Down a Dark Alley

Down a Dark Alley

Eden, Alexander, Elyssa, Ward, Eric


It took days to find the new location of the local trafficking team. They were the grab and snatch team. Finally, Eden found them and contacts the newly formed Garum Akkal park. They met her at a predefined location. Around sunset, the gang is out there with their dark grey van. Two men are outside of the vein trying to look casual. However, they are clearly waiting for someone struggling against the cold or someone who looks lost. The majority of the 'heading home' traffic is ended and starting to become a slow trickle. The alley has an entrance on both sides and extends an entire block. The buildings on each side are several decades old and show signs of age and wear. The ground has become a sluishy mesh from the snowfall yesterday. The alley way is full of dumpsters, boxes, and random debris.

Eden meets up with the others and she has done her best to look like the down and out kinda gal they go for, which didn't take too much work as she is skinny and frail looking but pretty. She looks to Ward and asks "We going with my idea? I go in to catch them off guard after your mister invisible is in position? They're gonna know me once I'm up there and it's gonna piss them off. "

"Why do you wolf-bloodeds always want to be the bait?" He whispers and grins playfuly. The Iron Master is using a plain and undiscernable outfit to better mesh with the passersby, probably some influence from his Irraka friend."Eric. Can you get there without them noticing you?" He asks without looking to his partner. The Rahu eyes are focused on his prey and will not leave it.

"Because no one with any senses is dare going to attempt to hie off with one of you two," Elyssa counters Ward's words with a light smile. She is content to keep close to the Rahu for now, Eden's words drawing her attention, "You need to be careful, Eden. Tonight is not the night to play hero. If they come for you, run... and leave it to Thomas and Eric to fight." She cautions with an element of concern washing over her features.

Alexander asks quietly as he looks up from his phone "Im sorry. arnt where here exactly because tonight is Edens night to be a Hereo? Arnt you all here trying to be hereos.. " He shrugs still perhaphs a bit pissy from being excluded with no explination from the pack he was asked to join.

Eric looks over at Ward and says, "I can get in there. Shouldn't be much of a problem." He hands take his jacket off and hands it to Elyssa. He then untucks his plaid jacket and ruffles it up. He then puts his hands in his pocket and does his best to look cold. He then starts walking down the alley.

Two of the guys stand near the back of the van looking around. One of them sees Eric walkign down the alley to towards them and shakes his head. "Bum." The other guy elbows him and says, "Ignore him."

Eden looks over to Elyssa and she shakes her head "Yeah, No. " she shrugs at her "I'm not just gonna run away like a little bitch with my tail between my legs. Ain't my style, sugar but feel free to do it yourself. I'm mot here to let others handle my problems for me. I have every intention of fucking them up that's why I'm here. " She looks over to Alexander and winks at him "Yep." She tells him. She then looks to Ward and says "So, you gonna spank me if I go in now?" She seems ready to walk down the alley once Eric has moved out of the thugs sight.

Ward nods to Eric when the other man starts walking into the alley and tenses up paying attention on the pair of thugs all the way down the alley. Upon hearing Eden, The Rahy shakes his head."No. But be careful out there." He whispers without moving an inch. Even his breathing is so discreet and quiet it's almost like he's not breathing at all.

Alexander stands in there alley looking very 'lost' his fdace has that blank look of the touristg is is in the wrong part of town and has no idea how who got there, to compound his 'problems' he pulls out a thick wad of twentys and hundreds and trys to juggle his phone and the cash from his fat wall it in his hand as he counts the hundreds in public.

As Eric gets near the guys, he starts to bend over at the waist holding his stomach as he does. He then turns near a dumpster and starts to cough over and over again. In fact, it sounds like the poor guy is just about to throw up his lungs at this point. Kneeling down on the ground, he hangs his head down low.

The two thugs move away from him so that they are on the other side of the van so they don't have to see or smell what Eric is producing. The taller of the two men hits the side of the van.

Eden nods at Ward and says "Always." she smooths out her skirt, checks to make sure her knife is still secure on her thigh under said skirt then she reaches up and messes up her hair a bit. She winks at Alex and then turns and starts around the corner to start heading down the ally. She shivers a bit and starts to scratch her arm a bit as a druggie looking for a fix would do. She is looking around this way and that like she is disoriented , just a tiny, helpless druggie looking for her next fix, exactly like the young girl they tried to take before. She keeps her head down though because she knows if they see her face, those eyes, they'll know it's her.

