Climb Out Of The Grave - I Dream Of Machine Elves Pt 1

Climb Out Of The Grave - I Dream Of Machine Elves Pt 1

Eden, Havok, Xavier, and Jasmine as ST

A simple chat near the park brings up something more and suspicious. A young girl dreams of machine elves. Is she whacked out on drugs or something more?

It's a rather chilly day here in the windy city but at least it's not raining! Eden is standing by a trashcan and is peeking into it. She smiles and says "Give mamma a hot dog. you can do it.."She is clearly trash can diving to get something to eat. She hums quietly to herself and seems to be ignoring the going ons around her.

Jogging. It's chilly and a brisky day, but that can't mean she can't be out in her best Lululemon athleisure gear working up a sweat. The dusky South Asian woman has her hair tied back in a pony tail as she jogs at a rather brisk pace as she hrmms for a few moments. Did she hear the request?

As she continues to jog by, there's several gestures made. They're strange and intricate and someone versed in hip hop would think she's tutting. Fate twists and turns and oh look. It seems like there's some perfectly good food that was thrown out because some major catering event produced too much. Such a waste, but it's still edible. The Daoine-in-training is being all Daoine-y.

Eden finds the food and she does a little happy dance saying "Score!" She pulls out a handful of whatever it may be and she walks away from the trash can with her prize. She is beaming and says "Xavier would be so mad at me.." but that only seems to make her grin more as she starts to munch away on her lunch. She looks up to the world around her, her eyes are very odd. One is a brilliant emerald green and the other is a crystal blue but that's not the oddest part. The odd part it's that when the light hits them just right they seem to have an odd mirror shine like an animal's eyes at night.

Chuckling softly at the reaction, Jasmine hrmms for a few moments squinting for a few moments as she observe the redhead for a bit. Hrmming for a few moments, she purses her lips as she takes in a long and deep breath as she gives the younger girl a thorough look over. "You know, there are shelters that could help. It might be better than hoping to get lucky with what you're doing." she offers as unsolicited advice.

Eden looks over to the woman speaking to her. She arches a brow and shakes her head "I don't like shelters. Yer shit gets stolen there and you can even get attacked fer yer bed. Yeah, they sound nice on the outside to folks who want ain't homeless but if you talk to a lot of homeless people you'll find out most don't like shelters and prefer to take their chances on the streets, safer that way. I'm doin okay though."She holds up her food and says "See!" She smirks a little but then takes another big bite. She is bone thin to an unhealthy level. She looks over the woman and asks "Good day fer a run. Chilly enough ta not get you over heated but not too cold ya don't wanna move. "

"I've visited a couple of shelters to visit some clients. I'll have to ask them about that." she muses under her breath, pursing her lips for a few moments and runs her fingers through her dark locks for a few moments. "There are at least a few churches that have regular meals though. Though I'm sure..." and she hrmms, squinting off in the distance. "There's a Panera Bread about four blocks south of here. If you go on Wednesday and Friday nights, a friend of mine works there and he often gives away left over food at the end of the shift. It'll mostly be baked goods, but it could help."

Eden grins brightly and says "I LOVE bread trash day at Panera. Some of them got in trouble for throwing out the old bread because bleeding hearts told them they could give it to shelters but some still put it in the dumpsters out back or just put them in baskets outside the shop. Have you ever had their bread bowls? The outside is like a rock and you gotta gnaw on it a bit but once yer inside that bowl it's divine." Apparently she's a Panera fan. She eyes the woman again but then says "Name's Eden."

"Olivia." she offers as an introduction. Sure, it's not her /real/ name, but it's one of the aliases she goes by when acting as fairy godmother of sorts. I can't say I regularly eat their bread bowls. I always just went for the soup." she says with a soft chuckle as she glances about for a few moments and hrmms. "So you're out here all the time ,huh?" a beat. "Want to grab some brunch or something?"

Eden nods her head and says "Nice ta meetcha Olivia. Yeah, this is my spot. I like it here. People in the park like to buy my bracelets so I got bartering shit."She then arches her brow and chuckles "I'm I already ate but thanks."She holds up her food. She does grin though and says "BUt, one day maybe when I sell enough bracelets. I can go into places now."She pokes her feet out from under her skirt and wiggles her feet to show off slightly dirty blue sneakers that are about two sizes too big for her. "I got a shirt AND shoes so they can suck it!"

Knowing better than to offer pity to someone who is scraping by on their own, she simply nods. "Well, I just got a job with the city. I'm a social worker, so if you need anything, I'm work inside the loop at the municipal building. I go to the shelters checking in on my clients every now and then, so I'll be around if you are." she explains.

