DbtD 21-The start of the change

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DbtD 21-The start of the change

Chris, Delilah, Helmer, Amie, Alexander, Naomi, Wyrm as st


Preparations for the gathering that Amie is calling are underway. The main space of the room is cleared, and Amie is in the middle of using a thumbtack, some string, and tape to section off a big circle in the center of it. The duct tape in question has hello kitty on a black background on it. Her leather jacket is tossed over a chair, her vest worn over a plain white tee.

Out of the woodwork comes one particular wolf. Helmer is wearing jeans and a black tank top under a thick winter jacket and a toque. She walks carefully into the basement, seeing the map of the city and the hello kitty tape. Her head tilts a little before the woman moves over to one of the chairs and takes a seat slowly. She leaves her jacket on and her hat. She's not too warm right now.

Delilah opens the door slowly in from the cold and takes a look around. She saunters over to Amie, only familiar face she knows. "You summoning a Japanese 8 year old?" She questions in her smooth soft tone, taking note what she is up too. She blows into her hands to warm them from the cold.

Chris Opens the door letting in a cold breeze. He's wearing a weathered btown suede jacket wuth a black shirt underneath, Bluejeans and a baseball cap with jack skellington's face on it."I realize I'm early. Do you need help setting up?"

Making her way in dressed in her black body suit and a balaclava up on her face, her hazel eyes are staring at her phone. Pursing her lips she seems to think and then puts her phone away. Pulling her face mask down she exhales a bit as she pushes her long hair out her face. "Hey guys...." Walking further in she looks around. "Should we make it all round table like?"

The string anchored in the middle of the circle helps keep it more or less /circular/, rather than oval. Amie finishes laying the last few pieces of tape down, and pulls the tack and the string up, setting them aside on a table. It takes up most of the floor space that she's cleared. A proper ring. "I think it's mostly ready. But if you want to get the beer flowing, I'm sure there'd be appreciation for it." Amie says, nodding to Chris, then greeting the others with nods and 'hey how are ya's.

The older woman stands and removes her jacket before sitting back down. Her dark eyes watching each wolf come in. She carefully removes her gloves and her hat and sits back, one leg resting over the other. Quietly observing everyone. She suddenly feels far older than she is with all the young people. The one with the balaclava gets a lifted brow but is quickly looked away from as Amie talks.

An old man is coming in dressed in a long black coat, his hands are covered in scars and bruises, his eyes cold grey and he moves to a chair to sit down, his boots are dirty, his hat is wool pulled down low over his eyes. This man, seems to be watching them, judging them, his body is not relaxed, tense with a look at each of them studying the faces, he is quiet.

Delilah sighs a bit and goes to sit on the nearest counter. She wants to stay out of the way but she carries a briefcase with her. She keeps to herself and stays out of the way.

Chris gets out his keys and goes fr hs churchkey. Opening the cooler he asks "What's everyone having? It looks like the choices are Miller, Bud Light or Corona" He pulls out a coke for himself.

Naomi makes her way to a seat, humming softly as she seems to be in thought. As she see old faces and new, she smiles a bit more warmly and waves. Exhaling she then shakes her head. "I may stick to some water."

Helmer's brow lifts up at the choices. "Tea?" The british woman requests softly. Her eyes on Chris waiting for an answer. "And if there is no kettle, I will bring one next time." A sound of annoyance in her voice. Again she looks around the room and brings a hand up to her forehead.

Alexander walks in lookign exhausted his hair is disheveled.. though how can you tell realy since it allways has that sort of wild untamed look. Tools bristle from his pockets like some sort of spiky sea creature and he is lost in the contents of the tablet hes lookingat that scrolls with green writting reflecting oddly in his soft glowing golden eyes.. he bumps into a chair as he walks distractedly and murmeras an apology to it "Bigones excuse me.."