Ward nods once more to Eden and watches as the tiny girl goes into the alley doing her best to look fragile and desperate for drugs. Once in a while, though, his gaze fall upon Eric as well to check to on the man and how well is cover is so far.

Taking Eric's jacket when he hands it to her, she nods before glancing back towards Eden. The concern for the other woman is still clearly on her features, but she stops her protest. Instead, Elyssa lingers back near Ward's side for now. Glancing around the area, her blue eyes take notice of the familiar face of Alexander as he stops to count his cash, giving Ward a slight nudge at the side before pointing to the other wolf-blooded on the street.

Taking Eric's jacket when he hands it to her, she nods before glancing back towards Eden. The concern for the other woman is still clearly on her features, but she stops her protest. Instead, Elyssa lingers back near Ward's side for now. Glancing around the area, her blue eyes take notice of the familiar face of Alexander as he stops to count his cash, giving Ward a slight nudge at the side before pointing to the other wolf-blooded on the street.

Alexander crosses the front of the Alleyway pausing in just the right place to to be caught by the street light still counting his money as he drops a hundred dollar bill... Lurking in the twilight behind him is the ghost of a boy with hungrey eyes and red raw hand marks around his throat.. the ghost looks angrey and hungrey to hurt others the way it was hurt.

Eric slips in behind a few boxes and bides his time, He is in place and this is his time to be quiet and watch. His eyes flick towards the entrance briefly as he sees Eden coming towards the entrance of the alley.

One of the thugs bumps the other man and gestures towards Eden as she gets into range. He nods his head and stuff his hands into his pocket. Approaching her, he says, "Hey, there. You look like you need something to ... fix you up. My friend has some good stuff, you know what I mean?" He gestures with his thumb over his shoudler to the larger of the two men.

Eden pauses like she's caught off guard for a moment but then she listens to the words of the thug. "Yeah? Ya think ya can help me out man? I'm fiendin man.. I need just a bump.. Yer buddy gonna hook me up?" she sniffs and runs her finger under her nose, needing her fix. She peeks around the thug towards his friend and says "yeah, lets do this man. " nodding several times acting antsy and fidgety as one would do when experiencing withdrawl. She nods to the man and starts to walk in the direction of the van, head down.

Ward looks at Elyssa when she nudges him just to follow her lead to the other wolf-blooded. The Rahu looks at Alexander for just a brief moment totaly unable to see the ghost that linger in Twilight. A couple seconds later, though, he turns his attention back to Eden just in time to see her talking to the two thugs. That makes his body to tense just a tiny bit more, like a predator that is getting ready to deliver a single and deadly attack.

Feeling the Rahu beside her tense on up, Elyssa follows the path of his gaze to take not of the contact. When the men seemingly speak to Eden, her own body stiffens a little in turn. Clutching Eric's jacket closer to her chest she maintains the cover of silence from the security of her own little hidey place.

Alexander has moved whrre people can get past him but theres no way the van is driving out of the alley way without notice Alexander or hitting him for that matter as he is now juggling his belongings trying to catch the hundred dollar bill that has blown into the Alleyway.... In the twlight the boy with the terrable hungrey eyes trails the hundred dollar bill drool running down its face the ghost seems to be doing something to push it on the breeze so it blows just inside the entrance to the alley and settles rippling like a flage on the pavement... red angrey hand marks pulls on the nightmare childs throat.

Eric shifts in his position as Eden starts to walk towards along with the thug. He figures that their attention will be on her so he is able to get into better position. He knows that there is at least one more in the van and the one guy outside. When the action happens, the man in the van will be their surprise element. Eric will cancel that out.

The shorter thug says, "Sure, he's got the good stuff. Trruuusst me." He elongates the word 'trust' into an unusual manner. Quite creepy. He leads her to the taller man. "Hey, she's got a problem." The taller thug looks at Eden and says, "Oh, it sure look like she do." He has a thick Cajun accent. He pulls back his jacket revealing a couple bags of white powder. Next to them in is the handle of a pistol.

