Candy Man pt 1

Candy Man pt 1

Jake, Blake, Darius, Ash, Lilith as ST


The snow and the cold have already begun taking their toll on the homeless of the city. Several mansicles have been brought in, and shuffled off to the morgue. Happy Holidays, welcome to Chi-Raq, where even the dogs won't gnaw your corpse!

There have been a lot of calls, an uptick of stress induced violence and retaliations surging. Someone got the last thing in a sale! That's a stabbing with the hell of a shoe! Friday the thirteenth, the full moon... The hospital has been hopping, to say the least.

Rumors through the streets of central is that folks are being splattered, slit like a cow for slaughter - slashed open throat to bits. It makes the partier nervous, it pulls down the happy vibe of Darius' nightclub and fills the meatlocker of the hospital, both.

Rumors abound that the bodies are all tied to a single pimp running a discreet service out of a 'photogrpahy studio' in the Loop.

Darius has been bored as of late, his girls busy away on business, but that means the dog has to play, as he moves outside of his club, his hand is holding a e-cig to his lips, as he takes a long hit of it, his new trick to appear to be human, his eyes scanning the world. Dressed in a black hoodie, and a tight black jeans, his jacket is the long hunting coat of his that duster, with his weapon of choice hidden inside the dark colors, as he looks next to him to Blake."Wanna find us a killer brother?"

"Most assuredly, whatever creep is serial killing folks, uh... should be dealt with in the harshest of manner." Blake takes a few steps outside, notices someone give him an odd look, and then realizes he's "cold" and fastens his trenchcoat. "Should we go, uh, check out the corpses for... clues?"

Stepping out from his apartment where he is still unpacking boxes, Dr. Jake Stephens pulls his dark suede jacket around him talking. He then reaches up to adjust the chocolate colored fedora on his head so it doesn't fall off in the wind. "Tough city. I even get called in the day 'before' my first day on the job," he says to himself. He looks up to try and decide if he wants to grab a taxi or an Uber into the hospital.

The snow swirls with the air, bringing with it the hot stink of quickly cooling blood - coppery, and tainted with the last of a body's functions. Not a pleasant scent, and one readily picked up on by the senses of the Kindred.

For Jake it's more an unsettling sense that it's too quiet. Even with the snow piling up and muffling the world, hiding the ugliness of the streets under a covering of pristine white fluffiness.

"Okay then, let's get going you know, there is something I heard, and I'm going to call in a favor from them." Darius slides his phone out slowly, as he dails a number on his burner, waiting there with the snow coming down, with Blake at his side, as he speaks softly into it, asking about the murders, and where it is going down, and also if they are going to cover the enterance and exit for me, calling me if they see anyone.

Blake looks distracted for a moment, takes a deep whiff of the air. "Actually, I think, the trouble is nearby. Maybe no need to go investigating." He loosens the fastening on his trenchcoat.

Spotting a nearby taxi, Dr. Stephens walks to the edge of the sidewalk and waves his left arm to get the taxi's attention. After the taxi pulls off to the side, he climbs in the back and says, "University of Chicago Medical Hopsital please." He looks out of the window at the nearly empty yet snow-covered streets. "Odd. Is this city normally this .. quiet?" he asks the driver.

The stories brought Ash out to this place at this time, the spirits helping him on his way. With his motorcycle parked in a safe location the hunter arrives on foot. He's dressed in a thick black hoodie with the hood up, his biker cut worn over it along with dark jeans and a pair of combat boots. Sniffing at the air he closes in on the group that seems to be doing much the same thing as him, an up nod given to the group. "I heard you all said you are out looking to find the source of this, recent surge in death?" Looking between each in the group he pauses then says, "That's what I'm doing. I'm Ash."

The driver of the cab reaches to get the meter going, but the driver's side window implodes in an explosion of tiny glass cubes. An arm, a huge fist, punching through the safety glass, palming the man's head and hauling the guy out like a limp sockmonkey - limbs tangling and flopping. Sure signs of head trauma. That and the blood leaking everywhere. Not too much can be made out through the snow - tall, darkly dressed, huge to judge by the size of that hand, growling lowly. "Do you believe now, boy?"

Darius runs forward with a wicked speed, he is moving quickly he is trying to make it there so much trouble, so little time. His eyes are hidden now behind a pair of dark red shades, as he is moving with a chuckle."Blake, New dude, let's do this shit my name is Mr Yates, and this might be it. I want my streets fucking clean." His body guards the gang bangers from the Black Discplies coming with him armed to the teeth.