Eden crinkles up her nose as she hears social worker. She quickly says "I'm over 18! " that triggers something. As a social worker it would be easy to see she was a child of the 'system' and by her skiddish natures it clearly went very, very wrong. "You don't seem half bad though."She admits.

"I wasn't saying to have you in the system or whatever. I normally work with younger kids, but I do have some older clients as well, though they're septagenarians." she replies with a bit of a shrug of her shoulders. "I don't work for CPS." she says rather matter of factly.

Eden narrows her eyes and says "CPS is bad. They don't listen, they don't vet people right. It's a scam for money. " She feels strongly about that. She purses her lips but then says "What do you do with kids? er rather FOR kids?"

Jasmine nee Olivia was out and about jogging. Surely, someone else would've known that considering she told him aferall. And there the dark haired South Asian stands chatting with Eden before she lets out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"I'm not in the business of taking them away from their parents." she says rather matter of factly. "I check in on their well being. I offer counseling. See how they're doing as they're adjusting from one place to another. I make sure they're safe." So she /is/ with CPS. Right? Maybe? "But mainly, I'm there to listen." And to report. And to occasional bring karmic balance when needed. "Usually that means helping their moms get away from shitty situations as well."

Eden frowns and says "SO CPS..." She shakes her head "You 'listen' but do you really know what they're saying? You do know abused kids are conditioned right? I spent five years with a foster family who locked me in a cupboard every day almost all day and I only came out when 'daddy' wanted some play time. CPS did regular checks... it was alllll good in their eyes. Kids can't always talk..they can't always just up and tell you. So, how do you listen to them?"

He's not jogging himself, instead he comes out for a stroll and the chance to run into Jasmine. Dressed for weather a bit on the chill side, that means Havok wears a light jacket over a long sleeved cotton shirt which hides his kevlar vest and shoulder holstered heavy pistol. With that he has dark jeans and a pair of modern combat boots. Making his way over to where the two women speak he shakes his head at the words he hears, "Sometimes, its better to not walk up on conversations like this."

"You simply ask them how they're feeling. There's very subtle tells between a child is merely shy and a child who has been conditioned to not be responsive or to front to others." Of course, her own fairy godmother magics tends to help determine one versus the other, but she's not going to say that. Snapping out of that wyld glint in her eye, she glances up towards the latest newcomer and grins in his direction. Jasmine takes in a soft sigh as she gives him a thorough look over. "She was asking about what I do for CPS here." she explains, making sure her cover story is straight.

Eden hm's and seems doubtful but she doesn't press. She looks over to the new comer and she eyes him "I know you. How do I know you.."she crinkles up her little nose and seems to think but then says "Wierdo magic man in the park! "she snaps her fingers "That's how I know you. Yer not the were the muscles and comedy. I remember now."

"I'll have you know, I've wowed children and various monkeys and apes around the world with that magic trick." There is a smile as he gives a polite nod of his head towards Eden at the memory of their meeting. "Magic Mike... I mean, Max? Was it Mike or Max? I want to Mike to joke about the movie but I feel like its Max." Shaking his head, Havok waves off the whole conversation then looks to Jasmine, he's careful not to blow her cover so no names are used nor titles. Instead he gives her a wink and nods, "I see. All work and no play, as the saying goes."

Her brows quirk for a few moments. "And what have i told you about performing strange magic tricks in front of the normies." Jasmine tells him chastisingly. Clearly, there's a bit of familiarity there, chuckling as she shrugs her shoulders. "Well I was just going out for a jog. Have to keep limber afterall."

And it seems like she's going to say more, but the three have the briefest moments of feeling a chill down their spine. Almost immediately afterwards, off in the distance there's a scream in the distance.

Eden smirks at Havok and nods her head and opens her mouth to speak but then.. she hears the scream. She stands up and says "Gotta go.." and she seems ready to take off directly towards the sound.

"We all know the ladies love men that know magic." A teasing waggle of brows follows before he winks at Jasmine. Its obvious Havok is just teasing but then he nods and whatever it was he was going to say is lost when that chill runs down his spine and the screams are heard. He watches as Eden runs off, looking to Jasmine and then back to the little redhead moving away. Pointing to them and then Eden he shrugs and moves off at a long legged run to investigate as well.

Her brows quirk for a few moments as the sudden scream definitely catches her off guard. Motioning for hAvok to lead the way, she nosewrinkles for a few moments. "We got a white knight in this one?" Jasmine offers, motioning towards Eden with raised brows as she huffs and puffs along. Good thing she's already warmed up and limber.

