Green Flame pt 2

Green Flame pt 2

Marcus, Ryan, Lilith as ST


Down below the city street, it's musty and kind of stinky - in the expected ways. There's no smell of chemicals, though the smell of char is thick in the air. Beneath the thick layer of ice, the flames have been smothered, but the can be seem to be licking at the edges in this sort of dance. The water kills the fire, but it springs back, working on melting the frozen chunks.

He slowly gets up off the ground and moves right up behind Marcus. He eyes that flame carefully but part of him is really uneasy. He brings out his phone and lifts it, recording. "If they find our bodies they are going to know what happened..." He speaks softly.

Marcus moves a bit around the area at the base of the ladder. When Ryan starts recording he gives a shake of his head and a laugh, "Well. That is if they phone still works after the heat of the flames returns." Returning his gaze to the area around them he starts to explore with one eye on the flames to make sure to track the progress of the ice melt overhead.

Ryan nods his head. "I am sure my body will spare it." He points out to Marcus. He pans into Marcus and sighs lowering the camera. "Okay I don't have the strength or energy to hold that... so...." He changes it to voice record and shoves it into his front jacket pocket. "They will hear something while we burn."

Ryan grumbles quietly and lifts his eyes up to the water. "The water is killing the flame as well." He points out to Marcus. "The fire department tried though so what the heck is this stuff..." He doesn't move closer to the flame at all.

"Well." Frowning a bit, Marcus looks around then shakes his head. "The key here is finding out what it is, where its coming from, stopping it or running if its not something we can do." With that said the scarred faced youth tries to find the source.

Marcus takes some time studying the flames and thinking over what Ryan said earlier. Pursing his lips he nods and then smiles, "Well I guess this really does make sense. The ice is formed from "conjured" water, or water made from the elements already in place. Its pure and puts the fire out where water mixed with all the things to treat it isn't doing as well. So the key seems to be to ice and let it melt to put the fires out. But the source is still a question."

Ryan reaches his hand out towards the fire and he starts to follow the pipes. He stops by a turn and feels around. The young man grunts softly and points. "Uh... That way. The fires started in Central didn't they? I'd assume...also based on heat here that is where the point of origin is but I don't know about you but sewers is not a place I want to wonder through."

"Well, at least you have a mask." Marcus gives Ryan a teasing wink as he starts to move along with the other man. "Don't worry. I'm sure once we find the source we can hopefully make the fire stop then get out of this place."

Ryan blinks a few times and grumbles. "Why am I in front?" He grumbles, taking Marcus's arm and shimmying behind him. "Wait... I don't want to be behind either..." He moves up a little. "This is going to be full on alligator in the sewer and I'm going to get eaten and no one will ever know."

"The good news is, if you are eaten by an alligator your phone will be like the clock in the belly of the alligator in the Peter Pan movies. It'll always warn me in the future that its getting close." There is a laugh as Marcus moves along with Ryan. "So are we going to try to stop this thing or just leave. I can ice the fire again to get us out if we can't find another way."

The young man stays slightly pressed up against Marcus. "Thing is... that's not funny." He grumbles about the alligator. "Do we know the way? I am sure I can feel the heat to a point but we might get lost." He pulls out his phone which has a compass on it. "Let's see if this works...." It starts calibrating.

The compass takes a few moments, but it manages to find the magnetic north that it is looking for.

Ryan squeals a little. "Still have a signal. So we are... here..." He pulls out a little note book from his backpack and a pencil. He starts at the bottom left and draws a line forward and a t-across. "Let's try this..."

Marcus nods along with Ryan's plan and when the drawing is made he looks over at it then in the direction they'll move. Grinning a bit he moves off in that direction with a palm out infront to feel for heat.

He really laid the ice down thick for quick a ways in a radius from the manhole they came down. The pair make fair headway until they hit the edge of the ice, some fair ways down the winding trail of the sewer line. The heat builds, and the ice is melting quicker here, at the edge. The flames could go for a long, long ways.

"I'm not sure we're doing the right thing here." Marcus seems to look at the length of path ahead with flames then back the way they came. "I mean for all we know this fire is for the best. So are we doing anything of value here?" Its obvious from his tone that he doesn't have a super hero complex and if anything is trying to figure out if this is worth the trouble.

Ryan keeps the compass up and is writing which way they are going. When it starts to get warmer, he slows. "My oxygen..." He warns the other man. His heart is pounding as he starts to sweat. He presses up against the side of the man and he looks around. "You know what... you are probably right. We should go." He sees his compass stop moving and he makes a small sound. "Really should go."

Frowning a bit as it does get warmer, Marcus tilts his head from side to side as if weighing the options available. "It could be wise to make like the Doc and get the fuck out of here." There is a laugh as he looks to the flames then towards the tank. "I bet I could handle the heat and keep the tank cool but I'm not sure if we're doing this for nothing, for no real good reason other than to do it." Shrugging he motions with his head for them to turn back and starts to lead the way, ready to ice anything if needed.

The ice is melting faster as the flames begin to establish a presence again. It warms until it's stifling, the pair able to stay ahead of the resurgence of green, fluid-like flame if they hustle a little. It's toasty warm, but not unbearable - certainly too warm for the winter clothes they're wearing.

Ryan looks at Marcus. "But if you use all your strength cooling the tank then you won't have any to save yourself." He lightly pets the man's arm. "What do you want to do? Honestly it can get pretty hot before I blow up and we still need a way out and I am not Iceman. This could help the city to be honest but it's totally up to you. I want to make sure you get out okay."

"Let's get out of here." Wiping sweat from his brow, the scarred face youth leads the way back to the ladder, letting Ryan go first. "Come on, you go first just in case I need to lay down more ice."

The other shakes his head and points. "You first. I'm already dead man my brain just hasn't caught up to the fact. You have life left." He lightly pushes Marcus towards the latter. "I'll be right behind you."

Not one to ever argue over things like this, Marcus climbs up the ladder and then turns to help Ryan if he needs it.

Ryan slowly comes up the ladder after Marcus. He's a weak wee lad so he will take all the help he can get. Once out of the sewer, he quickly just wraps his arms around Marcus as he shivers. "That was an adventure."