Gotta Catch That Bus! - I Dream of Machine Elves Pt 2

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Gotta Catch That Bus! - I Dream of Machine Elves Pt 2

Dayana, Flint, Ward, and Jasmine as ST

A bully and girl have a fight... with a bus. Who wins?

Iiiiiiit's fucking raining. Because of course it is - it's Chicago. The Great Lakes make pouring rains at night, and light rains throughout the day, and right now, it's about dinner time -- so late enough to make anyone outside contain a complete case of Piss Poor Attitude.

Except Flint.

The tall, brusque, mean-looking man couldn't give a FUCK about the rain. It drips over his shaved head, and he in his too-big unbuttoned flannel, too-big jeans, unlaced boots, just leans on a brick wall of a church. Picking at his teeth with nails that are more like planing blades. Pickpickpick. When some rando stops way too long for Flint's comfort, or looks on for too long, his dark eyes settle unblinking and the heavy brow steels until they flinch; and move off. Then the voice of the man comes growling out, snapping and crackling, "Why th'fuck are we waiting so long?" A huff of air that turns to mist in front of his lips, "Makes me all edgy and shit. Just sittin'."

The doors to the church open as a brunette exits. Her satchel slung over her left shoulder, Dayana leans the bulk of her weight upon the crutch-like cane upon her right side. The sight of the rain elicits an audible grumble from the woman, clearly having hoped it would be cleared up by now. She pauses for a moment, dark eyes drifting to take in the rather large image of the man holding up the wall nearby. Carefully assessing him from head to toe, she comments idly, "Nothing quite like Chicago weather." She may have managed to overhear his rather snippy comment to the poor random person on her way out, shifting her attentions to take note of the now fleeing person, "You know, it wouldn't kill you to be a little bit nicer. I get some people don't like others, but Christ on a stick you're abrasive."

And what was she doing in the area of mostly school kids during the day? Jasmine-nee-Olivia Benson, social worker for the CPS extraordinaire, was doing a little karmic retribution for some of her cases. THat's what! A little faterending and twisting here, and she seems satisfied as she slips out of the local high school dressed in her classic MIB chic. Yes, even in this weather, she's dressed in black pumps, black blazer and skirt, and an immaculately pressed white blouse.

With a smarmy grin on her features, happy that she served as a warrior of that sweet karmic justice, she struts just a bit before her brows quirk, canting her head towards Flint. "You know, you didn't have to come with. I told you I was just doing rounds on the kids." she says completely deadpan before raising her brows at the appearance of the unknown brunette. Jerking a thumb in his direction, she chuckles "You have to excuse my friend. Someone thought he was a virgin the other night. Kinda grumpy as a result."

Flint, on his part, IS scary. He's scary looking to mundane folk, and better, he's dressed like he's got this penchant to beat the fuck out of you and take your stuff, probably. Still, he picks his teeth.

While his companion is off doing her mystikal bullshit, Flint is left watching, staring, sniffing. He's new, but, that means the excuse of escorting the beautiful woman around Chicago gives him access to a wide range. So, while she's working? Flint is watching. Sniffing. Then there's a voice coming up from behind and as Flint's turning to gaze over Dayana with eyes that could set flame to Satan's heart? Words start rolling out from those misaligned teeth, "It fuckin' might, you k-" Then there's Jasmine and Flint's pulling back, settling down. Rolling his eyes even at the black-clad woman, "Yeah, well, someone's gotta watch your ass while you wander around being a god damned superhero to some spare pups." It's said out the side of his mouth, and when the last bit of her words come out he just - snaps his mouth shut. Turning his back to shake his head, set hands to waist and just. Fuck you.

Gaze slipping over to regard the other brunette as she approachs, Dayana nods with a faint flicker of a smile, "Yeah, I can see how being mistaken for a virgin would inspire a bit of overcompensation." She glances back towards Flint, brown eyes surveying him again from head to toe. He is definitely scary, she will give him that. So it is not with too much surprise that she shifts a few steps to the opposite direction of him before turning to engage her focus back upon Jasmine, "He looks like he could stand to be housebroken." His words elicit a visible smirk, "Is this guy for real? Who 'talks' like that?"