Amie paces to the middle of the duct tape circle. "I have been to the North and spoken with Warlord Throat Slicer." She says, settling her weight squarely over her feet. "I believe that he can be redeemed and brought back to the favor of our Mother's face. He was Elodoth before he fell from grace. His choice was the same choice that he gave to the others: join or die. Which is no choice at all."

"I, Amie Lee, Rahu of the Suthar Anzuth, challenge the Uratha of Chicago for the right to try and bring the lost back to the fold."

The old man leans forward and he is watching, he is not spoken a word since he entered the bar, and he would not know. His old eyes gleaming with something odd, they are light up as his face turns into a smile, but he waits for that one does when they have a job to do.

Delilah had found a can of beer and was nursing it, when Amie makes her decoration. Delilah chokes on her beer and has a hard time getting it down. "Ack.." She waits for the edge in the room to calm before she makes her presence known.

a microwave beeps and Chris Brings Helmer a cup of tea. "I suppose that is one way to end a war. Do they want to come back? The challenge is moot if they don't"

A slow lifting brow as she looks at Amie. She notes her tribe before her eyes are brought over to Chris and takes the microwaved tea. "Thank you, dear." She holds onto it and then looks back to Amie, "Also why challenge us? Who in this room will deny you the chance to bring anyone back into the fold? I merely inquire." Her very british accent making her sound far too polite. She brings the tea to her lips and sips softly.

Naomi raises her brow a bit then looks around. "Perhaps...." At that she looks around as she smiles before continuing. "...we should all introduce ourselves?" At that she leans back, an arm going over the back of her chair. "I'm Naomir or as someone dubbed me Silent Fury. Rahu and newer elder of the Hunters in the Darkness as well as part of the pack Law Dogs." At that she looks to Amie. "You bring him back?" There's almost a snort as she sighs a bit. "If /that's/ the idea...I mean go for it but I thought the goal was to work together to get our lands back." A beat. "I know another packs were interested in intel and gathering our resources to work together to get them out of the city all together." Then her brow raises a bit more. "Do you really think he's capable...and actually honestly....going to change?"

Alexander looks up from his tablet actuly closing it down.. He frowns at Amies words his glowing eyes full of concern at her words, his expression seems to be weighing he looks around and when he sees Noami he quietly heads over to her and sits down next to her.. Finaly he shares his thoughts "The spirits regard him very Highly he knows now to cultivate there respect and he controls his terratory ruthless but effectively. That said he is also broken and twisted inside.. It is unlikely there is much left of who he was before corrupting and sickness twisted him into the evil thing he is now. That is something that should be taken into consideration." He shrugs and casts his glowing yellow eyes down again adding "Not that its my place to tell the people how to handle there buisness."

The old man stood up, moving forward now his eyes on each of them, and then the sound of flesh ripping can be heard, and then out of the old man steps Throat Slicer, his eyes on each of them fur jacket, hanging down low to the ground, and his hands are above his head. His pants are tight purple, and his shoes hello kitty, as he moves next to Amie."I have agreed to this, I'm willing to leave my people, I'm willing to come back into the proper moon, to lead you, to train you, to make you proper Uratha." His eyes on each of them, as he stands there his arms thrown wide, as he chuckles."If you wish to strike me down, do so now."

"He has agreed to it." Amie says firmly, "Or I would not be here, offering challenge to those that might disagree." Alexander gets a nod. "He do--" She trails off when the strange rises and blinks, sliding a foot back as the skin of the old man is torn away. Recognition sets in and she side steps, staying within the ring she's made on the floor and next to Throat, nodding to him and looking to the others.

Delilah clears her throat and taps on the briefcase. "So Slicer, did you still need me to deliver this big briefcase to the squire still?" She wrapps her long red finger nails drum on the leather.

Chris looks Throat Slitter directly in the eyes. "What happens when you feel we are proper wolves? Is a 3rd betrayal pending?"

The elderly woman watches the old man being torn away and then looks at the new one with apathy. She brings the tea to her lips and sips it again. Helmer thinks over things before looking to Amie. "You agreed to let one who just betrayed his current people to lead and train and make us proper Uratha? Interesting." She stays seated while her eyes turn to Delilah. She shakes her head and gives Amie the most disappointed of looks. "How you have been deceived."

