Predator's Prey Pt 8 - First of Many

Predator's Prey Pt 8 - First of Many

Ash, Gunnar, Caroline, Tiberius, Checkers, Lilith as ST


The house that has been verified as a Hunter nest is a cute, brick house with a roof that could use a new layer of shingles. The windows all have blinds down, turned to make it impossible to see inside. Sharp eyes can spy cameras at strategic points, and they likely have a Ring doorbell. Gotta love technology - cheap and effective.

If anyone has been watching, vast amounts of Uber Eats and Door Dash food gets delivered several times a day - plenty to feed a good eight or nine people.

It's a cute house in a cute enough neighborhood, with some 'oh shit' access to the lake, if one's willing to cut through yards to get there. The homes themselves don't have direct access via private docks or any thing of the sort.

Convenient that the hunter's neighborhood was so close to Jackson Park. Even more convenient that the park has a few spaces that are isolated enough to be a perfect meeting place. Once the Uratha have gathered (preferably a little before the vampires arrive...), Caroline has some official Ithaeur business to attend to. Mainly, the weaving of a story of Red Wolf and one of the numerous cunning tricks she's used to hunt her prey. How the hunt teaches lessons useful for their current quarry, all with the help of a small fire and a little bit of artful shadow puppetry and some audience participation required. Once she comes to the end of the story, she gives an awkward cough. "I uhhh... think that's it?"

Ash pulls up on his Harley, parking it and making his way over to the group. He's in dalu, taller and meater then normal with a face that takes on a feral cast with fingers that end in claws. Dressed in his normal biker attire with cut he gives a nod to the group while waiting for the ritual to complete.

There, participating in the rite, albeit a version of his own by dancing around the fire and making ferocious faces and actions, Gunnar gives a nod of his head when the Ithaeur finishes. "That is it. The hunt has begun." he states and the Garmir flexes his fingers as if already claws want to come out. "Are you ready, Spirit-Talker?" he asks with a dip of his head, already feeling the sway of the moon pulling for him to let go and unleash his fury.

Checkers arrives on a pink Vespa scooter with a pink helmet on. THe helmet is left with the scooter and he meets up with the others. He tries to assist with Caroline but it's clear he has no knowledge of the version of the rite she's using. He just shrugs and gets a flask from his pocket to take a drink. His long fur coat, imaculatly clean. Is it new? THe flash is put away and bis bones pop and crack, reforming as hid body grows to look more like a neanderthal. Looing like someone who should be much more dangerous than he really is. "So, lets go do this before they leave."

Coming out of the darkness, like a spooky scary skeleton, is Tiberius. "They just took delivery of their dinner," he says in his usual emotionally dead kind of way. "There are cameras at key points around the building, along with easy escape routes from the rear of the house." He offers a small smile, with none of the emotional depth in his eyes, "While you are all here playing story time, I have work to do." He doffs his homburg and heads out back towards his 1960s-era Bentley Continental.

Moments later he is pulling up just down the street from the Hunter House and, taking a second to hype himself up - by which I mean he sits there staring into nothing for a bit, he exits the vehicle and raps his knuckles sharply on the door to the hunter's house. "Avon calling."

It takes a little bit for someone to respond, a gent with brown hair in a crew cut, a jaw that can cut glass, and brown eyes. He keeps his body behind the door, opening it just a little. "Hello?" It's not the food delivery guy coming back. The man's eyes narrow. From within there's the faint sound of people having food, music playing.

Caroline apparently doesn't really know the version of the rite she was using either, not having had much practice actually //leading// the Sacred Hunt. She nods as Gunnar finishes his own more effective and physical calling of the Siskur Dah and mutters something about Show-Off and shifts to Dalu with the rest. "Cameras, Cameras I can deal with!" She sounds a bit more confident of that then she was of the whole rite-leading. And as soon as they can see the hosue in question, she focuses on the cameras, willing whatever spirit magic she can into having the technology misbehave. "Got it!"

Checkers strolls, hands in his pockets like he doesn't have a care in the world. He stays near Caroline and just watches how things unfold for the moment. Other than the shifting and his failed attempt at a version of a rite he doesn't know. He doesn't do anything. Just walk and observe. A smirk at the call from the door and a slight nod with a look at the cameras.