"Socialization. Not housebreaking." That's said in a rather deadpan manner. "He knows fully where to piss and shit, but he doesn't exactly know how to interact well with others" she says in clear and crisp tones. It's clear. The stark contrast between the rough older man and the seeming mild mannered WiB as she flashes her pearly whites in Dayana's direction. Hrmming for a few moments, she pulls checks her Apple Watch and goes through her schedule, running her fingers through. "I'm done checking in here. Just gotta check in on that weird case over at the hospital." she explains.

Flint turns himself real slow at the words, and he might respond to this other woman but the head dips down by Jasmine's ear - standing behind her now. "Did she just call me a dog? Was that a fuckin' dog joke?" His eye twitches, but for the most part the large man steels his insides, settling the rising tensions in his guts. Slowly standing back up to sort of, umbrella Jasmine, from the beating rains and give a little shudder that is hopefully about the cold. He may be scary, save for the goofy ass maneuver of enjoying the cold water, as if it calmed, or cooled him down, and it was an intimate moment. But then Jazz is speaking about the hospital and the eyes open, wide and bright and alive, "Something to do? Fuuuck yes. Let's go. Been waitin' a--" And Flint will trail off, chewing on the time it took, god it was awful, picking his nails, enjoying the rain, watching a couple fight.

"Tomatoes... tomahtoes," Dayana offers with a rather relaxed and somewhat flippant tone, "They do have support groups for it all the same. In fact," she turns to regard the church behind her, "They have a few meetings twice a week if you're interested." Brown eyes drift from the large aggressive man to the much more petite brunette. At the mention of the hospital, she pipes up a bit, "Actually, I was just on my way there myself. If you guys need a lift."

There's a little nagging feeling at the back of her neck. Jasmine nosewrinkles a bit, and then it happens.

Someone from the school, another counselor slips outside in the rain. She calls out, "Miss Benson! We have an urgent matter. Please..."

Glancing towards the pair, Jasmine hrmms for a few moments and purses her lips. "Um, I wouldn't mind but actually, I gotta check in and see what this is about real quick. Coming!" With that said, she rushes back into the high school.

Everything for now seems normal, right? Sure. There's a bunch of cars driving down the busy intersection, everything else seems normal so far!

For a long moment, Flint's just there. Hands on his hips, staring down at Jasmine like she's some kinda mischief maker, or something. Then, those dark eyes are on Dayana, the cane, the offer of a ride just makes his jaws tense - but the ears pickup the feet and need before the voice, turning to look yonder as Jasmine goes fucking dashing off. Leaving Flint, with Dayana. "God...Dammit...Girl."

It's said under his breath as a long exhale, left in the rain, with another woman. Turning to look at her, a gruff silence for a long moment. "We'll take that ride, if you're still offering whenever --" A wave of the hand at the fleeing Jasmine, "- she gets done." A pause, jaw tensing, and a glance then to the church. "Maybe."

Catching a glimpse of a passing public bus filled with riders, Dayana lets her gaze drift back to the man. Those dark eyes of hers clearly assess him from head to toe with a degree of curiousity. She doesn't seem to mind the rain as it mats her hair to her face, hand reaching to brush it back over her shoulder with an idle motion, "I can wait. I've got nothing else really on the agenda except a cold beer and pizza, both of which will still be waiting for me when I am done." Her own curiosity gets the better of her as she asks openly, "So, what's your deal anyways? Body builder on 'roids? One of our soldier boys that came back from overseas a bit more fucked than before you left? Really, there's got to be some reason why you have so much aggression." She spares a glance back towards the school where the other brunette recently fled, "And while I find the whole 'virgin' confusion excuse amusing, we both know it's bullshit."

Oh, yeah. Dayana's gonna catch a look, that kinda look polite people don't give, and most people don't like. Because Flint's dark eyes whip away from the church to finally look at her, and squint some to undress her like he would a deer. Tension mounting in his stomach, then his chest, shoulders. "Don't like the city. It's loud, smelly, full of shithead fiends needin' their spine rearranged --" Tne tension raises into his neck. "- and women that need a lot more than a good dicking." There's the exhale through his nose, and the tension leaves his body. Leaves him weird, light-headed, and empty. The arms fold over his chest in the rain, and the eyes finally move off of the woman to look after the school, "And I have so much aggression 'cuz I just feel so god damned much for the pups she looks after. Mhm." He gives a wipe of a fake tear, though the face just stares forward, that last question makes Flint grunt. "Woman got me high as fuck, and lured me off. Stole some stuff." Also a lie, but, fuck it.