And off from the distance, along the tree lined areas not too far from the university, a young woman runs out frantic. She's wrapped up in what looks like a a paper thin bedsheet and nothing more. Her eyes are open and wide as she staggers out, stumbling before tripping and falling on a root exposed in the ground with a loud womp.

"H-help me.."

Eden moves over towards the woman and she doesn't bend down to help her but she stands between the woman and the tree line "Whose chasin you?Yer safe now." She asks her, peeking at her to see if there is blood. She crinkles up her little nose and seems to tense up expecting to see something through the trees. She may be tiny but she is fierce.

Havok slows as Eden moves up on the downed woman, looking around he thinks of that chill he felt and forms the spell for Supernal Vision in his mindseye. Casting the praxis he closes his eyes while activating his mage sight. It all takes but an instant but once complete when he opens his eyes everything is seen through a new lens. Standing in place he lets his gaze look to Eden, the woman on the ground and then all around them looking for any clues or things out of the ordinary.

It was just a normal chilly afternoon in Lincoln Park. All that was suddenly disturbed when the sound of a young woman screaming could be heard off in the distance with a chill that was felt by the people's spine right before it happened. Could that have been a premonition of what happened? Who knows?

Jasmine huffs and puffs as she follows along and nose wrinkles as she glances towards Havok. "I don't have my phone. Your phone? We should call 911." she says firmly and resolutely.

Meanwhile, in Havok's vision, he definitely sees a LOT. The young woman herself glows. She was a fricking yantra. Could she have been used in some magical ritual or perhaps it's a lingering effect of the clear magic that surrounds her frame.

The girl looks young. No more than nineteen years old. She's bruised, but there's no blood. She's diry and there are bruises along her wrist and neck as she trembles before she falls to her knees. "The eagle. I saw the eagle. It had such bright red eyes." she quiets, trembling as the look of pure terror can be seen.

It's then that she starts sobbing. "The elves. They were coming after me. The... machine elves. They were all over me. Grabbing me."

Eden nods her head to the woman and she still keeps herself between the downed woman and the area where she ran out of. Her eyes seem to shine with that weird mirror effect as she looks around the area. Hearing about machine elves she says "Well, that just sounds fucked up.." She looks over to the others and then back to the treeline. "Ligature marks."She tells Jasmine/olivia. She steps closer to the treeline.

"Babe, I don't think we want the cops here until we figure this out." The words are said to Jasmine with enough inflection to let her know there is more than it seems on the surface. His gaze moves in the direction the woman ran from and studies off in that direction as he moves slowly closer. "Hey... Lady." Speaking towards the scared woman, Havok continues, "Who was with you? Were you alone or were are the others?" A look is then given to Eden, "Careful with this one, there is... More to this."

As Eden starts exploring the treeline, she can see something off in the distance. Perhaps ten yards away or so, there's a shovel and a hole that already started.%rMeanwhile, Jasmine holds off on calling the cops for now. Glancing about with a wary eye as she crouches down by Havok, letting him take point on the questioning.

The girl continues to tremble for a few moments. She's clearly agitated, sobbing intermittently every now and then. "The elves... they were all over me." she says with clear disgust on her features as she nosewrinkles and runs her own grimey dirt marred fingers over her body.

She bites on her bottom lip and cries out, looking out into the world around her. It's like she's here, but not entirely here at the same time. "The eagle, it tried leading me away from them, but they kept on coming after me. It had such bright red eyes.. angry eyes." she whines, blinking for a few moments as she squints every now and then as she covers her face.

"The wizard... depression is just a form of repression..." she says, sobbing into her hands.

Eden looks over at the woman and arches a brow. She gives Havok a look that shows she thinks the woman is totally wakadoo right now. She looks back to the tree line and says "Be right back.. I see something." At Havok's words she sighs and says "When isn't there more to it in this crazy ass town...I'll be careful.."She lifts up her skirt a little , oo la la, and pulls a dagger from it's holster on her thigh before she starts for the shovel and hole she saw in the distance. Her steps are slow and she keeps alert, looking around her all the time.

"What wizard?" Havok stands over the woman and then looks to Jasmine. "Can you stay with her, see what's going on? I'll head over in the direction she came from. I think your friend is doing that now but I'll go and look with my perspective as well... Maybe she'll tell you something?" About to turn away he spots something on the sobbing woman's wrist. "Thyrsus?" One dark brow lifts and he waits to see if the woman will answer before moving off.

"I could hear it. The song. Everything was singing. The eagle led me from the wizard." she cries out as she lets out a shriek and scrambles back though there's the Jasmine to keep a protective tight hug around the girl

"It's okay. You're safe." Jasmine tells the girl as she looks up towards Havok, nodding as does what she can, for no, seeing if she can help calm the woman down. "Tell me more.." she coos.