Naomi seems to Looking over to Alex she motions him to sit by her then stares at Slicer. "Are....are you kidding me?" Looking to Amie she stares at her in shock before looking around. "You want be lead by a man that violated me....and then murdered one of our kind because he wanted to go /hunting/ in the territory we got back?" Now she looking around at the others before back to Amie. "Are you freaking serious?"

Alexander is studying Throat Slicer and looking thoughtful reather then dismissive when Delilah speaks he goes ash white and trembles slightly, maybe he moves just a little closer to Naomi as he swallows the hard lump in his throat, terror clearly writen on his features before it v+anishes again. Looks at Helmer confused and purses his lips then looks backt Amie "Your are speaking of making Throat Silcer not just one of us but our Leader?" he murmers something softly for those with good hearing he says /california sounds better and better/

"Yes please if you have it, this one right here. Alex, the bale hounds have merged with the Silverwolf, they are going to come for it and I need you to disconnect that soon, I wish you to live." Throat nods towards Delilah, standing there with a chuckle, as he points to the briefcase with his thumb."That is a list of everything they can track and how, I find it in Liam's desk, also I found in there some things you forget that may help."

With that he turns to look at Chris, with a little chuckle."Now then, I have never betrayed you or taken I took the land, that was not being protected proper from the bale hounds." His voice is soft, as he watches the man with a bowing of his head, and then he is waits for the next round of questions, as he looks at the older woman.

"Hello to you elder, it is a good to see a wise one on this side of the field, and it is an honor to meet you. I could tell you the tale of them, it is a vast. Bale hounds took them inside, worming into this city, and I came to remove them. I took the south-west with a promise to aid them, and then they got held up by said hounds in a warehouse. Their elders no where to be found, I rolled into it and saved them, due to their elders lack of protection to their own people. I sized that land as well, then they attacked me in my own lands, disprescetd me and I let them live." His voice is soft, each word slowly rolling out of his lips, and then he looks over at Naomi."She challange, me she beat the first winning this land right here back, and then I told her a fight to the death for the north." His eyes moving to each of them, his arms still out wide, as he speaks slowly."I won, but I spared her, for she is going to be an amazing warrior, I will not kill one that has the end of being an amazing warrior for her people, and that is why I have come here, to be honest and open. I wish to come with you, I wish to have the moon again, I have been shown something, that I wish to be part of again. If you wish to cast me down, and kill me so be it, that is why I have come before you."

Amie listens as the conversation begins to build. This is why I present it as a challenge for the right to try and find a way to bring back his Moon. If we can bring him back, then we can bring others. Show them the love of our Mother's face again."

Alexander nods to what Throat Slicer says "Everything he has said is technicaly correct, He is a powerful warror and a merciful enamy, However, Is treatement of humans and his views towards them concern me. As well if anyoner of you could use some therapy.. well honestly most of you certainly could use more then some It comes hand in hand I beleive with being a child of Father Wolf. Howeve I feel Throat desperately could beinfet from it. I will tell you I do not even have to ask the Spirits to tell you the attempt to salvage him for the moon to bring him intot he fold would be viewed by the Spirits as us atempting to Shwo them the honoruing and proper due we have failed to. As for the murdering of our elders.." he shrugs "Again his words are correct they where corrupt and much of our current lack of standing with the spirits is due to there inability to conduct themselves properly. "He nods toi Throat Silcer "He scares the living fuck out of me, But redemption is the right of all." He eyes the breifcase looking concerned "This dosnt suprise me Ill do what I can to remedy it as quickly as I can.."

Delilah sets the briefcase on the bar. As her chore is done. She goes to sit back and watch the festivities. Washing her hands of her package.

Chris shifts to Urhan and darts towards the window in the back of the room.