"Well, you need to get yourself some damned therapy," the remaining brunette offers her opinion, clearly not giving a damn whether it is wanted or not. There is something about that unsettling gaze of his that does inspire her to grip her crutch just a little tighter, steps shifting a bit to the side as she climbs down one of the church steps. "Look, I get the world can be full of shit sometimes and yes, the city can smell. But you need to tone down the whole: Me Hulk. Me Smash. Neanderthal shit. It's really unbecoming and going to net you a nice long stay out on Riker's Island or something. Also? You just can't go around just referring to women as 'someone that may need more than a good dicking'. It's crass, unnecessary, and liable to get you tased or something worse." When he turns to regard the school, her own gaze follows, "Yeah, well it would take one hell of a monster not to care at least a little for kids, even if teenagers can be a real pain in the ass at times." She pauses for a moment before tossing out another question, "So, she your girl?"

"Mmmnn'yeah, toss those lil' bastards on a farm or something." It's said under his breath with a roll of his eyes. Flint has Feelings regarding kids: High and mighty little bastards with too much time to waste, like fucking around on computers, and playing pretend. Dumb shit like that. The large man's arms remain folded, and he's gone from outwardly aggressive to just, steamy. Though, there's the weird middle-ground of enjoyment in the rain. The rain washes away all things. So, with a huff, those eyes lift upwards towards Heaven to breathe in some of that rancid Chicago air, "Oh, I don't refer to all women as 'someone that may need more than a good dicking'. Just the ones that do." A glance over his shoulder at Dayana, as if to make a point. Then he sighs, and goes back to staring upwards at the clouds, "You either want honesty, or pretty words. You don't get both." He's clippy, though that last question gets a click of the tongue. "Complicated. We-" The jaw tenses, he bites back a few wods. "- work a lot. Different things, different schedules."

Raising a hand as if in understanding, she nods, "Hey, I get complicated. Most relationships are." Dayana trains those dark eyes of hers upon him again with a smirk, "And you're right honesty and flowery words rarely mix. Still wouldn't hurt to mind your tongue a little though. I get you're not really good with this whole socialization thing, but we're social creatures by nature and you need to learn to adapt sometime." Her body shuffles slightly to rest her right hip against the railing of the outer church stairs, relieved for the extra support as she goes back to her open assessment of the much larger man, "My love is quite satisfying, thank you very much, and I can assure you that you would be the last place I would look for relief if it ever came to that. So you're safe." There is an element of brusque sincerity in her tone, her chest rising and falling as she takes a deep breath and glances back towards the school, "What's she doing in there anyways, building them a new curriculum?"

It's funny how things work out sometime. If perhaps she was looking out into the relatively normal streets with relatively normal cars, perhaps something would've happened to her. But fortunately for everyone involved, she's looking in the direction of the school and the grumpy gus werewolf in front of her.

There's still no sight of Jasmine. And for good reason. No, she's not building a new curriculum. In fact, she's dealing with a very traumatized young girl. A freshman at that who is sobbing and as she stares, she holds a pink toy gun in her hand as she just babbles, having lost it.

And just a few seconds before there was a reaosn why. The girl had always been picked on. Bullied. But something else changed that day. It was just supposed to be continued torment in the young girl's life, but it seems that the fateweaving of karmic justice got a plucked too much today.

And that's when it happens back outside. A loud buss horn can be heard. The driver tries to slam the break and turn to the side. But it's too late. A young girl, a sophomore, stares at the bus head on, appearing from nowhere before she's suddenly smacked and sent flying off to the side after being hit by the bus. WOOSH!

"Pbbt, as if girl. You gotta cane, what am I gonna do, break your fucking hips?" Dayana is given a wave off, "Nah, girl's probably bleeding her heart all over someone. Or kicking the shit out of a damned little bastard that needs it." There's a shrug. But something tickles his nose, and Flint's learned to trust his nose, and it jerks his attention in a direction just before it happens. Then, he watches in slow-motion as the bus comes careening. Well, Jasmine would never get hit by a bus, she's too -lucky- for that to happen. But, those dark eyes wash over the sophomore before it happens and he can feel her face burning into his memory as the collision sends her body across the pavement.

