Green Flame pt 1

Green Flame pt 1

Jake, Marcus, Ryan, Lilith as ST


Cold and crisp, icicles making for beautiful decorations around the city. It's no less cold, but the sun is bright and everything, for a moment, feels crisp and clean and glorious. The perfect day for a bundled up walk, or a cup of hot cocoa shared with friends.

Parts of the city are still cordoned off, but more or less, the power and gas services have been restored, barring the hot spots that they just can't get to. Nothing they've tried is working - water, form, froth, gases to suffocate the flames. It's got the authorities flummoxed something fierce. One of those hotspots is down in Central. Places that are found if one knows where to look online, or knows where to check in on supernatural rumors.

He's allowed out for a walk but he was bundled up well. Black skinny jeans pull in the heat of the sun, while his thick, tall army boots with thick plaid socks keep his feet warm. Over his top is a thick coat hiding his O2 tank, with a hoodie peeking out over top. He has a grey scarf around his neck, black vogmask covering his mouth and nose, his o2 tubing barely seen over his pale skin. The black beanie covering his ears. Over his hands are thick black mittens and he's holding a chai latte as he walks carefully through the snow. He's read the rumors online and he wants to meander down to one of the hotspots just to check out the carnage.

Jake Stephens emerges from Millennium Park wearing a pair of thick sweats and a jacket over a hooded sweatshirt. He is wearing a backpack, and instead of his chocolate fedora, he has the hood of the sweatshirt pulled up. He is panting a bit as his hot breath comes out in puffs forming little clouds in front of his face. "I really need to find a good gym for these cold nights."

The cold doesn't seem to bother Marcus that much as the young man moves along the street. He's dressed in layers though to ward off the cold. A thick jacket that's seen better days is worn over a thick hoodie that he wears with the hood up, dark jeans with something like thermals under them from the way they appear bulkier than his thin frame would suggest. On his feet he wears a simple pair of beat up sneakers with a pair of mismatched and beat up gloves. He's got a steaming cup of coffee though and with it held in both hands the youth seems to be taking it easy, lounging against a nearby wall while soaking in the warmth from his travel cup.

Traffic is middling this time of day, in between the dreaded lunch and dinner rushes when things get jammed up. A little ways down an alley in a manhole with the cover removed, and cordons up around it, announcing it as a danger. Within, there's an odd greenish flickering of light.

Ryan is smart but he's not green glowing light smart. He starts to wander down the alley like Aurora to the spindle. He sips idly on the latte and reaches out to touch the cordon's moving them away from the man hole. Or at least a corner of one. He pulls his phone out and quickly googles. "Boron burns green. What the fuck down there has boron ions..."

Once on the sidewalk, Jake pulls out his phone. He could take the next bus that comes by, but that could take a while. A cab at this time of night might be pretty hit and miss. An Uber would be more reliable. He opens the Uber app and tries to find the nearest safe Uber driver.

Jake and Ryan are spotted and given a long, studying look from Marcus. Looking between the pair he moves towards Ryan as he notices the strange glowing and approaches to check it out. Draining the last of his cheap coffee he tosses the empty cup away and says to Ryan, "Green in the sewers? Pretty weird right?" Up close its easy to see the scar running from forehead over eye and down to the cheek of the young man, as well as the overall homeless vibe he gives off. Moving he moves closer for a better look.

There's plenty of heat coming off the opening of the manhole, the flames swirling like a fluid, more than fire. Bright green with a bluish center and yellowy edges. They don't seem to be creeping -upwards-, unnatural for fire.

Ryan lifts his eyes to Marcus and smiles but it's hard to see past the mask. Though his eyes do squint like he is a smiling. "Well, I just googled it and the only think that burns green is Boron ions. The blue in the middle would be the hottest while the yellowy outside would be the oxygen." He stares at the fire and frowns. "Usually..." He lifts his eyes up and then looks down. "Uh... too cold?"

