Hisil Gang Turf

Hisil Gang Turf

Caroline, Axel, Gunnar, Banality as ST


Englewood is far from the best of places to live at but there has been one saving grace about the place. That there hasn't been a lot of gang activity. Something that has given the residents a bit of a respite from the reality of living there. That was until recently. There has been a blooming of unusual gang activity. The unusual part is that there has not been gangs active in the neighborhood for the activity. With no leads in the physical world, the Shadow is the next spot to look.

Axel had found the area a suitable one for a sniff around. So, he had placed a few calls and gotten answers from a couple. Gunnar and Caroline found themselves invited to Chatham - to an old steelworks there - where within, a large piece of antiquated industrial machinery in remarkably good shape, served as a locus and enabled the trio to slip across to the Hisil.

Now loping through the spirit-side streets of Chicago, Axel is content to lead the way, familiar with this area of the city, on this side of the Gauntlet. In wolf-form, he gives a series of yelping ruffs, quietly, as he notes, <<Hopefully we are able to see a reason... and have the chance to make a Hunt of this. I will keep my eyes open.>>

While Caroline might not have found many reasons to be in Englewood or Chatam usually... and especially not at night, a call from a fellow Uratha is really all she needs to come investigating. Since this side of town is more Axel's turf, she follows after the Irraka. << If you know where one of the events took place, perhaps there's lingering spirits we could interrogate. >> Or bumble right into the malicious spirits.

Somebody needs help? That is all Gunnar needs to know. Through Caroline, he is asked to come and the Garmir is right along with her. He shifts into his large black dire wolf form and follows along behind the other two, letting them lead the way since he has almost zero idea what is going on. He chuffs at them in the First Tongue, << I can track >>

This part of the shadow is dark and violent. A reflection of the physical world. The predation of spirit on spirit is rampant but with a pattern to it. The resonance birthing small spirits that are quickly consumed by any able spirit and it goes up the chain. Those unable to go it alone form into groups for protection and hunting. Many of the smaller ones are spiritual representations of drugs or the euphoria they bring about.

Axel flits along quietly, keeping to the darker edges of those streets, alongside the towering buildings. He pushes deeper, his Irraka nature manifesting stereotypically as he distances himself from the others - those likely less quiet, to see if he can glean something more remarkable within the area. Something that does not seem to be part of the natural ecosystem here. Something that would make more of a difference than these foundational links in the foodchain.

Caroline is... not stealthy at all and not surprised that the NEw Moon takes some space for the shadows, trusting he's got their back or flank or whatever. She keeps her eyes on the spirits as they travel further. The smaller ones, noted and mostly overlooked for now, although some of the larger clusters are given wide berths. << Not sure where even to begin. Looks like anywhere you turn might find a rage or pain spirit here. Has it always been this depressing here? >> The last pitched a bit louder in case Axel's wandered even further off than she'd thought. And even if she doesn't know where to begin, she'll certainly sniff about as best she can looking for whatever clues she might be able to scavenge.

The Blood Talon stays with Caroline, making sure to keep the Ithaeur safe, just in case. He pads along with her, sniffing at curious scents and staring at strange spirits along the way. He doesn't wander too far from Caroline though. Gunnar chuffs a bit << Haven't been long. No idea about this place.>> He isn't worried the Irakka does his thing. New Moon is gonna New Moon.

There's a sort of traffic of flow of motion with the spirits that are able to survive instead of simply being food. The flow of spirits meanders around the Shadow to gather at points. Points that across the gauntlet from where the gang style activities have happened. The areas with greater activity on the other size gather larger groups of spirits. At these points, there is more consumption and merging of the spirits. They combine, grow and change as they do. All this activity eventualy leads to a spot where more violence has happened on the other side. It's a house. The image of it distorted, warped by the spiritual resonance around it.

The Irraka pads on ahead, keeping quiet and unseen as best he can. Spying this house, drinking in and altered by the resonance surrounding it. He lowers his nose and sniffs - able to smell essence on this side of the Hisil - to take stock of the area. Slipping closer still to the house, he intends on getting a better sense of whatever might be found within. Padding round the perimeter quickly, if he can; to peek into windows or other openings, scouting the building as best he can.

Caroline waits, at least a few moments for Axel to make his first sweep of the perimeter as scout, tilting her head as she watches. When the scout appears not to be immediately ambushed, she slowly walks closer to get a peek in those windows herself, trying to put some pieces of a puzzle together but first feeling like she might need to look under the metaphorical couch, a distorted couch at that.

Gunnar isn't going to get too close to the house yet. He hangs back a few yards while the other two investigate it, watching their flanks in case any spirits want to get froggy. The Garmir paces a short distance, keeping his senses sharp for trouble, guarding the other two as best he can.

Inside the house is a humanoid spirit that looks vaguely like a gang banger. The proportion of the body and colors are all off and where a fave would normaly there's swirling darkness. With the arrival of the wolves, a commotion of fear and excitement goes through the lesser gathing spirits and it alerts the one from inside. The front door opens and the gang banger spirit steps out side with a wave of it's arms that sends the lesser spirits away like one would shoo annoying children. Arms cross over it's chest as it looks around.

Jet Wolf casts a typically irritated Irraka look toward Caroline, as his attempts at stealthiness were for naught. And an Irraka seldom blames himself for such things, when there are others so close. As the front door is thrown open, the black wolf gives a muttering sound.