With a glance at the other Uratha, Gunnar shows his flat hand and then motions on top of it with his other. Perhaps signs for going up on top? With that he parts from the others in order to circle around to a side so he can climb up to the roof. While the others are getting in place at the front, he seems to plan on making his own entrance from above. He does wait though, watching for the others to be ready for beginning the assault.

Ash nods to the group and then motions he'll go in from the back. With that he slips off and moves to the rear, ready to breach when the time is right.

Beaming a charming smile towards the crew cut man, Tiberius tilts his head slightly, "Good evening. Do you mind if I pop in?" He presses a gloved hand to the door and applying gentle pressure to both it, and crew-cut's mind, "Of course you don't. Let's go meet your friends, shall we? I'm sure they're eager." He chuckles low and sighs, "And what's your name?"

Crew cut (Abbey 2) relaxes, then nods. "We're eating, but... I don't see why not. Come on in. Let me introduce you to the guys. There's plenty of food." Sidestepping, he lets Tiberius into the place.

Checkers walks directly towards the front door. Not worrying to about cameras, those are hopefully taken care of, or windows, those should be safe too. He posts up right beside the door and leans back against the wall. Hands in his pockets and his eyes darting around to watch while he listens for the festivities to begin.

Waiting just a moment for Tiberious to do his part, the Garmir stands on the roof in the form of a massive bear sized black wolf. Then it is time and the Blood Talon suddenly slams through the roof, right past the shingles, playwood, and drywall...and in the midst of the fall shifts into his war form for maximum slaughter. Landing on all fours in the middle of the Hunters ... one hopes they wore their brown pants today.

Gunner goes crashing down, tearing the roof /up/, and landing close to a card table. Right in the middle of a motherfucking arsenal. Three guys have shoulder holsters and tees, bdu's. Similarly clad. Scattered around the room are assault rifles, ammo crates, a box labeled explosives. Crew Cut (Abbey 2)stays focused on Tiberius, two have the sense to duck and cover. The third? That bad boy is grabbing an assault rifle from where it leans against his leg, leveling it at the massive warform and popping off a single round with incredible accuracy, tearing a hole through Gunnar's chest the size of a fist.

Hearing the roof give in and the shots ring out, Ash shifts into Gauru and just like the Kool-Aid man, the giant, black furred war beast roars and smashes through the wall with explosive force. Windows shatter as drywall, insulation, wood and brick fire like shrapnel into the house. A cloud of dust follows as he rushes inside, looking for hunters to rend.

Shouts ring out, two of the Hunters scattering for cover. One to a nearby hallway, and the other towards the kitchen. "WOLVES! Load SILVER!" one of them -screams-, clearly shitting himself as he moves for cover. And then there's Tiberius' bestie. Who only has eyes for the prettypretty man.

Caroline may have learned her lesson from the previous night, her hand still has a bandaid on it and everything. She'll let the Rahus go first. And the Vampire that went before them. Caroline stays out with Checkers, peering at the destruction going on or at least what she can see of it. "Do you think they're gonna bring down the entire house on themselves?" Even as she's muttering, she gets a sight of a guy that looks like he had a pretty big gun, had being the keyword as she mutters a savage growl and the gun violently flings itself apart.

Checkers shrugs at Caroline and says. "What, youj think we shuld burn it?" He leans over a bit to look in the door and grins widely as much heck breaks loose ."Watch this." He pulls the collar of his coat up hi and slouches so that even his near man state he becomins diminished. Something less than what he was before and he slips inside. Carefully, he slinks through the room, grabbing one of the assualt rifles as he moves and keeping the barel down to remain non threatening. With his prize won, he snuggles into a corner to watch and look for an opening.

Turning away from the noise and flashing of fighting for a moment, Tiberius leans and opens the box helpfully marked 'EXPLOSIVES' and finds himself a brand new toy. He glances around and slowly starts moving the box to better be seen by the running gunning hunter bros. "Gentlemen," he calls out, raising his voice uncharacteristically. He adjusts his coat and sits on the box of explosives and crosses his legs in front of him, "I require your surrender. Now." He clasps his hand tight around the grenade and its trigger, then pulls the pin free. "Or I will quite happily blow this house, myself, my associates, and all of you to kingdom come. You have five seconds."