Blood Talons don't mingle well with humans, if you can't tell. They hunt hunters. Killers. Monsters. The hunters of monsters. This one in particular just stands there, arms crossed, staring over as people go in to rush in what he already knows to be a corpse. "I'd not go look if I were you." This said side-long to Dayana as Flint just...stares. Jaw set, tensing.

It's really like watching a train wreck. The brunette sees the bus, hears the horn and then...? The girl is clearly smacked with her body careening into the air. Dayana may have a cane. She may be just human, but her body begins to hobble down the stairs as quick as she can. "Call 9-1-1," she all but barks in the large man's direction - their recent discussion forgotten for now. Even as she tries to make her way closer, her free hand starts fiddling with the waterproof flap of her satchel as if to try and dig out her cellphone from within, "Shit.Shit.Shit." the mantra plays upon her lips in a series of curses.

The body is limp and broken, but who knows? Might still be alive. There's blood dripping down her jaw and the girl, a brunette is most definitely unconscious. Interesting enough, she was holding what looks to be a lock of another girl's hair. Jet black. As if it was ripped off.


Of course, the other drives get out to see what the hubub is all about. The driver of the bus is completely freaking as he starts yelling. "I didn't do anything! She just fucking appeared! Oh God! I'm so going to get fired."

Flint just watches the caned woman run. He watches the Herd panic. They always panic. At the bark of a command there's a tap of his pockets, a shrug, Flint dosn't use a phone, motherfucker. But the eyes do switch off of the mess to look at the school, a crease in his brow forming about Jasmine, before the eyes switch back to the corpse. A sniff. A glance around. Flint's movemenets are probably unseen, but he'll pop up behind Dayana to look down and give a sort of. "Yeesh." But the large man moves around Dayana, even grabbing her to shift her backwards enough to lean down - instincts start taking over, switching into place like bolts in a lock. Crouching down over the broken girl, a hand settles on her own. Maybe it's to feel her pulse, right? They do that shit on television - though fingers close around the black hair there. In the rain? It looks like fur. But at the sensing of so many around, closer...closer...the face lifts up and it is terribly savage. "Five steps back, you rabbit-hearted shits!" Flushed with anger in that moment some just scatter a few extra feet. But as Flint looks down at the girl, the color leaves his face, and his words carry out - a glance to Dayana. "She's alive. Ish."

"What the every loving fuck, don't touch me..." Dayana swipes at his hands as he uses them to move her to the side, nearly growling in reply. Looking back to the driver, she instructs firmly, "Stop freaking and call 9-1-1." There is something about the man's growl about rabbits that actually makes even her take a hobble back. Inhaling deeply as if to steel herself against his prickly temperament again, she lowers herself down near him and the girl, but not before attempting to nudge his burly body to the side, "Give her some space you overgrown oaf." Dark eyes fix upon the poor young girl, the woman clearly out of her element, "Fuck, I should have paid better attention in Biology."

The Herd itself scatters. That's what happens when sheeple are frightened by a big bad wolf afterall.

Still, the girl's breathing is weak. Blood continues to trickle down her lips and she weakly mutters, grimacing. "Bitch..."

Flint's hard to budge when he dosn't feel like moving, and he dosn't. But it's long enough that Dayana can get that, before he sets fingers over the girl's hand. A squeeze. Then he's up and moving to the side, and when the herd scatters Flint grumbles down. "What was that?" 'Bitch'? A glance to his hand where the hair is, and it's rubbed between his fingers before - with back to Dayana - brought up to his nose to take a quick whiff. What was that smell?

Slow then he's moving to where the bus driver had stumbled with a phone, to flick it up and play with it. Emergency Services...9-1-1...the thing is tossed at Dayana after the large man gives a shrill whistle so she'll look in time to catch it. If not? Well. Flint. His nose turns him back to that hair to give a whiff, letting that Big Bad Wolf inside free, just a little.