Hearing the voices from down the alleyway, Jake turns his head to look and sees the green glow. That is odd. He is just about to look back at his phone again when he recognizes one of the figures. Wondering if Ryan is doing alright, he starts to walk over in his direction. "Hey, Ryan," he calls. "You alright?"

Marcus lets his gaze settle on the light coming from the manhole and then he shakes his head. Looking to Ryan and then to Jake he looks back to the green glow saying, "Nah, that's not normal. That's supernatural of some kind. I can tell by the glow, the rest of the /strange/." Shrugging a bit he looks around to see if there is anything else strange around them.

Ryan turns when he hears Jake and stares at him. "Doc... you following me? I swear I am up to no good. I mean all good. I'm good!" He chuckles and then looks to Marcus before tilting his head and then slowly looking around. "Sam? Dean?" He shakes his head and looks back to the fire. "It's gotta be boron with .. " He watches how it moves. "Boron burning like... water... or in water... jesus what's going on?"

"Following you? No," Dr. Stephens says as he continues to approach. "I was exercising in the park there." Glancing down in the hole he asks, "What are you looking at? That doesn't look right. It seems to move more like a fluid than a plasma." Then looking at Marcus, he says, "Supernatural?" There is clear skepticism in his voice. "Why do you say that?"

"For someone that knows what to look for its obvious." Shrugging a bit, Marcus looks between the two men then back at the hole. Pointing he adds, "It's almost like it's contained to this place, but it's almost impossible for me to see how far it goes, and it's hot, like regular flame but its not acting like normal flame." Frowning a bit he gets as close as he can and starts to look down as if prep'ing to move into the manhole itself.

Ryan starts to notice things. He watches how the flame moves and reaches out his hand a moment but pulls it back and sips his latte. He looks to Jake. "Ah. Trying to stay fit." His eyes turn back to the flame and he takes a deep breath. "Well... Uh. Anyone got any logical ideas?" He watches Marcus carefully and nods his head. "So hot green fire, boron fire, is not doing it's fiery business but just burning here. Like in this space and time." He tries to think over anything. "Space time flux? I don't know."

"I'm going to need you guys to be cool." Without saying more Marcus looks around again then adds, "Can you stand to kind of block me from view from the street?" Without waiting to see if they comply, the young man gets as close as he can and puts out both hands, palms towards the manhole. With a force of will, the young man starts to lower the temperature to meet fire and ice.

Jake looks in confusion as Ryan first asks about logical ideas and then brings up a space time flux. When Marcus says that something is obvious, he says, "To the one who knows something, everything is obvious. To the one who doesn't, nothing is. Therefore stating something is obvious is not an explanation nor a good answer to the question at hand. If the firefighters cannot put it out, then I'm not sure what three guys, a backpack, and an oxygen tank are going to do about it."

Ryan sips his latte and finishes it. He wanders over and tosses it out before fixing his mask and coming up beside Jake. "Okay smarty pants." He chuckles at Jake. He lifts a brow to Marcus and shimmies behind him blocking him. "You know what... my oxygen has done nothing to do. Don't pick on it." He reaches back and pats his own back lightly. Then his eyes focus on Marcus. "Hey...uh, what are you doing? Be careful."

Ice crystals form up at Marcus' command. Focusing. As soon as he releases the concentration to actively form them, the chunk of ice *explodes*, the melting shards making 'holes' in the flames. Holes that are slow to re-close.

Watching what happens and only barely flinching at the explosion of heat and cold mixing, Marcus frowns a bit. "Well, that's somewhat expected right?" Grinning a bit as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening he looks back at the other two. "I can try to clear some space in the heat and flames to get in closer to see what the fuck is going on. You guys game?" A look to Ryan and his pack is given and he frowns a bit. "Though, your pack might be like a bomb in the heat."

Marcus gets another curious expression from Jake as he asks Jake and Ryen to block him from the street. Does he plan on trying to urinate on the fire or something. As he starts to summon ice on his hands, Jake begins to back up away from him. "What are you doing?" The last time he say something like that, this did not turn out well.