One of them shoots the Garmir in the chest, and maybe it stings...but doubt it. Nobody will ever know. It heals within seconds, the Gauru form of pentultimate destruction. The hunter's gun falls apart, useless...which is likely when he defecates himself to be without a weapon, staring down an enraged Werewolf. Barely taking a step, the Blood Talon's head comes down to bite into the shoulder of that hunter, bone and muscle snapping, blood gushing. The Uratha turns with the hunter still in his mouth to provide a moment of cover against the hail of bullets he expects.

Ash rages and roars as the room erupts in chaos. Shots ring out and he launches himself at the nearest Hunter, tearing him apart with claws to send blood splatters and gore across the room.

Caroline might not be a full moon but maybe the Rahu-ness is a little infectious. Since everybody else has joined the brawl, this Ithaeur doesn't wanna be left out of the party. She reflexively shifts into dire wolf form and launches herself through the kool-aid man opening Ash had previously left, massive jaws wrapping around the only hunter's arm she can still see standing and shakes it back and forth.

Having worked his way from the garage to the kitchen, a massive warform in white, with the red renown of an Ivory Claw bolts from the kitchen, tearing through the wall into the bedroom where the cameras and the sec officer was. The Cherion operative ducks the debris of the charging wolf and opts to nope out the window.

Checkers waits and waits from his corner. Everything is dead. Oh fuck! No, no its not. He shrinks into his corner more as the warform wolf charges out. Nope. Nope. That's for someone else. He shakes his head with a scowl and looks towards the breaking glass. Finally, THE opening. He simply walks right out and NOPES THE FUCK RIGHT out of the house. As he steps outside he finally raise up the assault rifle and lines up a shot with the runner. "The party isnt over, pork shop." He pulls the trigger and manages to get a hit. SLowed but not down. "I thought I was going to get through the whole night and not have to run."

Seemingly content with the reaction of the hunters, specifically the 'aaaaah' and the 'ruuun' things that they're doing, Tiberius carefully reinserts the pin of the grenade. He narrows his eyes at it carefully, as if trying to intimidate the explosive into obeying his instructions. "Be a dear," he says as he stands from the box, "and load this into my car? It's the light blue Bentley just down the street." He looks up and offers a smile to his little pet, who has been so attentive and helpful thus far, "Thank you ever so much." He puts the grenade back in the box before looking around and picking up various arms he can find. The wolves have this pretty much in hand.

When the Pure comes out of nowhere, red glyphs visible to the Garmir on the Siskur-Dah... he doesn't even hesitate. The black Gauru leaps right for that Pure bitch and bites down HARD with his teeth, right in the shoulder. Then, like a bulldog, Gunnar locks his jaws in, using his body weight to adjust position just enough to put the Pure between himself and the TfV fool who didn't run. Now the Garmir growls like a dog with a chewtoy, glaring at the Pure.

Things have suddenly gotten... very serious. Caroline has more than an inkling of a suspicion that the hunter with the BIG. FREAKING. GUN. may also have equally big and silver in it and so with a snarl the Ithauer commands the gun to dismantle itself and... apparently the gun really doesn't want to argue with an angry dire wolf, even if the Hunter holding it might have had some other ideas because it's falling into an avalanche of component pieces, completely unusuable to the point it'd be a nightmare to reassemble.

Starting to lift his gun towards the pair of tangling wolves, and having his gun decide that being together is just too much work, the man drops the components in his hands nad books it, running far faster than a human should.

Checkers looks back inside the door at the wrestling wolves and say "Well, fuck. This is getting exciting." There's a long moment of hesitation as he looks at them. He sucks air in through his teeth and turns back around to raise his pilfered rifle. "Now...where..." SPotting the runner he smiles and lines up a shot. He pulls the trigger, sending a round through center mass and knocking the man down. He keeps the rifle on the target for a second. No moment. He turns and heads back inside to scan the room. "Can you keep it there?"

With his pet carrying the heavy crate marked 'explosives', Tiberius has taken it upon himself to carry ammo containers - along with a rifle or two, towards his car. It's a simple task, but everything is so heavy that it takes a while.

There it is, in the middle of the living room, in the debris of the caved in ceiling and various pieces of furniture...the two Gauru are locked in a deadly struggle. The Rahu has a good bite on the Pure and it seems to give him the upper hand. Gunnar bites down even harder and manages to wrap the other Werewolf up into a tangle so he is helpless. Of course that means Gunnar is also unable to defend, but luckily Caroline has his back and already handled the Hunter with silver... With a fierce growl that keeps getting louder, the Garmir mangles the Pure and pins it down.

