Blood Sorcery


Cruac: 1 Kindred Vitae per level of Rite
Theban: 1 Willpower point and a specific object


  • Cruac: Manipulation + Occult + Cruac
  • Theban: Intelligence + Academics + Theban Sorcery

Each roll takes thirty minutes of in-game time by default. Reduce to fifteen minutes per roll of the ritualist's dots in Blood Sorcery are greater than the level of the ritual
Roll a number of times equal to number of unmodified Blood Sorcery dice to meet the target successes listed on the ritual.
If total number of successes are met, the ritual immediately takes effect.


Exceptional Success: Add successes to the total. Also choose one of the following:

  • Reduce target successes by ritualist's dots in their Blood Sorcery
  • Reduce roll times to fifteen minutes from thirty (or to five from fifteen)
  • Gain Ecstatic (Cruac) or Raptured (Theban) Condition

Success: Add successes to the total
Failure: Abandon ritual or take Stumbled Condition
Dramatic Failure: Autofail, gain Tempted (Cruac) or Humbled (Theban); next ritual attempted made at -2 per roll

Blood Sympathy
Level Relationship Range Modifier
Once-removed Sire + Childe Anywhere +3
Twice-removed Broodmates, Grandchilder, Grandsires Continent +2
Thrice-removed Cousins, Aunts/Uncles, Great-grandsires, Great-grandchilder City +1
Four Times Removed All Clanmates One Mile +0

Wits + Blood Potency + Modifier
Roll when prompted by ST or spend one Willpower to force sympathy if within range
Failure: Attempt fails, no effect, no dramatic fail possible
Success: Learn mental state, general direction, and if relative is in torpor or Final Death (but not which)
Exceptional Success: As success plus distance from relative, torpor or Final Death (and which it is), may send a single short sentence to the relative

Drinking Supernaturals

To feed from a supernatural being, purchase the Unnatural Affinity Merit for each type desired. ST has final discretion over giving this one out, so it had better be good.




Humanity replaces Integrity on the vampire's character sheet.

Humanity Human relations modifier
9-10 +2
7-8 0
5-6 -1
4 -2
3 -3
2 -5
1 Chance die


Besides the sample list on p. 107 of "Vampire: the Requiem Second Edition", an ST may rule something a breaking point at their own discretion.


Each breaking point trigger is attached to a level of Humanity from 1 to 10.
When a breaking point is tripped, roll according to chart:

Breaking Point Humanity Base Number of Dice
9-10 5
7-8 4
5-6 3
4-5 2
2-3 1
1 0
Detachment Modifiers Dice Mod
Has one Touchstone +2
Has multiple Touchstones +3
No Touchstones -2
Protecting your Masquerade -1
Protecting your Requiem +1
Invictus Oaths

Invictus Oaths are sworn by a vassal to a liege in the presence of an Invictus vampire with the Notary Merit, called a Notary by the Covenant.
The vassal must learn the Oath they wish to swear as a Merit on their sheet. The liege does not have to learn it.
A vassal does not have to be Invictus to learn an Oath. However, the liege must be Invictus.
When swearing an Oath, always include the following:

  • Duration of the Oath where not specified (traditionally, one year and one day)
  • Terms for breach of contract, which immediately end the Oath's effects when met

Each member of the Invictus must be under at least one active Oath to maintain good standing in the Covenant.

Lashing Out


Competitive Beast: Intelligence + Blood Potency, inflicts Competitive
Monstrous Beast: Strength + Blood Potency, inflicts Bestial
Seductive Beast: Presence + Blood Potency, inflicts Wanton
Victim chooses Fight or Flight.


Fight: To resist, victim spends one Willpower if the vampire's Blood Potency is higher than their Power Stat, if any. Victim may choose to resist with a different Power Attribute, and adds their Power Stat if they have one.

  • Attacker wins: Victim gains associated Condition, attacker gains +2 to pursue their Beast's agenda against victim
  • Victim wins: If a vampire, impose Condition associated with Power Attribute used on attacker, and gain +2 to pursue their Beast's agenda against them. If mortal, gain +2 to fight, escape, or otherwise end the threat.
  • Both win: Victim and attacker impose associated Conditions upon one another, no dice bonuses either way

Flight: Victim gains associated Condition, flees, looks bad. No dice bonus to pursue victim


On City of Shadows, there are three kinds of Kindred Status:

  1. Praxis (North Side, South Side, Undercity)
  2. Clan
  3. Covenant

Each form of Status only applies within its own purview.
Kindred Status is not bought with Experience, but acquired and lost entirely in play.
Kindred Status uses the rules for Vampire: Status

Theban Sorcery


Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood.
Doing so forfeits your claim to the Blood.


Sire another at the peril of both yourself and your progeny.
If you create a childe, the weight is your own to bear.


You are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of your Kindred.
If you violate this commandment, the Beast calls to your own Blood.