Ryan watches with confused eyes. He looks between the two before he watches the ice melting in the fire. "That's not normal." Then he's stared at and he sighs. "Well, uh, I don't want to try. My lungs hurt enough. I will stand watch." He grins slowly and points to the two men. "You two hotties can handle the heat." He steps back.

Looking between the two other men, Marcus tilts his head a bit and then stands in silent contemplation. Its almost like he doesn't even consider the time of the other two standing nearby as he thinks through the current situation. "Well. The real question is if its really worth the time and effort to go down there to figure out or if we just call 911 and forget it." A look back down leads to him adding, "If there is gold or money it'd make my want to explore go from a maybe to a for sure."

"I'm not going down there," Jake says rather adamantly. "I'm a doctor, not a firefighter." He lifts his phone out of his pocket to dial 911. "Especially, not now."

Ryan reaches his hand out and takes Jakes phone. "No 911." He grumbles at the man. "You and calling emergency services for stuff. I am sure they know the fire is burning as per the barriers here." He pokes at the barriers. He hands the phone back and then looks at Marcus. "Depends. I doubt there is anything but adventure down there."

"The only problem with adventure is it doesn't directly put food in my belly or a roof over my head." Marcus smiles a bit at that then shakes his head. "But as you can tell, I'm a fool for living on the streets based on the the stupid choices I make. I'll go see if I can get further into seeing what's happening down there."

When Ryan takes his phone, Jake simply takes it right back. "Don't take my phone. And of course, I'm going to call emergency services. This is an emergency. Fire underneath the city that isn't behaving like fire. Some guy making ice on his fingertips. Last time something like this happened, people almost died. Well, they did die." He sighs. "It's complicated."

Ryan looks at Jake and growls. "Yeah. You tell on a mutant to the authorities and he will be locked up and tested on and that's not fair at all." He grumbles at Jake. "You really going to condemn him to being a science experiment? Fuck off. You call 911 and I will push you into that manhole." He points at it and glares. He's far to skinny to do anything but his voice means business.

"Its an easy fix. If you call the cops I'll kill you." Marcus says the words without malice, just a calmly spoken promise. From the scar on his face and the look in his eyes it doesn't look like he's joking and if anything makes him look way more dangerous than his youthful features could hide. Shaking his head he focuses on flames and activates his psychokinesis to cover as large an area of the flames as he can in a thick layer of ice while he makes his way down into the depths of the sewer.

Thick sheets of ice form, stifling the flames, smothering them. Down and down, there's a point below the flames where the sewers open up. It seems the fire mostly creeps along the ceiling and the walls, but not the floor where it's wet. The scorch marks are thick ont he walls - smoldering, but not /burning/ up.

As Marcus threatens his life, Jake turns and walks off. "I've been threatened by far more frightening than you." He walks back down the ally towards the sidewalk where he first entered the place.

Ryan looks over as Jake turns to leave. "Doctor! He's protecting himself." He calls out for the man. "Wouldn't you want to protect yourself?" He shakes his head. "You are still awesome!" He hollers before looking to Marcus. "You didn't need to threaten him like that, he's a good dude and if he did call, I would have hidden you. Never under estimate the abilities of a dying man."

Most of the discussion above ground is lost on Marcus as he makes his way deeper into the sewers. With the flames above handled for now and none being present down on the lower level he gives a good look around before calling up towards the surface. "Its safe down here from the heat and flames." With that said he moves to start trying to figure out what's going on.

The sick man is talking to himself. "Doctor! I am going in a hole which doesn't seem wise. Best to follow me and make sure I survive, yeah?" He starts to climb into the sewers and slips, landing on his ass on the bottom. He lifts his eyes up and gets up, fixing his nasal cannula so he can breath better. He adjusts his mask and pulls out his phone, turning the flash light on so he can see better.