tell profoundly deep and complex stories that provide a rich canvas to create a living breathing character. We foster a space of open communication, risk taking, and ultimately death. Do not mistake us for monsters -- we only play them. We want a story where your character burns brighter, burns hotter, and leaves a beautifully horrible corpse in your wake. But above all else, remember two simple words...Dulce periculum.

New Characters

Antigone Yates Ghoul
Bridget McKinley Werewolf
Enrico Salvatore Vampire
Jeremiah Cutter Vampire
Tillo Protz Vampire

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