Amie with Caroline as ST

Amie's nightly patrols find a problem planted on her own home turf!

Most of the grass in the old cemetery might be old and dead, especially as the weather has started dipping to literal freezing some nights, but it seems like somebody forgot to tell one particular corner that message. Thick, gnarly vines have seemed to sprout almost overnight among some tombstones in the shadow of an ancient tree.

Patrolling the city and the areas the werewolves hold is most of what Amie does. It keeps her busy, keeps her from getting pent up and antsy. Most nights, she rolls it on her harley. Tonight, she's hoofing it through the area, tugged along by a gut feeling as she crosses into the graveyard.

That gut feeling certainly isn't wrong as there is definitely an air of 'not right' about the cemetery for those familiar of it. The overgrown foliage has already done some damage, knocking some headstones askew. One even toppled over completely, right in front of the Rahu's path, a stone bearing one of those bodiless cherub head with wings just staring up at her. The vines aren't quiet as they move, rustling through dead leaves, cracking stone and pushing through soil.

"The fuck?" More grumbled than anything when she spies the moving vines. "I seriously need to learn that thing Chexmix does to send messages." Muttering as she eyes the moving vines, frowning. Dropping forward, she shifts to her favorite shape, taking on her Urshul form and peering across to see if she can figure out what the thing is.

The mass of vegetation might not have traditional eyes, but it does seem to sense the approach of something, pausing for just a moment before the vines seem to coil and move in unison out towards where footsteps were just felt, sweeping in a pattern that's clearly more than just dumb luck. When one vine touches onto the dire wolf's paw, many more quickly follow as they begin the work of trying to fully ensnare her.

The massive dire wolf dances with the vines. She slips one coil, only to be looped by another. Muscles strain against them, some snapping when she finally manages to break free and try to get out of range. Trying to get a better approach on it before committing.

The plant (or plants?) don't seem to mind the direwolf slipping from it's clutches. As the plant feels the essence swirling around, empowering the Rahu, those tendrils seem to vibrate with excitement. It may have lost the full snare, but it's more than capable of brushing against Amie's side and a little touch is all it takes. The plant is hungry, so very hungry and seems to suck away as much of her essence as it can muster, and there's a feeling tickling the back of her mind, a request for << Mooooooore >>

Sapped, drained of essence, tapped dry, the dire wolf snarls and dives into the mass of vines, snapping her teeth on the ropey green vines and tearing them out- fully committed to the plants embrace, for good or bad.

Well, she may have managed to snap off one of the larger vines completely, the plant stil has several more, all moving around so it's hard to count exactly. Even if it has more, it doesn't appreciate being bite at all and so the whirlwind of vines lash back out at the direwolf, thorns knicking through the thick fur to leave quite the sting.

Blood mats the fur on the big wolf where the thorns dig in deeply and tear the skin. Relentless, she keeps burrowing into the vines, snapping her jaws shut on everything that she can, scooping up mouthfuls of vines and snipping, tearing them in half, spitting them out.

Things are not looking good for the plant monster as it meets the fury of Amie's jaws, but while it might be relatively mobile for a plant, it is still rooted in this location and retreat is not an option. The few remaining battered vines reach up, brushing against the dire wolf's legs again, but sometimes a little touch is all it takes as those horns manage to somehow steal away some will from the Uratha. But Will it be enough?

Forcing her way deeper into the mass of torn, flailing nubbins and vines, the dire wolf manages to get her jaws around the base of it, jerking the thing up by the roots and severing it from the soil. Turning her head, she drops it, and starts digging up any root system, flinging dirt everywhere in an attempt to prevent it from sprouting up again.

That last bite truly does the nightmare plant in, the remaining vines immediately begining to wither and blacken. There are a few roots still in the soil that Amie's able to easily dig up, not having had long enough to truly stubbornly establish themselves.

Pleh. Spitting out plant juices, Amie works her way back to her human shape, hissing as the wounds settle differently. "Getting blood all over my fucking Cut." she grumps, kicking the withered mass and starting to gather it up. "Now watch, I'mma take this home and Checkers is going to try and smoke you or something stupid like he always does."