Blake reaches under his coat and pulls out his rifle, bursting into a sprint. "Try not to draw the enemy's fire this time, hey D?" he calls out, chuckling. "Hey new guy, I'm Blake. Talk later!"

The surprise that flash over Dr. Stephens face is instantly changed into focused determination. He grabs the handle of the car and steps out. Nothing makes since here. How can someone punch through one of those windows much less pull someone out of the window? That isn't possible, yet it happened. How or what happened doesn't matter right now. Jake is in triage mode and needs to assess the damage. He holds his hands up and says, "I'm, I'm a doctor. Please let me help this man."

Ash lets the others take the lead, more so when there is a gang that shows up armed to give a hand. Pulling up the rear he looks behind them to make sure no one is following as he shifts into dalu form. Its a somewhat subtle change that comes over the man as he grows a bit taller, thicker as his clothing fits more tightly. Still hidden in the shadows of his hood he sniffs at the air while flexing his claw tipped fingers. He focuses on his wolf senses to bring the world to life around him even in the swirling snow.

There's no move made by the big, broad shouldered male. Pushing up to around six-six, six-eight in height and likely pushing a solid two-fifty in weight. Solid. The taxi driver is given a shake the one might an unruly child.. just /by the head/. Normal people can't -do- that. "He belongs to ME now." With efficient savagery, it comes to light that man's right hand is a stump with barb wire binding a sharpened meat hook to the stump, throat to balls, the man is split open and discarded.

Those heading for the commotion can see the good doctor, and the tall man, smell the coppery blood of the newly inducted as the driver's meatsack his the ground.

"HEY MOTHER FUCKER!" Darius strides forward now his hands into balled up fist, as he looks at the big mother fucker, as he is looking into the forward."Now then, bring it on look at me, you little bitch boy. Me and the boyos going to fuck your mother fucking skull into the ground." There is a growl, as Darius sprints forward with a wicked laugh.

Blake looks around him as sprints onto the scene. The streets abandoned except for his allies, he considers his options. "Well it's blown already," he mutters. With a growl, his flesh begins to warp and tear. Before you is a hunched over monstrosity, maybe 6' tall normally, but hunched over with longer arms and haunched legs. The arms and legs end in sharp, nasty looking claw-tipped paws. From its back sprout leathery wings which flutter occasionally as it moves, perhaps 2 meters across when unfolded. The head of this creature is mostly human, but ends in a wolf-like snout. The beast takes a deep whiff of the room, and you sense it knows everything it needs to know about you in the process.

As soon as the meathook man claims that the cab driver was his, Dr. Stephens tries another tactic. "If he belongs to you, then surely you - " Before he can even finish the man tore that hook right through his body. The horror begins in Jake's chest and spreads quickly to his body. "NO! No. Why? I could have helped ... " The yelling of Darius overwhelms Jake's voice and draws his attention to him. What is a nightclub owner doing here? And his eyes shift again to the confused-researcher who suddenly turns. Jake stands there staring. His breathing quickens. His pulse races. "This, this isn't possible," he mumbles to himself.

Ash takes most of the events in stride as they unfold before him. Following at a slower pace he lets his gaze move around their surroundings, sniffing and looking for any other danger or those in danger as things get more dangerous. He doesn't act just yet, but he does take a moment to look into the hisil, getting a lay of the land on the other side to see if it helps on this side.

"He said he did not believe in me." The massive man's attention is pulled towards Darius and his rousing battle cry of the streets. "Do you believe in me?" He asks, still speaking to Jake, even though his attention is drawn to the incoming trio, studying the one that seems to be in the lead.

"Down boyo, sit the fuck down!" Darius looks into the man's eyes for a moment as he looks into her eyes for a moment, as he snarls out. His force of will is firing forward, as he moves towards the man for a moment, with a little chuckle, as his eyes meet his trying to force his will on the man."Drop the man, and hands over your fucking heads." This was the command, his blood pulsing forward surging towards the large man.

Blake is all ready to pounce on the monster, when he sees him acquiesce to Darius' will. "Huh," the creature snorts, and gets real close, ready to act the moment the enemy misbehaves.

Dr. Stephens has enough ER experience to know that he is entering into a state of shock. His attention is drawn from Darius and whatever that beast is back to the meathook man. "B-believe? Believe what?" He starts taking a few steps back to the back end of the taxi cab.