The whistle does draw Dayana's attention as she reaches up to catch the phone. It's not a great catch really, fumbling slightly due to the steady fall of rain around them, but a catch nonetheless. She tries to dial for Emergency Services, the chill of the rain and her wet fingers just never really generating enough friction for the touch screen, "Shit." she announces again, the word clearly one of her go-tos. Dark eyes flicker back to the rather aggressive man as he starts to be all... well, weird again, "What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!?" He clearly is not right in the head. She doesn't really have the time to worry about the 'roiding burly man and instead turns her focus back on the young girl. Reaching out she takes one of the girl's hands in her own, trying to offer some sort of comfort in the interim, "Shhhh, it will be okay. Someone's gonna get you some help. Just hang in there." There's not a lot of confidence in her words, seeing as how her attempts to call EMS did not pan out, but hopefully one of the fleeing spectators had more luck.

There is a high school nearby. The sounds of the car crash, the bus horn, and the crazyness inside has definitely disrupted classes. That also means that there's a bunch of high school students at the class windows taking pictures of what's going on outside. Hopefully at least one of them has the wherewithall to actually call for an ambulance at this sort of time...

Or maybe one of the teachers inside did. WHich is when one of them comes out.

"Diana!" she calls out, the blonde teacher, gasping as she already has a phone in hand. "Yes, come soon." It seems she's the one on the phone wih the 911 dispatcher at this time.

As for the smell? That hair? It's not wolf. It's definitely human. A scared human's.

He's cuffing his hand, not sniffing right out in the open, but that smell of human - rather than Uratha - is a relief. Or a disappointment. The Blood Talon's hackles lower some, and the hair is sniffed again. Jasmine? No. Of course not. Why would it be? Pbbt. As if. Instead, in the rain, that hair is...smushed and undone between fingertips, wittled down to nothing, and then kinda flicked off into the wind so it disperses. As for the downed teen?

His eyes turn back to the school, the cane-woman has this, and while the herd calls 9-1-1 - Flint is moving towards the inside of the school to hunt Jasmine down.

She may not have the first clue about anything medical, but Dayana clearly has no intention of abandoning the young teen. She continues to hold the girl's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, "It's okay. Help is coming. You just keep hanging on, okay? I know it hurts." Her body shifts a bit more, crouching a bit too difficult given her leg brace so she finally just opts to sit on the pavement next to the girl. She will worry about trying to get back up again after. Dark eyes steal a look away to search for the burly man, making note of the cuffing motions he makes with his hands. Wait! Her gaze takes note of the black follicles as he seems to just cast them away. Was he just sniffing... hair? "What the ever loving fuck?" the words come out almost naturally, the woman clearly not filtering anything at the moment. When he begins his trek towards the school, she again focuses her energies on the injured teen before her, "I'm not going to let anything else happen to you."

"The ambulance is on their way." That would be the voice of the teacher, finally standing, soaked in the rain, standing next to Dayana at this point. It's clear she has no idea what was going on and her expression is one of shock. "How did she get inside. Last I saw, she was arguing with May inside..."

As Flint heads inside, that familiar scent in the air can be sensed. It's all around the school really. There was some of it in one of the lockers. Locker 341 as he passes by it. Then there's that feminine scent that can be found again in a few of the classrooms.

Sure, there are students about in the hallways, everything has been disrupted inside, so there's a gaggle of high schoolers about too focused on making Tiktok reactions, Instagram lives, and eventual Youtube reactions to what's going on outside. Zoomers. Whatcha gonna do?

Still, there's a trail of whoever that black hair belong too. And it mingles at some point with another familiar scent. That of jasmine. The perfume of her namesake. And ti leads up the stairs and further upwards towards the rooftop.

Flint moves through the hallways like a Great White that's got a scent. Not like a wolf, not at all. He's not a wolf, afterall. He's a monster. The large man moves by that locker...341. The number is scribed into memory before he pauses, looks around, and draws out a penny from his pocket to give it a large 'X' across the paint. Fuck you.

Then the large man's off, uncaring about kids too stupid to look where they're going, his nose is on that track. When the smell of jasmine mixes with the owner of the black hair? Something predatory and terrible kicks up in his system, and through the school the large man moves. Thud. Thud. Thud. Unlaced boots, soaked flanel which is mostly open, shitty jeans. A teacher comes out of a class to see Flint who just shoots a scouring look over the man, and there's an sudden slamming of that door...and Flint moves past the stairs. No. Up. Lead by his nose, the large Rahu's heart begins to hammer in his ears - jasmine.