Helmer bows her head to Slicer lightly before lifting her chin. "That is an interesting tale, Mister Throat Slicer." Her british is showing. "You speak of how we have failed but instead of humbling yourself and returning to your mother, you try to lift yourself to lead. Our people understand there is no single leader within the community. We are built with packs and those packs join together in times of need to assist each other. What you speak of is not packs but a monarchy and my dear, I already am under one." She stays seated as she stays looking at Throat Slicer. She stays seated as her eyes glass over. She hears something but now she's looking for something. She brings her tea up to her lips and takes a sip slowly, staring off into the Hisil silently.

Naomi goes to speak but it seems that she saw whatever Chris was going after. Frowning a bit she stands and moves to stand in front of Alex. Looking to Slicer, she purses her lips as she stares at him before pointing him then near her. "I'd suggest you get closer over here....and don't do anything stupid...." At that her hands reaches for that large fanny pack she seems to like to wear as of late and moves it to the front of her however she keeps talking. "Look....we're not here to have a one ruler like Lord of the Rings. We can have elders...and if you want to train..." At that she rolls her shoulders as her eyes dart back to the window....before taking a few steps that way but stopping. "....however...." She seems to be multitaksing. "....we're not a monarchy like the lady says...." Moving to stand in front of Slicer and Alex as she then stops. "....Chris? Back of the room...."

Throat is standing there talking with them, and then out of the shadows comes a woman with a wicked chuckle, she is launching herself towards the man, with a wicked chuckle her silver dagger gleaming in the light, as she is plunging into the right arm of her ex-warlord, the dagger standing there in his right arm, as he howls towards her now."PLAGUE!" The words coming out of his lips, as he starts to snarl back.

The Plague as it is now moving forward her makeup perfect, her long black jacket is flattering.( As she is coming for the fallen pure, her eyes narrowed."I wonder where you were off to Warlord, you said to covert a bitch to the pure, but normally you bring us, and bring me. I'm your rite master, but you lied and you lied you bastard." She is howls out into the bar, with a wicked smile, as she is watching them all."I sent, a pet, yes I did did did it whispered words, and secrets to me. Now I have come to take your head, and theirs if they get into this fight. BUT YOUR FUCKING MINE!"

Blood and silver. Amie doesn't hesitate to move on the dagger wielding Plague. There's no shifting, no tooth and claw. Just the blonde moving on the other with a ferocious strength, bringing the gifts of her moon to bear. Wrapping her arms around the woman, she cinches her arms down around her in a debilitating bear hug.

Naomi tries to go for that woman's arm such luck. Seems that she's flailing too much and she misses but also makes sure to move so she's not stabbed by her next little toy.

The older woman opens her eyes and then sees the blood and stabbing and growling. She puts her tea down daintily before making her way over to Alex. She turns to Throat with a saddened expression. "Prove you are with us. I will give you this one chance to do so, my dear. Be better than you were. Be Forsaken." She closes her eyes and gasps as she feels the sting of the blade on her own throat before falling to her knees and holding her throat, having taken Throat's damage onto herself.

Alexander is allready moving as the shit hits the fan, he runs grabbing the breifcase up into his arms as he continues at a full out psrint for the opposite side of the room form the conflict and under a table.

Chris heads to the back window and continues looking around to make sure there aren't other Pure coming or going.

Delilah grumbles. She didn't want to mess up her jacket she paid top dollar for this quality Suede. She slips it off. And glances out the window. "Looks like we have company." She goes to the door to get ready to block the door.

Throat slicer looks at the old woman, as he bows his head slowly."Thank you for that, you honor me greatly." With that he dashes forward his jacket is thrown off, he is covered in ink, scars, bullet holes, this is one abused body, his eyes are narrow at he Plague, his hand is reaching for her neck, with a loud crack of the sound of a windpipe, as he turns to look at them."The others are coming, she is a spy, she is info broker, this is it time to fight, my people, if you don't trust me, that is fine. I wish to live through this night, that means team work. Block the door, and block the windows, and wait for them to come in the front. My pack is down to 10 now, the others are combat. You killed my spy blooded, and you have killed my spy master, now the battle starts now!"