Ash returns his senses to the material world and shakes out his arms and legs as sensation flows through his body once more. Shaking off the weirdness of it he simply moves in a circular motion around the group of people to better line up a line towards the large man should he need to rush in.

The gutted man is already on the ground, twitching through his last - dead, just not quite realizing it, yet. The big guy lifts his hands in the air, oddly obedient of the interlopers demands. There's no more talk from him, no answer to Jake's question.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: I found a nossie attacking, people up here old as hell. What do you wish me to do with him my prince?

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: Does he have a name?

The phone comes out from inside of the jacket, and quickly a picture is snaped by Darius as he watches the man, as he walks forward looking at Jake for a moment."Sorry about that man, my name is Mr Yates, this man has been causing issues, and I was told to bring him in for questing." As he turns to look into the creatures eyes."What is your name?" His voice is soft, as he waits now for a moment his hand on the cross bow along his back.

Blake hunches down, next to the complacent man, alert and ready to strike.

Jake looks down at the dead cab driver. He doesn't need to check to see if he is dead. It is obvious from here. He shakes his head still backing up. Death was one thing. To have a patient die in the hospital or on the table, was one thing, but to have a man cut up in front of you by, by whatever that it. "Yates? You said that before." Jake's eyes are dilated as he looks at him. "Club owner. What is going on? What is that? And that!?" He points to the meathook man and the changed Blake.

Ash stands by, waiting and watching to see if he needs to do anything.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: Azmodeus, Jermiah Baker.

Darius sighs softly, as he txts down into the right hand, his eyes on the man with a nodding of his head."Just stay still Jake, this will soon be over I promise." His voice is soft, almost kind as he looks down at the large man, with a point of his finger at the ground."Sit down, Azmodeus, sit for me like a good kiddo."

"Azmodeus. Jeremiah Baker. Death. The Pale Rider. Pestilence. The Candy Man." The list, it seems, stretches back for as many years as the man is old. The titles become more obscure, less known, but follow the trend that where he goes, misery and suffering follows.

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: Ah, so you have met my Sire. Bring him to me.

Jake holds up a hand between him and Darius as he isn't sure where this is going. "First, this, man with a clearly abnormal hand and most likely on some illegal pharmological substance such as Phencyclidine kills this other man for what seems like a religious issue. Then, this, this so-called 'researcher' of yours " he uses the air quotes " has some intense folical acceleration and muscle mass increase which doesn't make any sense. Now you want me to be still?" He backs up a bit more. "I think I need to call the authorities." He reaches into his pocket to pull out his own phone clearly intent on dialing 911.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: I will be down shortly, there is a mortal do you wish him wiped or brought too?

"That would not be adviseable," Blake says in a deep voice, turning his head to look at Jake, "I am fine. Do not call the police. They will not understand, and this monster will harm them."

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: Is he a threat to our peace?

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: He has seen things, I will take care of it.

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: See you soon.

Ash doesn't say much, instead he continues to keep an eye on things. When Jake talks of calling the police though he does move. There is a low, rumble of a growl that comes from deep in his chest that can be felt more than heard as he lifts a clawed finger and wags it, shaking his head no.

"Sit down shut up and give me the phone!" Darius's eyes lock on to Jake's for a moment, with a nodding of his head, and then he points towards the big man." Jermiah Baker, come with me and we will vist an old friend." With that he looks at Jake for a moment, as he debates what to do."Jake you are to do with Blake, and wait for my return, he will take good care of you."

Blake nods as Darius compels the good doctor. His form quickly reverts to one of a normal looking human, as he hears the orders being placed. Blake gives Darius a worried look "You gonna handle this guy on your own? Alright..." He turns to Jake, "Come on, that was a rough encounter for your first day in the city. I think you could use another beer. New guy," he nods at Ash, "Come on, I'll buy you one too".

Jake's eyes look back up to Darius as he is about to protest once more. One does not simply sit down in the snow next to a murdering whatever-that-is and a big hairy-something else. "Sit down and shut up. Here." He does indeed sit down right in the snow, but obeying the orders in order means he is sitting on the groud holding his cell phone up in the air.

Shifting back into hishu or man form now that things seem to cool down. Ash gives an upnod of his head to the rest of the group since things seem well in hand and slips off. Not long later the sound of his motorcycle firing up can be heard before he roars off into the night.