The rain continues to fall, still steady, as the brunette sits legs before her by the side of the injured sophomore. The girl is definitely not doing well, blood still stemming from her mouth. Dayana continues to hold the girl's hand, trying to offer words of encouragement to keep the kid hanging on to life. The bus responsible is still parked to the side, the driver an absolute emotional wreck. When the teacher announces help is on the way, the brunette gestures with a single raised hand of acknowledgement, her own cane-crutch cast to the side for right now. She meant what she said, she has every intention of protecting the injured girl and letting no further damage before her.

A police cruiser stops close by and a platinum blonde officer hops off of the vehicle. He glances around, as trying to evaluate the situation, and when he sees the girl soaked in blood and rain, he hurries for her."Hello. I'm police officer Ward. I'm here to help, miss." He says as he gets on his knees in front of the girl. When he sees there is another person tending the injuried girl, he looks at the brunette."Are you a doctor or something, miss?"

Back to Flint! He finally reaches the door towards the rooftop. When he tries to open it, it's blocked. There's something awfully strange about the space on the rooftop, but it seems like nothing can get in or out at this point...

Back down on the ground, the young girl, a brunette sophomore, is bleeding. She's close to death considering she just apeared and then shortly got hit by a bus. The bus driver is still frekaing out as he's pacing as others have gathered around, doing what they can, mainly rubbernecking in the area to see what else is going on.

"I'm her teacher." And that's a blonde who slipped out from the school who now stands by Dayana. "Are you a doctor?" she'd like to know as she peers towards the woman.

There at the door comes a sniffing. That smell of jasmine and the owner's hair. Of jasmine and Jasmine. When Flint tries that door once, he tries it again with his shoulder, then - he really tries it - and a flicker of that thing that makes his stomach knot up. But a breathe of air, a sigh, followed by three solid hits of his fist like a knocker on the surface. "Let me in, let me in." Said slowly, crisply, like a code for something. Though under his breath the Rahu's irritation announces itself, "...Or I'll fucking cave this door in."

The large ear of the equally large man turns towards the door, to give another whiff, instincts honed in on that scent. Danger. Coincidence? The smell of jasmine and Jasmine, and the owner of that hair. You see, Flint is good at stuff, and it's not taking care of feelings, or scared little children dying on the pavement. As told by his retort to a pair of Seniors who may stop to look at him, "Th'fuck you two gawkin' at? Get'cha eyes back in your head and move!"

The arrival of the Officer is met with a glance up from the seated woman on the pavement, "Umm, no. Not a doctor..." Dayana seems to announce to both the man and that blonde teacher, dark eyes falling back upon the dying kid, "She's bad though, like seriously fucked up bad." Even as she says the words out loud, the brunette regrets them. She squeezes the sophomore's hand tighter, trying to offer encouragement, "Help is here. Just hold on, okay?" Even as she speaks, she is trying to shift her own body a bit to the sign to allow Ward better access to the victim, he's the professional after all. Taking that opportunity, Day shoots a look back to the teacher, "How the hell did she wind up out here? Just what sort of Xavier level shit are you teaching at that school?" Sure, she definitely sounds like a nutcase at the moment.

"Okay. I'll need to stabilize her. She's loosing too much blood and will die if I don't act right now. I need you to give me some space, please. But first I need to get my first-aid kit back on the cruiser. I'll be right back." And with all that said very slowly in a trained tone, the police officer hurries to the vehicle to get the medkit.

"We have no idea. We know that there was a scuffle on the rooftop." The teacher says as she looks up at the two story school. Surely, the girl didn't jump from the rooftop and just appear in front of the bus. "We know that there's been problems with her and another young girl. It's such a shame. They were best friends for a long time according to the others..." the teacher says with a frown.

And what strange thing happened indeed? Back inside the school, the door seems completely jammed. Of course, everyone else is scurrying away from the angry homeless man trying to barge his way up to the rooftop, but there's no give. It takes a bit, but eventually there's a voice. It's the Jasmine!

"We're kinda stuck up here!"

Dafuq is going on?!?