Dropping the corpse of the woman, Amie meets Throat's gaze and nods to him, then smiles. "It will be done." More essence is used to one her skill, pushing vigor and vim through her body. Bouncing on her feet, she drops and begins to work on shifting, reserving her essence for the fight itself.

Naomi licks her lips a bit as she seems to htink for a moment. Taking a deep breathe as she looks around and then to Slicer as he does his deed. Moving to Alex she hands him that fanny pack and nods. "If you have to protect yourself...and absolutely need to...take what's in there and protect yourself and her...but be careful with's silver." Narrowing her eyes she then frown before she shifts....a sensation emitting from her as she moves into a position by the door and just....waits. On her haunches she waits by the door....going still it would seem.

Chris places himself below ad to the right of the window ready to bite and entries that way. "Awooo" Chris releases a howl and braces for the coming combat.

Helmer grumbles quietly as she keeps pressure on her neck. She watches Throat kill the threat and she spits out her blood quietly as she pushes up to her feet and walks over to her tea. She takes her cup and moves for cover because she really can't help. Though when he says they killed she shakes her head and points at Throat. "You killed." She clarifies with a very gurgly british accent. She moves over to the bar and takes a careful seat with her back mostly secure but enough to watch the shenanigans.

Alexander takes the pack Naomi gives him quickily clipping it to his belt, he digs in his labcoat pocket pulling out a pair of thick ace bandage and a pair of laytex clubs he snaps the gloves on as he rushs over to Helmer and studys her wound "Hello Ma'am not the best way to meet.. May I?" he dosnt wait for her to answer as he starts tightly banadaging her throat "This should staunch the bleeding till you can heal or we can get some surgical glue on it." He smiles at her and says "Would you come back to the corner with me behind these tables?" and then dispite it being clear why hes saying it he says "So I feel protected and my Packmate dosnt worry?"

Delilah rolls a couple of full kegs infront of the doors, and shoves a stray bar in the handles. She then goes about barring the windows with what she can find laying around. Then makes fast work of blocking off the stairs. She can really move in those high heels of hers.

Throat stands there as he watches them each, then he starts to shift quickly, into his garu form with a loud rage roar filling the air, and then he stands waiting his hands crossed his chest and then he nods towards them.<Uratha, it is time to stand togther, and I'm going to be one of you soon.>

The window is kicked in and they are barely able to get into it, but they are able to slide down into the room. Two of them leaping into the room, both of them sliding down the bookshelf, and then they are land quickly, to the ground as they are trip over the trap laid by Delilah."MOTHER FUCKERS!" Both of them spurt it out with rage, and they are prone easy to kill.

Not wasting time, Amie is on the move as soon as the two hit the ground cursing. The first is leapt upon, teeth sinking deep and massive honey hued head jerking. Something snaps, more things spray and the golden fur is stained crimson with a splash. Quick as anything, she changes her target and latches her jaws around the leg of the second, crunching down hard and shaking them like a rag doll.

Alexander is talking to Helmer trying to persaude her to come hang out with him away from the comming combat when he suddenly just says in a mater of fact polite voice.. still wearing his laytex gloves "Excuse me just a momment Ma'am." he pulls the silver knife out of the fanny pack hes wearing and walks over to the twitching pure and leans down shoving the knife into the creatures eye socket.. but the knife wont go in.. Alex frowns and takes his foot and steps hard on the knife til the resistance gives with a meat thawk and the sound of cracking bone the knife is driven home.. Alex then pulls the knife out wipping it on his sleeve and walks back to Helmer golden eyes glowing softly and says "Terrabley rude them interupting like that.." yep the beanpole redhead has finaly lost his mind.

The older woman feels the young one try his very best to bandage her up and she puts her tea down to fix it while he's murdering. Her eyes lift up and she gives his two thumbs up before taking her tea and pushing herself up. She gestures towards the corner Alex wants to hide in before moving over there sipping her tea before too much blood gets into it. Helmer finally takes another seat and slides the table over her head.

