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The Lie.

The masses slumber and feel secure in their technology. There are no monsters in the closet, nothing after death, and this is the only lifetime, so you should make the most of it. You eat, sleep, work, fall in love, have your heart broken, and do whatever to whittle the time away on that never-ending clock. The masses believe there is nothing left, yet they are slowly coming to the awareness that there /is/ more. Monsters /exist/. Undying thirsts for blood, rage beasts with powers that no one can believe. The masses attempt to remain ignorant to this, bury their heads into the sand at just another uncomfortable truth. But not you...
The Truth.
You awakened. You /know/ there is more. Some mystery came up, and you were just a bit too curious. Maybe you see this as a curse, maybe you see this as a blessing, but you are no longer ignorant. Not to the reality of monsters and magic, shapeshifters and sorcery... You are aware of the Truth, of the biggest reality there is, the supernal. You have more power... But you also have more responsibility. To use your talents to make a better reality, but the hardest thing about this is not that you have to be better, be more in self-control, and hold yourself to a much higher standard... Its that you need to keep the masses Ignorant, lest you endanger them all. The Lie, the Abyss, that part of reality that should not exist but does, is watchful and dangerous... And it wants you ignorant, or failing that, dead and buried, forgotten by the world.
Shades of the Truth.
Yet there are things out there, reflections of the Truth, just sitting out there, waiting to be discovered. Some are Benign, others Malicious, and just sitting there waiting for a savvy awakened to learn them. But darker things aside exist. Vampires, werewolves, spirits, many that simply do not and will not be happy to learn that you exist. And between that and keeping your little part of this suddenly massive existence safe, that's why you don your mask, your persona, your fake name... That's why you have a Shadow name that keeps you safe. And the abyss-touched Masses must remain unaware of how magic /really/ works. No wand waving, no spells and incantations, no demonic pacts needed and no signing your soul away to the Fae. No, it just requires you to reach beyond what it means to be mortal, and to see past the Lie of the Abyss, but you know what they say about hunting monsters and gazing into the abyss...

You are a magi, and you go where even gods fear to tread.

Character Creation
Character Creation will be as painless as we can make it, however, I would like it if every mage character did have their shadow name within their notes, as well as anything else that is mage related, including Nimbus, Familiar's, and what not. However, character creation should be super easy and super simple. Just standard character creation work.
Next up is,, unfortunately, the more complicated questions to ask. Namely, Defining moments. Now, not everything has to be included, but we do need to know A), how long you've been in the city, as well as B), how well known you are within the mortal world. As to some other questions...
What were the circumstances to your awakening and what tower did you awaken to?
Why are you in the order you are in/why are you an apostate?
What was your first mentor/mage relationship like? or Why did you not have a mentor when you started?
These are just a couple sample questions, needless to say, they don't all be answered explicitly, however I would like it if the first two questions were answered, unless you are a proximi, in which case, its more then likely that you were a part of that order by familial lines, and a Proximus has their Path picked out already and has not experienced the awakening.

Mage Info
So, there are a lot of things to do with mages. In the city, it is expected for them to at least attempt to fit in and work with the other supernatural creatures while they try to learn of the supernatural. Why? Two reasons, firstly, this is a game, and its meant to be fun. Keeping everyone in the closet isn't especially fun and only lets one really play social RP. Secondly, just plain IC logistics. Unlike the other factions, Mages are caught between two crushing forces, there mortal, mundane life and the magic that constantly pushes and bugs them, shoving them to investigate. And, as per the canon, all mages have to deal with this thirst to learn. Why am I bringing this up here? Namely, because the setting tab will end up full already, also so that this can just be clearly stated somewhere. No mage is an island, and remember, no mage is a god, either, just let that be the benchmark for understanding higher practices.
Mage sight Goes somewhere.
Creative Thaumaturgy will be a list of the custom spells made.
Spellcasting basics is an attempt to try and make it easier to figure out how to cast a spell.
Lex Magica These are the laws of the Magi in the Chicago area.

Legacies go somewhere
Player Characters
Non-Player Characers
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