'Stuck up here.'

Flint eyes the door like it owes him money, and fingertips settled on the metal for a brief moment before...he slowly begins to walk away. At the kids who still stare there comes a snap, "I will slap the dogfuck off you if you don't pop that mouth shut and move on." Brows knit together, glaring at them. See? Flint, has Feelings regarding kids. True feelings. Heavy feelings. Deep, deep down.

Annoying little shits.

But Jasmine is safe, and now that the bestial part of his mind is calmed, the large man is moving to exit the school again, moving the opposite ways of crowds and cameras. No, no. He'll sit this one out.

Giving the police officer space, Dayana does her best to scoot out of the way. She reluctantly lets go of the young girl's hand when he returns with his medical pack. With both hands free, the brunette reaches out in an effort to try and climb back up from the ground. Unfortunately the rain and her brace make the effort a bit difficult. Eventually, however, she does manage to stumble a bit shakily to her feet before reaching down to try and retrieve her crutch-cane. The teacher is given a pointed glare as she explains the situation, "A kid doesn't start on a roof and wind up in front of a bus only to be splattered like some damn bug." It is clear that Dayana is a bit frustated as she continues, trying to remain calm, "Look... whatever happened here? It's not because two girls were having some spat on a roof. Girls have spats all the time. It never results in them magically springing up like some spring daisy just in time to get plowed into by a bus. A FRICKING BUS." The last three words are repeated in a slower manner as if to let them sink in, "Has anyone even bothered to call her parents? They should be here with her right now. No kid should have to deal with any of this shit alone."

Upon returning to the girl, the police officer quickly retrieves everything he needs from the medkit and take all the precaution to avoid the girl's death while Dayana talks to the teacher. When he's done, the result is far from a professional level of work, but it is enough to make the girl live another day."Everything is going to be okay now, miss. An ambulance is heading this way and will arrive very soon. You'll live and have a good life." He says in a very warm voice when he's done as he starts gathering his medical supplies to put them all back inside the medkit case."Miss. I don't think yelling will make any good to this. Please let the police department do its job and investigate whatever had happened in here." He offers to the yelling brunette woman.

Quiescence. The sleeping curse. Whatever you call it, it's a way for sleepers to simply justify the miraculous or utterly batshit insane occurences that happens in their life.

The teacher merely quirks a brow and stares at Dayana rather incredulously. "They were on the rooftop and obviously went out here. I'll have to talk to that girl. Officer, did anyone see a black haired girl push Diana in the way? I know the two girls got violent with each other, but I don't think she'd actually push Diana in front of an oncoming bus." she squints for a few moments, almost as if she didn't hear anything at all about the magical teleportation of said girl.

Dayana just blinks, like really blinks hard at the teacher before her, clearly thinking the woman insane, "Wow... just..." she really cannot even seem to find the words. What sort of kid would push another in front of a bus? If they were on the roof, how did they both get here to do it? And just what in the hell happened to that other brunette companion of the aggressive man. The question just keep assaulting her thoughts, the current brunette reaching up to rub the side of her temple, "Okay... this is obviously going nowhere." The more she begins to question the less firm her own grip seems to be on the situation at hand. "Look, I need to speak with her friend. Find out what happened so maybe we can sort all of this out." She doesn't mention how it would also likely make one interesting story. Looking back to the bus driver, she calls out, "Hey buddy, you going to be okay there? Maybe you should sit down and take a few deep breaths before you give yourself a coronary."

"Sorry, ma'am. I just got here and came straight to save this girl's life. I need to wait on the ambulance to arrive to start making questions around." The police officer offers to the two of them before taking a look at the bus driver."Are you hurt, sir? Do you need medical attention?" He asks from afar.

Flint? Flint watches the hassle from across the street, leaning on the church. He's found a lollipop. Watermelon, in case it's needed to know. Blowpop. Probably even took the thing from a fucking baby, likely. The large man couldn't give a flying FUCK about the rain and the way it comes down, just enjoying himself, watching. Of course, they're just humans so...he shrugs at himself.

The bus driver squints for a few moment. He's more concerned that he hit some random school girl. From the fact that she didn't die right away shows he was going faster than the school speed zone limit, twenty miles per hour, but definitely slow enough to not insta kill her. That means he was going around 50 mph or so? That's a huge nono in front of the popo.