The next guys are coming at the back door, kicking inside, one of them has a large battle axe, the other is holding a silver rapier, as they leap inside. The others behind them have two pistols ready staying on the stairs behind them, as they are watching it all, it took all their power to open the door, and moving the case of beer stacked in front of the back door.

Oh she had been biding her time as she seems to have slowed her breathing. Naomi cracked an eye open at the two bursting through the window but seems Amie and Alex have taken care of that. With that she just waits...and her time comes. As they burst in, she moves and with fists in full effect pummels the one withe rapier to take them out of the way.

Chris Bends down on his hauches and launches himself at the pure with the battleaxe, front paws landing on his chest as his jaws snap around his neck. They land on the floor with audible crack. Chris pulls back his head, his jaws covered in blood and gore. The pure lays there on the floor a couple of final twiches before he stops moving.

Delilah runs at the guy nearest to her with the knife. Does a kung fu hiya sound, red manicured nails first. She ends up rolling her wrist, breaking her hand and howls in pain. Broken manicure is the last of her problems. "Shiiiiiit!"

The stairs are kicking over, now the rest of them are coming down into the room, they are unarmed watching it all, and then it is time for the rest of this fight to take off, and it is rumble roses time.

With a scream of rage and fury, Throat is launches himself past the one with the silver rapier, and into the two with the guns, his claws spinning around him in a whirlwind of motion, bleed spurting into the air coating the back wall, as he roars out into the night with nothing but hate and rage, and violence, his eyes are narrow at the ones on the stairs.<RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN TELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THEM NORTH IS URATHA OWNED!!!!!!!!!!! THE WARLORD HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Blood fills AMie's mouth, the taste maddening, pushing the wolf to surge forward, ripping and tearing through the people on the stairs, lost to the rage and the fight itself, shedding Urshul for Garou and leaving chunks of people and a flood of crimson in her wake and she heads up and /out/.

The other men running now, reporting back to the world, it is over the pure are pushed out for now, and then Warlord Throat Slicer, is stands there in his coat, his eyes on them for a moment, as he speaks softly."Now then, what do you wish to speak about it, I'm going to be one of you now, or will you be striking me down."

Alexander doubles over and releaves his lunch in a nice formeraly clean part of the floor.. and then wipping his mouth he walks over and picks up the silver rapier giving an experimental swish with it.. his eyes look thoughtful he says "This could come in handy.." he looks to Throat Slicer "Will you agree to an hour a week of Therapy? Just you and me, " he swallows a little as clearly the idea scares him as he says "I think it could help you.. That I could help you.. Everyone deserves a second chance.. Im nobody realy." He shrugs as he says this dipsite his long list of albeit non combat acomplishments and says "So for what its worth I sawy he deserves a chance.. just not as a leader but as a teacher.. till he earns trust and a right for more."

The older woman slides out from under the table and lifts her eyes up looking around. She finishes off her tea and puts it on the table. She listens to Alexander's request before turning her eyes to the man. "To join us..." She spits up blood onto the floor and sighs quietly. "Daily. At my side, speaking." Another spit. "For no less than one hour." She lifts her finger up and looks at him. "I will help..." Spit. "You remember your mother. So you can seek her forgiveness." Blood dribbles out of her mouth as she reaches her hand forward.

Looking as Amie seems to be on a tear (see what I did there), she closes her eyes and shifts back to her human form. Taking a deep breath, Naomi steps around dead wolf blooded before moving over to Alexander and Helmer. Pursing her lips she looks at the woman then nods to Alex. "Good job." A warm smile is given to him before looking to Helmer. "I can see if I can call a friend...." At that she looks over to Slicer. "...Alex....if he does....I'll be sitting in the corner reading a book....just in case....."

