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A facade of skyscrapers facing a lake -- and behind the facade every type of dubiousness.
—E.M. Forster

he city that works. Chi-town. The Big Onion. Chi-raq. Chicago is a place with dizzying highs and abysmal lows. A rich history with thick shadows, just waiting to have some supernatural depth added to them.

nd that's what we've done using The Chronicles of Darkness 2e rules with Mortal, Vampire and Werewolf game lines available for play. We've taken a dark city and made it darker, with a goal of telling intense stories with a crazy, out-there lean. With a goal of encouraging people to communicate OOCLy about what they want from a scene or a plot or a moment to create better stories than they could without that communication. Burn bright; burn hot; burn out. Tell stories. Don't be afraid of dying. Do the crazy shit that makes the best 'Remember that one time...?' of nostalgia. Kill a Prince, face the darkness beneath the city, save Chicago at the cost of self or sanity, or edge it closer to destruction. Chase glory, lose limbs, get scars.

Dulce periculum.