Eden rubs her arms and says "Yeah, I got a real problem. I think only you can help me.." She rubs her hands together and the tiny woman keeps her head down though peeks at the white powder bags. A smirk crosses her lips and says "Oh yes, that's perfect. " Then, as quickly as she can Eden shoots her hand out trying to grab the pistol showing in the man's coat.

When he sees what Eden is trying to do, Ward looks at Elyssa with a panicked face before turning back to the alleyway as he stands up and starts moving calmly so he doesn't get the passersby attention upon himself.

Watching the scene unfold, Elyssa's eyes nearly pop out of her head as she notices the other woman go for the gun. There is only a nod of understanding given towards Ward as she watches the Rahu starts to move. For her own part, she remains standing there in silence, clutching Eric's jacket just a little bit tighter.

When Eden goes for the gun, Eric moves like a flash of lightning. He might not be in gauru form, but the man is still Irraka. A hunter in the darkness. And he hits like a tank. Slamming into the cajun gun totter, Eric sends the man to the ground. There was no roar of anger, there was no yell of warning. Just a straight up attack.

Eric spins on his heels and uses the moment hesitation in the short thug to drop his elbow into his gut. Eric lifts him up in the air and body slams him on the ground. Only the soft metling snow provides any resistance (none) to the slam and just results in a horrible squishy sound.

The boss hears the ruckus from the attack outside the van and slides open the side door. "Hey what is goi-!" He is startled by the sight and sounds of everything. He reaches for his gun and draws it aiming directly at Eric.

"Do not even think about it!" the young blonde woman literally launches out from the shadowed hidey place and into the great wide open as she yells at the armed man in the van. Elyssa has her phone all ready, "I hope you look good in prison orange, because I cannot wait to testify at your trial and lock you away for eternity!" Okay, so maybe it is not the best distraction ever, but boy can that doctor yell when she has a mind to do so.

Upon seeing that a third thug gets out of the van and aims at the Irraka, Ward hurries to him and without much thinking, delivers a powerful punch on the man.

Alexander is kneeling down on the gravel at the mouth of the alley where hes dropped a few hundred dollars and is trying together it up hes yells "Oh shit no! my money" as he trys to keep it from all scattering.. while int wlightly Charles the ghost dances around drolling blood on himself chanting' kill them... kill them all' the angrewy red handprints on his throat pulsing..

Eden sees the gun coming out to point at Eric and she goes to at least try to prevent the boss man from shooting. She dashes forward with her little dagger and tries to stab him in the arm though it goes wrong, very wrong.

Eric and the Shorty thug tussle on the ground. The shorty guy is still trying to recover from that initial hit from Eric. Eric has keeps one of Shorty's arm locked while grabbing his head and slamming it into the ground causing his head to bleed.

The boss normally is a pretty aware guy, but the distraction from the sudden attack and the screaming of Elyssa, he is off his game. He barely gets his gun in position and fires a shot. The shot goes right into Ward's left shoulder. However, as Eden misses with her blow she slips on the snowying ground and lands on her ass in the cold hard ground.

Still a safe distance from the fray, Elyssa watches and takes not of her previous distraction. Seeing Ward pummel one while Eric works on the other, she catches sight of Eden taking a spill. It really is no contest as to where she is heading as she breaks into a blind run bound in Eden's direction - thoughts only on gathering up the other wolf-blooded for the time being.

The Cajun guy finally gets his wits together and struggles to get up in the slushy snow. "Man, you gonna die." He stands up and gets his feet underneath him. At which point, he gets out his gun and aims it directly at Eric.

Upon seeing that another of the thugs is aiming at Eric, Ward ignores the leader of the gang and turns his attention upon the other man and punches him .

Alexander continues to mover further into the alley closer to the van squating down trying to pick up his money dropping bills as quickly as he can try to gather them up.. apparently going unnoticed by the combat when he gets closer he looks up as if startled to see the people fighting and Yells "hey! Hey you back there whats going on?" and clutchs his phone like hes going to call the cops.

Eden grumbles as she falls and she curses out the snow but that doesn't stop her. Not at all. She doesn't really even look effected much as she bring her arm around drives her dagger into the Boss man.

The Short thug who has been locked up with Eric manages to use his blood to work his way free. He crawls away from him, huffing, puffing and bleeding. He reaches for his gun as he pulls away.