Chris shifts to his human form and wipes the blood from his mouth. "I'm not sure I trust someone who trades allegiances back and forth as you seem to be doing throat slicer. I've made a life out of giving people second chances though. If you'll excuse me I need to make sure that doesn't bubble over into innocent bystanders." Chris heads up the stairs.

Delilah shaking her injured hand. She is more worried about her nails, she is rechecking her manicure. She ventures back to the bar, and picks up a bottle of whiskey. She pulls the cork out with her teeth and starts drinking. "Who needs a bit of the hair of the dog?" She asks in a deeper more husky voice.

Amie hits the top of the stairs and searches for -more-, fur matted with sticky people juices and stained red. With nothing left, the massive gauru paces until the rage fades and she can take on her hishu form again - just as covered in gore as she was in her other shapes. Ew.

Throat Slicer stands there in his human form his eyes moving from each of them as he looks at each of them for a moment, as he bows his head at Helmer, and then over at Alexander."Now then, I agree to your terms, and I will see each of you as you need, and I will see anyone that needs me, now then my people are leaving your lands, they will come for me, the assualt will be bad, and I will stand with you Uratha, now then about this ritual. Have we found it or know how to get it?"

Alexander looks thoughtful and nods to Throat Slicer, the spirits cant be entirely wrong can they? but he offers Amie a grateful look because hes not ready to be comfortable being alone with TS just yet... Still carrying the rapier he heads over and takes back up the breifcase and turns to study Naomi as if making sure shes allright. Satasfied that shes handle her bizness he smiles brightly and goes over to ask Helmer "Ma'am hows your neck? will it heal or? I think we can get Makar to stitch you up, hes been practicing on Naomi."

Helmer looks around at the gore and then love to Amie shaking her head lightly. "I will be fine, my dear." She puts her hands on her hips. "Though I might die..." A cough. "Without my tea." Her eyes scan the room. "Perhaps a cleaner?" She rubs her neck slightly and frowns. "First step... if you are going to be Forsaken...Best not call Pure your people." She stares at Throat Slicer. "Though child, I warn you. If you betray the Forsaken on this path you've chosen...I will call all the spirits this side of the hemisphere and every vile demon I can out of the abyss to take you and just as they are eating you alive I will be merciful and put an arrow in your eye. So continue this path back to your mother or I will give you five seconds to leave this bar with respect of this battle behind you." She moves over to the man and stands up tall against him as blood drips down her neck. "Do I make myself clear?"

Naomi seems to just keep her eyes on Slicer before slowly looking over to Alex. Clearing her throat she movers over, holding out her hand for that dagger and fanny pack. "Go ahead and give that back to me...." Looking to Helmer, she smirks slightly as she hears her and seems....well....satisfied. At that she looks to Helmer and Alex. "Let me know....we have a friend we can call to heal her. He healed me...." At that she closes her eyes and then nods. "So...seems things have just gotten....more odd...."

Chris Looks from Amie to Throat Slicer. "so..... you challenged for his right to become Urathaagain but don't have the means to pullit off? What do either of you know about this ritual?"

Delilah is completely ignore with her bottle of whiskey. She shrugs and takes another swig. "Well, Imma gonna take my big black cock upstairs and defile the bodies." She announces, just to see if anyone is listening. She is pretty sure they are not. And she makes it upstairs to exit. Not her circus, not her monkeys.

Amie lifts a shoulder. "Anything is possible if you're willing to try. He's willing and let's be fucking honest: We need his help and his knowledge." His leadership. Amie starts back down the stairs and moves towards Throat, clapping a hand to the man's shoulder. "You alright? Kind of fucked up to ask you to kill your family." She says, shooting Helmer a -look-.

Throat sighs softly, with a little chuckle."She is right you know, I have picked they are no longer my family. I have picked this, and this is my home now." His voice booming out into the room, as he turns slowly for the door."I have a hotel room, in the northside I will be there, if you wish to follow me that is fine, if you wish to stay here or whatever, do as you will. But I wish to lie down now."