He squints for a few moments and shudders. "I... I'm fine..."

Meanwhile, the girl seems to have stabilized. And it's only now that the ambulance has finally shown up. There are a couple of EMTs on the scene, ready to take the girl and any other injured pedestrians to the hospital while some hunky firefighters start to help leading cars out of the way. HELLLOOOO NURSE.

The teacher glances back towards Dayana and squints for a few moments. "I mean, they're upstairs. Like I said, they were on the rooftop according to all the other students. One of our social workers came in to break up the fight."

"But...but..." Dayana frowns visibly at the teacher's words, the woman seemingly trying to recall exactly what happened. Maybe it's the chill of the rain, or even the dull throb that now seems to pulse from her right leg, but she is having a hard time following along. There's something she's missing there, she knows it. And yet... the woman yields to a deep sigh, her brain pounding now from just what might become the headache of the century. Dark eyes look on as the paramedics arrive and begin handling the scene around her. An uncertain expression washes over the journalist's features, almost as if sensing her memory fleeting. "Where is the other girl?" she inquires, clearly looking to try and find the source of the alleged push. Yet even as she poses the words it is like history is being rewritten around her. Something nags at the back of her brain and yet? A nag is now all it really remains leaving the brunette to grip her cruth-cane tightly as she begins to rely upon it heavily for support.

The police officer was going to say something to the brunette woman regarding the location of the other young girl, but then there is the wind blowing his away and he discreetly sniffs it. It takes a moment, but he figures it out. The unmatching smell of another predator. The officer quickly glances around until finding its source. To the man, he just gives a nod of acknowledgement."So. I think I should go to the rooftop and check it out. Just in case the other girl is still up there. If you excuse me." He then heads for the other man instead."Hey. Did you see antyhing?" He asks right away.

It doesn't take long, but alas, Flint is no longer around. Maybe he scuttled off for some reason. Maybe he sniffed something else in the air. Who knows?

That leaves only the predator and the mortal with the remains of the carcrash in front of the local magnet school. Classes have been disrupted for damn sure considering there was a bit of an accident. But the teacher fills in for Ward. Something happened on the rooftop! Off the way it is to go, and inside, people seem to have miraculously cleared the way on the rooftop.

The whereabouts of the 'other' girl clearly seem to be upon the journalist's mind as she looks from the bus driver to the teacher, "So, where is the other girl?" It really does seem to be the question of the hour, Dayana beyond confused at this point. The day just keeps on getting better and better. Whether it's the heightened emotions of witnessing a teen go 'splat' before her or the miserable chill of the rain, the brunette is clearly not happy. A hand slowly slips within the pocket of her jacket, fingering that chip for all it's worth. The constant mention of the rooftop finally just beckons her as she begins to make her way towards the school with a slow but purposeful hobbling step.

Upon seeing that the other man was not there anymore, the police officer just turns around and heads for the building rooftop instead. On his way, he looks around the corridors and gently asks both students and staff team to go back to their normal routines since the girl is safe and there is nothing else to be seen outside.

Where is the girl indeed? This time, unlike when Flint goes upstairs, the doors budge. The door opens and it's a rooftop. Everything seems normal for the most part, though there's the faint lingering scent of jasmine in the air. There's no tell trace signs of the social worker or the girl she was with.... instead, just over by the air conditioning units is a black ichor oozing and gooping. It's definitely tainted, it's not something one would want to touch, and there's that nagging feeling of something wrong in the area.

It is very likely the police officer will arrive on scene at the roof much quicker than the brunette will. In fact, even with her deliberate and dedicated intentions, Dayana still can only move so fast. When she does finally arrive, her nose tickles at the scent in the air, really more of a faded perfume than anything else. "What in God's name is going on here?" the woman has so many questions, none of them making any bit of sense to her in the least.

Ward comes at the rooftop and glances around, using his wolf senses to catch any oddity that might be going on. That's when he sees, rather smells, the tainted black ichor. He holds the urge to touch the thing, instead sniffing it."What's that thing?" He asks to no one in particular.

The black ichor is just black and goopy. Kind of like a bunch of goop. It just drips and droops as the force of quiescence is strong.

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