"The eagle. It had such bright and fierce red eyes. It flew higher and higher! I had to follow it. But they.. the machine elves. They were after me. They said I needed to climb out of the grave to truly live..." and she shudders. "They crawled inside me." she whines and sobs once more.

Over in the woody area where Eden is exploring, there's the the hole. It's about six feet in length and about three feet wide. Then there's the shovel that's tossed to the side. Footprints can be seen from the hole itself, towards where the girl is. Could that be hers? Did she climb out of the hole?

There's no other footprints except for the girl's who seemingly just climbed out of the grave before screaming to catch their attention. No other traces of anything else except the shovel on the ground.

Meanwhile, back over where jAsmine and the girl are, they're just talking quietly amongst themselves as she does what she can to make sure the girl doesn't hyperventilate.

Xavier makes his way to where the others are, though he doesn't come out to be seen. He watches from where he is, using his surroundings to keep him hidden as he surveys the area, taking in each person here and watching them.

Eden looks over to Havok and says "So,no other signs of anyone around. No signs of who did it. There's the shovel though but I mean I can't run prints."she smirks a bit. She says "Nothing to see here really."She looks back over to the woman and "And I don't know what the hell she's talkin about. "She starts to look up in the trees and says "I Don't see no robot elves or birds."

Nodding a bit towards Eden and her words he purses his lips then looks from the hole back over to where the woman is huddled up with Jasmine. There is a frown as Havok thinks over what he's heard and seen. A soft, "Hrm" rumbles from deep in his chest before he moves back towards the woman. Pausing he points at Xavier and asks, "Do you know that man?" Still he doesn't wait long before he returns to the woman to listen, learn and figure out what's going on.

"Her pulse is racing. There's a bit of tachycardia. Her pulse is around one hundred fifty beats per minute." Jasmine says with a bit of concern as she looks towards the girl even as her hand is on the younger girl's wrist. "She needs a doctor." because she isn't going to risk magic like this in such an open place afterall.

Meanwhile, the girl just rocks back and forth, gaining some moments of lucidity. "Anais, where are you?" she whines, frowning as tears run down her cheeks. "You said you'd help me." she says, her lips continuing to tremble as she wraps herself up in a hug and holds herself in fetal position. Her eyes gain the briefest moments of clarity as Havok nears and then she looks towards the bearded man before the dark skinned woman with him. "I saw the tower, but I couldn't sign the book." and then she cries again.

Eden looks over to where Havok is pointing. She sees Xavier there and she gives him a smile "Yeah, he's with me."She says to Havok before she motions Xavier over. She heads back over to the woman and says "Well, obviously she's in shock. Best to not touch her. Maybe she's different but when I'm taken I don't want nobody touchin me it don't help. "She crinkles up her nose and fidgets a bit. "uh it's so hard to just not be me right now.. " Over to Jasmine she whispers "you get her a doctor and she's going right to the looney bin.."She cracks her neck but then kneels down to look at the woman. "Hey, hey, you. I need you to focus, right here.."she motions to her own eyes. "Look at me. I need you to calm yer breathing. I know that's fuckin hard ta do but just follow my breathing okay? Yer safe now and ain't nobody gonna hurt you. You're safe. No towers, no books, no elves. Just us. Now, follow my breathing..."She takes a deep breath and starts to breath slowly as she focuses on the woman in hopes she can get her to calm down.

Xavier looks up when he hears someone talking about him, upon seeing Eden, he walks over to where the rest of the group of people are. "Whats going on, I heard a woman screaming." he says in a low voice as he looks to Havoc, Jasmine and teh woman. He looks to Eden seeing as he knows her, "Everything ok?" he asks.

"This is familiar, no?" The words are softly spoken to Jasmine as Havok looks between them. Settling down into a kneel beside the women he places a strong, calming hand on the woman's shoulder. "Calm now. I can help. I can keep you safe." He speaks softly, low and rumbling in hopes of cutting in through the trama. "I've... Seen my own tower, then signed." That last part is even lower, pitched for that woman's ears only and hopefully nothing more than a rumbling buzz to everyone else. "Let's start from the beginning, who's Anais?"

Jasmine raises her brows as she looks up towards Havok and nods, hrmming as she's doing what she can, keeping mental notes. "She's been muttering things like hearing of the song or being with the wild." As if that's any more indication of what was going on. "But is tachycardia like this normal? I don't think so?" she says rather matter of factly, looking worried for a few moments as she standsup and letsthe gathered group take care of the girl so she can call an ambulance. "I'm calling 911. She needs a tox screen at least."