Alexander hands the fanny pack with the knife to Naomi and quickly hurries to try to catch Throat Slicer before he leaves.. He reachs out a shaking hand to try to place it on the big mans arm and whisper something to him.

Hel turns to stare at Delilah and blinks a few times. "I though she was a she." She shrugs before looking back and seeing Amie's look. "Don't you look at me with that tone of voice." She points at her. "You should be wiser than this. To trust the words of a man who not only betrayed the Forsaken once but also betrayed the Pure who he still calls his people." She turns to glare at Throat. "Then you are keeping this path back to your mother? If you do I will honor you and help you come home. That is what I offer you." She turns to Naomi. "Healing would be lovely. Would you like some scones and tea as payment?"

“Hey, i think you know you scare the shit out of me.. but this was a hard thing you did today, I hope for you as well as us it was a good thing and the right thing." his voice is soft and compassionate with no judgement in it "If you need someone to talk to call me.. no matter whatelse goes down this was a hard thing and no one should have to go through it alone." he murmers his nummber to Throat and says "Thank you for the breifcase im on it."

Naomi watches Alexander going after Slicer before pursing her lips. Looking to Amie then Helmer she seems to think before speaking up to the man. "I have you dagger, Slicer. When you've officially come back...I'll give it back to you....." At that she keeps an eye on Alex while speaking to Helmer. "Yes. We have a mage friend that has been helping us. Now we need to inform him....of our change in...developments...."

Chris "I'll see what I can find. I'm not sure where to start looking for the ritual yet. Yime for me to go back to my shop and begin researcging." Chrid heads up the stairs and out."

Amie looks down at herself, absolutely saturated with the blood of the dead that are strewn up the stairs. Then back to Helmer. Then to Alexander. There's a moment, but she lets it go, turning to grab her jacket and holding it well away from her bloodsoaked self. Then she's starting up the stairs, in dire need of a shower and a toothbrush to scrub the taste out of her mouth.

Throat Slicer's hand reaches out to clap Alexander on the shoulder."Of course, my little squire. I will do that if I need to, I will do that indeed." His voice is soft, as his eyes on the kid as he bends down to softly ksis the top of his hear, and then he starts towards the exit, as he waves overh is shoulder, heading out into the city. Then at the top of the stairs, he turns to look back at Naomi."Get rid of that, the pure can track it, you will die holding it." His eyes on Helmer, as he bows his head again."Once again you honor me my elder, I hope you have a nice night."

Alexander hears what throat saves about the knife Naomi has and looks whistfuly at the Rapier and tosses it on the ground with a sigh "Well gosh darnit!" he grips the breif case and glances at it breifly before saying "Ive got Liams info hub Ill search it if it has any rituals with a referance to the moon in them.." Naomi purses her lips as she looks to her fanny pack then nods. "Got it...." She then looks to Alex and nods before pulling out her phone. Humming she seems to be typing before looking to Helmer. "He's not responding but I can track him down ASAP for you if Makar doens't beat me to it. We'll get you patched up super quick...." Bowing her head to the woman she smiles then looks to Alex. "I think I'm heading back to the gallery...."

The old lady nods her head to Throat Slicer. "Sleep well, darling." She turns to Naomi and Alexander. "Tossing them here is a bad idea. Perhaps... smelting them down and making them into a phallic shaped object and then burying it?" She chuckles lightly at the image of a wolf digging up a silver dildo. She clears her throat and spits again. "I will be well until such time you can find your wizard." She turns and grabs her jacket which is surprisingly good. She pulls on her hat and gloves and jacket, hiding the bleeding neck.

Alexander walks over to Naomi and asks "Hey, N'omi you have a safe? I need to secure this while I get some equipment."

Naomi nods to Helmer with a smile before sighing. Looking to Alex she smiles before making her way out as well. "Alright...I'll be in touch." Moving to pick up the rapier and the axe it seem she nods. "I'm going to throw these in the river before I head home." Looking to Alex she nods. "Yeah we can lock it up."