With no more guns visible to dismantle, Caroline turns her paw over to help Gunnar with the Problematic Pure. Thankfully the Rahu's grip is firm enough, she's able to get a nice, solid chomp on the Pure's leg.

Checkers looks at his rifle and shakes his head. "This isn't going to do shit..." He pushes buttons at random until the magazine fals out. "Aha! Now if I.." Some looing around and he spots a magazine of shintshint ammo. He runs over and drops to his knees to slide and grab it up. "Oh...I hope this..." He...doesn't slam it into place. He fumbles with the magazine for precious seconds. EVentually it slides in and he pulls the charging handle to load a round.

Having returned to the Murder House, Tiberius is sans overcoat now and has a lit cigarette stuffed in his lips. He doesn't sweat, so he's still remarkably clean but it is obvious that he's not a spry young man. His pet, on the other hand, is doing fine with all of the fetching and carrying.

This is what Gunnar does, he holds the Pure in place, keeping it locked down so the others can murder the hell out of it! Of course it doesn't hurt that he whittles away at it as well, those teeth ripping deeper into the shoulder little by little... He uses his weight, holding it down and dominating the Pure with his superior skill and strength. He is just waiting for the bastard to pull some kind of trick.

Caroline is doing her part! And that part seems to be giving another snarl as she chomps at the same leg. Is she trying to actually rip it off? Maybe. The dire-wolf teeth are pretty good at ripping, at least until it stops moving and she backs off a hair, a little confused... and cautious, looking to the other Uratha.

As soon as the Pure goes limp and the glyphs start to fade away, Gunnar shifts into his dire wolf form. The last thing we need is a rampaging Forsaken. Panting slightly from the sheer amount of energy he had to exhert keeping the Pure held he takes a moment to catch his breath while peering around the room. His attention does focus on the weapons and he rumbles in the first tongue before sniffing around for any clues.

Just in time to.. Checkers raise the assault rifle loaded up with supernaturally lethal silver rounds. As he does, the beast is downed and starts to revert back to a man. He doesn't relax. Keeping the rifle on target for long seconds. It's a trick! It's a trick? More waiting. No movement. Not even breathing. It's not a trick. He stands up and trolls over to look through the hole that Koolaid-wereman came from. "So, are we collecting all this or destroying it? I could find a spirit that would enjoy destroying everything." He pulls the magazine out and looks at it with a frown. "THis shit don't make no sense."

"Miss Caroline should probably look," Tiberius says as he returns to the house yet again, "At the surveillance footage. See if you can't take a copy, and we might be able to see if any other of the hunter cells came calling." He looks over towards the slumped, dead former Pure and tilts his head slightly, "You also might want to get a photo of his face, see if his pack can be located. The idea of werewolves being in bed with the hunters, literally, is a disturbing one." Not to mention hilarious. "I expect that reports of automatic weapons fire will draw the attention of law enforcement, eventually. Do what you must to cover this up."

Caroline is shaking as she reverts back to her own Hishu form, staring at the now deceased Pure. Tiberius' comment about secruity footage gets a nod of her head. "Yeah... probably the type of folks to have the security footage on site, not in the cloud. Can probably snag the whole thing and take it off with us. But... don't be mistaken, he might be a werewolf, but he's not Uratha. Still don't understand why he was working with hunters..." She gives a shake of her head even as she's heading towards the security room the Pure had come from. "Whatever we should do, should be quick about it."

The Gunnar-Dire-Wolf snuffs about a little more, but stops to peer over at Checkers when he poses his question. "Take the silver if we can. Skilled crafters can create fetishes from the moon metal. Take what you want, but destroy the rest I say. No reason to have this out there." he manages to get out in the first tongue. Not perfectly of course. Returning attention to the downed Pure he sniffs it all over, committing the scent to memory. This is better than a photo to him. "Yes let's hurry." he adds in First Tongue.

Checkers gathers up napkins, paper bags, food containers. WHatever flammable he can find and piles it up on the chair with the most fluff stuffed in it. "I have a plan. If you're grabbing anything, make it fast." He grins widely and pulls a flash from inside his coat to pour the liquid over the trash. A lighter comes from another pocket and used to light the bourbon and trash. As soon as it gets going he walks into the kitchen and kicks the gas line free from the stove so the building can start to fill with gas. "It works on TV." Is said with a grin as he walks back past the others and out of the house with the assault rifle over his shoulder.