Even with the dagger right into his arm, the boss man gets his gun retrained on Eden. The gun fire goes off, the sound echoing in the alley. The bullet goes right into her forearm.

Elyssa was already Eden bound. The sound of the shot seems to give her a little burst of action. She may not be able to stop the bullet from finding a target, but she is able to wrap her arms around the other woman with the intent of dragging her away, "We are getting out of here, now!" Her voice is firm, the young doctor clearly not intending to leave her words open for negotiation.

The Cajun guy is struggling to just keep his focus as his head fogs after that punch right to his face. He aims at Ward but between the blood flow and the brain fog, he completely misses sending bullet into a wall.

Ward's attention is totally focused on the thug closer to him that just missed a shot. He once more punches the man with the strong cajum accent.

Alexander runs and throws himself at the guy threatening Eden and Elyssa using his body to block the line of fire from the manms gun to them.

Eden shouts "Let me go!! FUCKER!" and will try her best to fight out of the grapple, clearly she doesn't want to leave the fight that is supposed to be her fight to begin with.

Eric lets the bloodied one-eared short thug crawl away and turns his attention on the Boss. Charging up to him, Eric graps him by his arms to control the weapon preventing the man from shooting.

As the other woman continues to struggle against her, Elyssa manages to restrain her a little further, "Eden, please, you need to get out of here so I can dress your wound." Her nose wrinkles as the other woman becomes very much like some wild wombat, cursing and flailing in the hold. It is of no surprise when her tight loosens amid all the struggle, the young doctor clearly losing her hold.

Though he takes another gunshoot, the Rahu keeps on fighting. Another Rahu fist lands right in the Cajun's face rocking him on his heels. Blood streaming from his nose and lips.

Alexander has gotten close to the girls and sees them struggling, he sees eric and ward in battle and Shorty getting ready with his gun.. His golden eyes glow and a thusand plans form and die in his minds eye as the creepy boy ghost chants from the twilight 'do it do it kill kill' Alexander chews his lip and shrugs off the atavistic limitations of predeterminisim and makes a choice, how godlike are we in the momment of a decision crystalizing, and then it is done the neurons have fire and the thought has completed the meat is just a machine now its parts moving inside the greater machine that is time and space, and Alexander is climbing into the Van and turning the key stgarting the ignition the egine thrums to life all this messy action set into motion by the signle spark of one neron firing aginst another as he floors the acellerator sending the VFan hurttling down the alley toward the street. Like a madman at the wheel he smiles.

Shorty watches at the van pulls away but there is nothing he can do about that right now. He's got to stop ..... he's got to stop this blonde guy who keeps .... he has .. to ... And just as he was aiming his gun at Eric, Short's wounds finally over come him causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

With the van gone, Eric wraps the boss's arms together and slams him against the wall of the alley. He presses the man's own arms into his own neck forcing his head upwards in a very painful manner. The man struggles to even breath at this point and drops the gun.

Whatever Elyssa may have had in mind before clearly ends when she sees the Cajun man crumple in a fit of blood. Ignoring Eden's rant, she pushes aside and begins immediately removing her jacket as she falls down to the ground at the trafficker's side, "Someone call 911, stat!" She realizes it is likely in a vane effort as she assesses his wounds and begins trying to run triage as best as she can with minimal resources, set upon using her own jacket if necessary.

Ward sees everyone down with Eric in control of the boss. He looks to Alexander in the van. He stands with his arm's spread and standing in the way. "Alexander, we got them. Pull the van up. We'll load them up and deal with them off the street."

Alexander manages to get the Van around in the street and is linning up to accellerate and has a look of concentratin on his face and is about to slam the gas when Ward flags him down he looks releaved but also worried and instead of accellerating pulls forward slowly into the alley and says "Oh good.. someone realy should drive.. my heart is racing we need to get these assholes somewhere we can find out where there keeping the girls."

Eden holds her dagger in the hand of the arm she wasn't shot it. "We only need one fer that."She says and spits on the unconscious man not bleeding out. She nods though, willing to take them to another location. She reaches down, rips the bottom section of her skirt a couple of inches and just wraps it around her bleeding arm.

With the van pulled up close, Ward and Eric start to get everyone into the back of the van. The boss, still awake, is handcuffed and gagged so he can't respond anymore. Once everyone is in the van, Ward climbs in the driver's seat and drives off.