The young girl bites on her bottom lip for a few moment. There's a brief look towards Eden and then Havok. Their combined efforts work like Captain Planet, and while her heart is still racing like no other, she sniffles, starting to calm herself down. "I... I'm tired...I just wanna go home." she whines.

Eden cracks her knuckles. She looks over to Xavier and says "I dunno man.. " She stands up and steps back because, well, she's gonna do something she'll regret if she doesn't. She looks over to Xavier and says quietly to him "She came running out of the woods here in just this sheet talking about mechanical elves and a bird or some shit. I went into the woods and there's a dug grave, so I'm guessin she pulled herself out of there."

Quirking a brow up at Eden as she explains to him whats going on, he looks over at the grave then walks over towards it. He crouches down and begins looking around it and the general area of it, trying to figure out a bit more. "Mechanical elves huh?" he says in a low voice. He looks over to Eden than back to the girl. "Let's see what we can find as he stands up and begins looking around for anything that can be a clue.

"We'll get you home..." Pausing, Havok waits for a beat then says softly, "What's your name?" Voice still calm he takes over for Jasmine and slips out of his jacket to wrap it around her shoulders as he wraps his strong arms around the frightened woman. "While we wait, tell me what happened. Let me help you. I'm Ray, I've been though... something like this." Waiting and watching he gives the girl time to processes his words and then he asks, "Tell me, from the beginning, what happened?"

Alas, there's nothing out of the ordinary about the hole. It looks like it's a freshly dug hole and there's the girl's footprints scrambling out of it.

Meanwhile, Jasmine is off, calling the ambulance and giving them details as to get to the area soshe girl can see some expert professional care.

The girl simply sniffles, still struggling for a few moments. She squints and rubs from her temples as she bites on her bottom lip. "Regan. Regan Strong." she says as an introduction. "I'm just out here for a bachelorette party with my friends and then we were leaving and Anais... she took me in a chariot with no horse up the hill." a beat and she whines for few moments.

"I'm just really tired... I'm sorry..." she says, having gone through a lot in the past twenty four hours. Eden just stands there and watches. She looks between Havok and Jasmine and she arches a brow but she then looks back to Regan and then says "So she was going to Hogwarts?" She looks very confused.

Xavier isn't picking up anything, he sighs a bit, still not used to his new abilities. He rubs the back of his head a bit and he walks back over to Eden, "I didn't find anything." he says to her. "Does she even know her name?" he asks Holding the young woman tightly, Havok simply nods and lets her relax while they wait for help to arrive. Once she is calm once more he looks over to Eden and Xavier and shakes his head no. "No, it sounds like she was out with her friends. Something happened that separated her and her friends. She was brought up here to this location but she was able to escape what was happening." Not wanting to go into to much and set the girl off again he turns his head to look toward Jasmine to see what's going on.

"Got it. Thank you. We'll be here." And with that, Jasmine heads on over to hand the phone back to Havok as she looks at the others. "I called the cops. If anything, she's hurt and should probably get checked out at the local hospital. You'll be safe, okay? I'm a social worker." a beat. "Olivia Benson. I'll ask to be assigned to your case and check in on you." she says softly before easing on up to stretch her arms into the air.

"We should just let her rest for now. We'll visit... or something." she says softly, glancing towards Havok with more than a bit of a concerned look.

Meanwhile, Regan simply nods, nosewrinkling as she just shakes her head and looks like she's going to sleep, now that the adrenaline rush has passed.

Eden looks at Xavier and says "Cops comin that's MY sign ta bounce. Don't like the popo." She smiles at him though and nods "Yeah, Regan Strong. "She runs her fingers through her messy red curls and says "If you look at it from a simple perspective.. Sounds like she was dosed at a club with her friends and was kidnapped and tortured..." This of course is quietly spoken. "She's got brusing on her neck and her wrist, seems she was tied up at least. Looks like she was buried alive back there.. "

"I see." he says simply. "Yeah, I'm not a fan of the cops myself." Xavier looks over to where Jasmine and Havoc are, "You two have this?" he asks as he nods to teh girl before he leaves. Not wanting to linger around here for too long.

Havok looks at the group then at Jasmine. The muscular bearded man with his shoulder holstered pistol slowly stands and leaves his jacket wrapped around the scared woman. Moving to Jasmine he whispers to her and points to the girl in his jacket and then nods at the other two. "I think this girl will be ok. The police and medical are on the way. I'll slip out now, no need to be involved in the paperwork, but the councilor here can." Jasmine gets a wink and then Havok slips away to head home.

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