Black Threads pt 7

Black Threads pt 7

Alexandria, Max, Blake, Darius, Lilith as ST


Tillo was able to set the crew up in the right direction. There's been trouble in the sewers under the South Side. People going missing, bodies found exsanguinated. The usual signs of -something- likely Kindred tied going on. The parting words of the Prince were: "Anyone thus flaunting their nature as to leave emptied juice packs scattered around like trash surely -must- be draugr or revenant." Not amazing news for anyone that's a messy feeder.

The hike under the city is oddly faster than it would be to go above ground, and a map to the area with trusted routes is supplied for the group.

It's... not a good place. Closer to the water, the signs of the rains and the flooding are everywhere. Water is often knee high, or higher, and the steady dripping sound means more water is sure to come before it gets better.

This is the old catacombs that formed after the Great Chicago Fire, the ruins of which are around them, the city having shoved the debris off into the water and merely built atop it.

The suit is left in his care, and a leather tenchcoat thrown over him, and then a leather vest and a pair of combat boots. The change is quick in the car, and then his trunk opened a large crossbow removed, with a quiver of arrows thrown over his back. Then he grabs a few other items shoving them deep into his pockets, as he starts down to the location, leading the others."Okay then, let's fuck this mother fucker up." That would be the last words, till it would be needed, the old fire, not a safe place at all.

Alexandria has changed from fancy clothes to a more work and armor type of leather. Leaving the trench behind, she's pulled a katana and slide it across her back. A tight fitting coat has lumps and bumps indicating more weapons. Her bike has been left at the Elysium so she's traveling with the gang now, better to plan.

Maxwell is ready in his camouflaged outfit. Fitted with some tools made for infiltration. He is barely visible from a short distance away. z

Blake; lets out a growl as his body begins to shift and bend. He hunches over a bit, his arms becoming longer and his legs more hunched. His hands warp into those of an animal, tipped with sharp talons. His back cracks open and leathery wings spring forth, flutter briefly, and then fold behind him. "Ready when you are".

Close, closer. Through the water and the wet, until the path through the ruins rises, lifts them up out of the lake's water. From the distance a soft siren's song can be heard. Sweet and foreign, ancient in nature. The sort of thing that can prickle the hindbrain with memories not remembered, but -felt-, instincts roused with a shiver down the spine.

Max can make out the scent of fresh blood, and the subtle spill of light down a twist in the path.

Okay this is it, it is time to play this game, Darius moves slowly, watching them but then he thinks for a moment, as he looks to his brother."Take the lead, Blake." His voice is soft, trusting comes hard to this man, but he is trusting in his Coterie, and his brothers in arms.

Alexandria steps to the side, not following one after another but spreading out to cover more ground. Drawing her sowrd slowly she holds it loosly in her hand, wanting it already drawn when they find trouble.

Lumbering forward much as a predator stalking its prey, Blake fans out in the opposite direction from Lex.

Blake; moves quickly forward, attempting to move with grace, but his unusual form does not lend itself to quiet movement. "That's OK" he thinks, "I'm the bait anyway right?"

Maxwell casually walks behind Blake in his stealth. Might as well follow and watch after him for now.

From just beyond the twist in the tunnel, there's a snarl and a hiss, then a choked sound and soft thump. This is followed by a renewed scent of fresh blood. The song intensifies, breaking into a coarser chant.

One that breaks off and is followed by a slithery sound and the snuffing of the small light, leaving them in absolute darkness beneath the city.

The dark is here, and then he sighs softly as he is annoyed, standing there in the dark, his hand is holding the crossbow. He is waiting, and waiting for light or the sound of the creature.

Alexandria stops as the lights go out a low curse leaving her throat as she strains to see through the darkness.

"I see her." Darius's voice hisses out those words, as he rises his cross bow firing it into the darkness, with a little chuckle. But the bolt is goes a little hair off of it's target, as he reloads it quickly.

Bolt bristling from her chest, the woman shrieks and flings herself at Darius, gripping him with an unnatural strength, claws digging into skin to give her leverage. Fangs are large, overly so, glistening faintly in the light as they snap down into place.

Alexandria can barely see the thing and when she sees it go after Darius she growls and darts forward with Katana swinging, not trying to take off a head but trying to go for an arm, get rid of some claws if she takes an arm.

Blake feels the beast rush past him before he can react. "Shit!" he turns, and leaps at the foe who is attacking his new friend. "Way to draw the attack Darius", as his claws sink into his foe. "Hey, over here bitch!"

Darius is pushes back, then she is holding on tightly, as he tries to break free stumbling around, in her control."Kill the bitch, she is distracted for fuck sake, kill this fucking bitch." His voice is hisses out, rage in his eyes as he is shakes her quickly, but she is sinking her fangs down into his flesh, with a an annoyed sigh.

The Hag surges forward, grip shifting, the crossbow skittering off into the shadows with a clatter. Another shift in weight and grip sees Darius wrapped in obscenely strong arms, the bitch jamming her fangs into his throat and beginning to -feast-, draining blood from the Kindred almost as fast as she can blow it to heal herself.

For Darius, there is no sweet seduction, no bliss. The puncture of fangs brings only pain and terror to equal return that the Kiss would bring a lover to ecstasy.

Alexandria is pissed now, with a low growl to her throat she gives a two handed swing of the Katana, swinging the blade to slash the woman from hip to shoulder, "Die Bitch!"

The Kindred drops like a puppet with the strings cut, mouth stained crimson with the vitae drained from poor Darius.

"Mother fucker, her teeth felt fucking awful, fucking bitch." Darius glares down at her now, and then he looks at Lex, then at Blake."Thank you, deed is done." With that he fires a crossbow bolt right into her heart, with a snarl."Keep that fucking bitch down, get her and let's get back to the prince."

"Oh, what, like you need all your blood?" as Blake pulls the limp form off of Darius. "Uh, someone want to get the legs?"

Maxwell reappears in front of everyone. "Well shit that went south quick glad you survived Darius."

Alexandria swipes her blade off on the bitch's clothing before sliding it away. Nodding her head to Darius, "Sorry it took so long." if Max doesn't go for the woman's legs she moves forward to help carry her.