"How better to enter the city undetected," Tiberius says with a small shrug, "The members of Ashwood Abbey are more... interested in the practical biology aspects of our kind." He raises his eyebrows just a little before collecting up a few more magazines and a rifle. He pauses to look at the fallen Pure again and lets out a small sigh, "Not the play I would have made, but effective enough I suppose." He hands off the rifle to his hunter pet and nods to him, "Time to be going, I think."

There isn't a whole lot of creativity in the 'security operations control room' field. Seen one, can probably figure out most others easy enough. At least Caroline can. A quick review over the room and she singles out what two towers she wants to carry, a few other hard drives, probably backup storage, added as well. "Before we burn this down, someone's got his picture, right? I'll need it." But with a computer under each arm, her hands are kind of a little full.

Once he has the scent of the Pure well memorized, and fighting off the powerful urge to piss on the corpse...Gunnar shifts into his human shape. Stretching briefly he browlifts, "I did not bring a camera, nor a cellular phone with one." But then he moves on, heading out of the building. Where does he go? Right to Tiberious' car that he has been loading stuff into. If the trunk is not open he will pop it, otherwise he just starts going through the collected items to see what is there...checking for something it seems.

"I don't own a camera or a phone." Says Checkers with a shrug and he continues to walk. He looks back towards Tiberius and the pet with a grin then points at where Gunnar is walking. "You do realize that if you're grabbing solver he's probably going to murder you, right?" He stops walking for a moment to cock his head to the side and listen for sirens that might be getting closer. "They will probably think it's terrorists or something equally mundane." He starts walking agaig towards where he left his badass getaway vehicle and tucks the rifle into his longfur coat as he shifts back to human. The pink Vespa scooter.

"I did not interfere with your hunt," Tiberius says as he tosses more drek onto the pile of things Gunnar is searching through, in the back of his car, "So I would be obliged if you keep your hands and face out of my car." He isn't exactly asking as he draws the cigarette from his mouth to stamp it under his foot. "It is time for you to go, Master Gunnar."

With the limited time, he doesn't get long to look, and when Tiberius speaks the Kindred gets a long cold stare. Well not THAT long considering the gas time bomb waiting to go off behind them. Gunnar closes the trunk and steps away, letting Checker's words be ample warning, no need to add to it. With that he glances back at the other Uratha to make sure they are getting gone before he can leave. "We need to move..." says the Dane.

Caroline groans at seems that neither of the other wolves seems to have a phone. "Really, guys?" In her disbelief, she shuffles one tower to the ground long enough to snap a picture of the Pure's face with her phone and grap it back up, long enough to make her way out of the house and towards Tiberius' car as well. "Since I walked... can you take this for safe keeping? Need it later tonight... or tomorrow night..." But she's ready to get out of dodge NOW. And it's a lot more suspicious being a woman wandering through a neighborhood with two desktops, even if she was strong enough to carry them for much longer. The external hard drives however, she'll definitely carry those with her.

Jerking a thumb towards his car, Tiberius nods at Caroline's words, "Get in, we can give you a lift. We would not want you anywhere near the scene when the house explodes." He narrows his eyes slightly as he looks towards it, "I certainly hope nobody is injured with the debris." He turns and opens the passenger side door, pulling the seat forward, "Toss them in the back." He gestures to his hunter pet to also take his place in the rather comfortable back seat.

"They probably have a werehouse of that shit anyway. Gotta prepare for the worst." Says Checkers with a look over his shoulder. He lets out a loud whistle and looks at Caroline. "It's not a fancy car, but I got room if you want a ride." He points towards the park wher ehe left his get away vehicle. He doesn't wait for an answer and just keeps right on walking. His trip is to the tur. THey have tvs and such that he can check the news for an exploding house on.

Fire spreads in the house, the flames eventually spreading far enough to hit that pulled gas main. It's not a massive explosion, but it does turn that lines into a flamethrower with a noticable *WHOOMP** that shakes and cracks some of the windows. Fed, the fire spreads incredibly fast. Killing the hiding Hunter in the garage and clearing out an awful lot of evidence. Messy, but the less the Council of the Accord have to clean up, the happier everyone is.