Jackson Raymond

Elder of the Storm Lords
Fullname: Jackson Raymond
Date of Birth: Jan 19 1970
Blood: unknown
Bone: unknown
Occupation: The Raymond Foundation
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: unknown
Pack: unknown


All we have is each other, we have to stand side by side or be washed away.Jackson is a man of few words, but many of them pleasant making the others around him in good spirits. This was not always the case, growing up pair on the wrong side of the tracks, two options before him crime or serve the government in a far away land. He picked the second enlisting at 17 lying about his age but this caused a large issue he changed right there in the middle of the war, his own troops, the enemy were all victims to his claws, but as luck would have it a passing Uratha found him bring him home. Remote not near the world, his mind is shattered, his soul fractured slowly it fixed, spending time with a shaman, returned to the world with a new goal. To make sure URatha, remember to enjoy life in times of peace and in times of war.

RP Hooks

Elder:I'm not your better, but the wiser. Charity:Gives back to anything that is harming the city.


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