Jet Wolf casts a typically irritated Irraka look toward Caroline, as his attempts at stealthiness were for naught. And an Irraka seldom blames himself for such things, when there are others so close. As the front door is thrown open, the black wolf gives a muttering sound.

Ah now here is something going on. When the gang banger spirit steps out, Gunnar turns his attention on it a bit. He begins to walk around, trying to keep an eye on the surroundinds and now also watch the bigger spirit. When Caroline begins talking to the spirit, he walks up behind her and to the left, the large black dire wolf offering support in the form of a little intimidation. Look what we brought with us...

Two small pinpricks of light appear in the darkness that makes up the spirit's face and slide around it's head until they're pointing towards Caroline. "I brought it with me." The rest of the spirit turns to line up the pinpricks to where eyes would be and it steps towards her, stopping at the edge of the small porch. "This place.." It holds it's arms out wide. "..was ready to be taken. There's so much to eat and there's no competition." It leans impossably forward, far beyong the point of where a person would fall over. Feet never leaving the porch as it continues to talk. "Now run along and take your friend with you. I'm busy." It leans back to straight.

Jet Wolf remains tucked against the side of the house and moves closer, amber eyes narrowed, tail falling as it stalks closer to the spirit from behind. The Uratha lowers in Urhan form, ready to pounce, but for the moment seeing what the Ithaeur has to say to the spirit.

"See... that's where you're wrong. Just because we don't treat this place as an all you can eat buffet, doesn't mean we don't have claim to this place. My friends and I, we don't appreciate your methods. You should take them elsewhere. Far, far away from here. Unfortuantely my friend here," Caroline tilts her head ever so slightly back to the Rahu behind her. "Doesn't like asking twice."

<<Did it just say run along?>> the Garmir questions in First Tongue of Caroline, casting a side glance at her briefly. His teeth are bared as Gunnar stalks back and forth behind the Ithaeur as if waiting to be unleashed on the gangbanger spirit, but not without an okay from the experts on all things Spirity. He chases off a smaller spirit that decides to get too close, but quickky returns to guard Caroline and pace once more. When she mentions him, brings his full focus on the spirit as he remarks in First Tongue <<This one is stupid. It will not back down. It will fight and it will be destroyed when we feast on it's essence.>> Either he is really good at threats, or he has no problem murdering a murder spirit.

"You?" The spirit drifts over to another part of the porch and crosses it's arms over it's chest. One too long and one too short. "You were not born here. Did not have to fight just to not be eaten. You don't belong here. This is our place. My place." As it says that, the edges of it's form get a little hazy and it get's larger. At the same time, the house does the same. The edges wavering as it looms threateningly. "I won't ask once. Leave while you can." The darkess of the spirit's face splits into a rictus grin. "Or don't.

Jet Wolf tenses, ready to pounce - to attack the spirit, unseen (he hopes), from behind. But first he awaits a triggering move from one of the other Uratha - the Rahu, most likely.

For a half second, it might look like Caroline is about to leave, but really... she's just taking a few steps to get firmly behind Gunnar as the spirit and it's house is growing larger. "Why didn't I think to bring a wrecking ball? Murder house has got to go. It's really bringing down the properties of the whole neighborhood!" Yeah... looks like she's throwing in the towel on negotiation as well and clearing way for the fighting.

With Caroline stepping out of the way, Gunnar the dire wolf brings his full attention on the spirit. His glyphs flare silver in challenge as the Garmir takes a single step forward to put himself in front of Caroline. << You had her. She would have let you go. >> the Garmir says in First Tongue. << Now you get me. >> With that he breaks into a run and leaps for the spirit to bite it.

Jet Wolf takes his cue from the Rahu. The Irraka's part was, of course, staying quiet and keeping eyes open. After diplomacy had failed, he was content to join Gunnar in what came next - leaping from the shadows, raking with tooth and claw, at the back of an unsuspecting opponent.

The gang banger spirit collapses into a hear of spirit and wolf after the attacks. Rents open up in it's form from the teeth and claws and darkness like the face spills out. Holes and tears open up in the side of the house at the same time. Immediatly, the edges of the holes begin to wriggle and reach out towards each other, working to close them up. The gang banger doesn't fight backagainst the grapple. It's hands change shape until they look like they're each carrying a pistol and with a pair of loud distorted bangs a blast of spiritual energy slams into Gunnar.

If the gangbanger isn't fighting back cause it's too busy trying to blast Gunnar, that's Just fine for Caroline. The Ithaeur takes advantage of the opportunity to sneak in a well placed chomp on the spirit's foot.

Like a yappy little dog with a chew toy, Gunnar holds the spirit in his mouth and just shakes like mad. He takes some shots from it, ripping through flesh, but with the spirit deciding not to grapple with him and shoot instead...well it leaves it vulnerable. The Garmir jerks it back and forth, rending and tearing with his teeth as he bites down harder.

Jet Wolf watches Gunnar dispatch the spirit. Knowing what comes next, he burns what essence he can, so that he may consume more of the residuum of the spirit, to weaken it further once it awakens. It is only when that task is done that he lifts his head to howl out in praise of their victory.

With the last of it's corpus shreaded the spirit discorporates. The gang banger falla apart into scraps of gang affilated cloth and a quicklt dissipating pool of inky darkness. The house, creaks and leans before bursting apart and falling down in a pile of boards that quickly evaporate and fade away. All the smaller spirits that were there, watch and wait from a distance. Free, vengeful, or maybe looking to fill the vacume.