Black Threads pt 6

Black Threads pt 6

Darius, Alexandria, Max, Blake, Lilith as ST


The main room of the Undercity Elysium is decorated only by a single ghoul left to wait for the expected arrivals. When they've gathered, the simple dressed servant bows deeply to the gathered Kindred, and wordlessly beckons them to follow him towards one of the rooms off to the side that are generally never used.

Within the space of the side chamber, large boxes are covered with sheets. One of them has been left uncovered, proving they are large, lexan boxes, more or less. Clear and durable, but easily broken down and destroyed. Unlike her usual, glum, victorian style of dress, it seems she's gone for something imminently more practical. If borderline lewd. Clear vinyl across her face serves as a mean of sight, while the rest of her has been dipped repeatly, fully, into liquid latex. Without the need to breathe, it's the simplest solution to keep the grubby black stuff from getting a tendril-hold while she works.

Standing to the side, unnaturally still and exuding an aura of devouring hunger, Tillo Protz, the Prince, waits with his scythe in his left hand. The gaunt, skeletal man stands over the seven foot mark by a half dozen inches, wearing an impeccable, if dated, black suit.

Darius comes down in his purple suit with the red tie, as he moves his hands covered in purple gloves, his hand holding a long cane with a skull on the end of it, as he bows before the prince."Greeting, my prince how does this evening find you, I bring you a sample, and I bring you answers. I also bring my Cotire with me, the thrist quenchers, we have pledged to find the issue, to help our praxis, and to do what we can to fight back with whatever we can." His voice is high, and his tone friendly as he moves forward and then he stands there hand on the cane, as he bows his head towards Tillo, and then he waits for the others now with a little smile on his face, but those pale eyes still cold and without emotion.

Blake cautiously approaches the gathered Kindred, keeping his distance from the experiment in its cage. "Hello, I don't believe we've met. I'm Blake, currently acknowledged by Prince Raul. I hope it is alright that I've come to help in this issue."

Alexandria steps in after the men, rather amused, she 'might' have gotten dressed up if she had known they would be missing the Prince. She nods her head lightly, "Good evening, we haven't met yet either. I'm Alexandria, just recently arrived in the city." her gaze has already taken in the room at large.

Maxwell walks in rather slowly and meticulously. He is dressed up a bit for once in a business casual black button up dress shirt, and a blood red tye. "Good evening my Prince I hope all is well." He stands next to Darius ready for discussion.

Not known for being wordy, the Prince's focus is entirely on the lexan box with the latexed Dragon within it. His posture is stiff in that 'dead thing' way - no breath, no blinking, no tiny ticks and twitches that give semblance of life.

Within the crate, Vanessa begins to cut, and the muffled screams of the man can be heard. A moment later, an arm-thick tentacle, a rope of black 'threads', lashes out of the incision on the man's chest and knocks the woman back hard enough to spiderweb the inch thick composite.

Tillo's hand tightens on the handle of the scythe, but he remains motionless. Waiting.

Vanessa shoves away from the cracked wall of the box, moving inhumanly fast to snap the neck of the specimen.

The heart stops, and the tendrils go lax, losing their cooperative cohesion and hanging like a curtain of coarse hair where a moment before was an effective 'fist'.

There is a little smile on the face of Darius as he moves forward to watch it, and then his hands are resting on his cane. His eyes on the creature, and then he looks at the others for a moment, with a little chuckle."Now then, we wish to examine it ourselves, if you would be willing to, we have a sample. I was wondering if we would be allowed to use your lab, to check that as well."

Blake blinks rapidly. "Well then. Uh, I heard that you might have some, uh, books on the occult here? Or really any books of relevance. Might I make use of these for the investigation?" Still wary of the box, not entirely convinced the thing is "dead".

Alexandria takes a half step back when the black fist errupts from the chest, steadying herself she comments when the thing goes innert, "Well that answers one question that was asked earlier."

Max looks very excited as he watches the experiments. He gets closer and jots notes down. "Well I'm very curious have there been tests conducted to see how light affects the specimen in different ways?"

With the subject put down and Vanessa more or less safe, Tillo finally takes his eyes off the box and acknowledges the four that have gathered. "Apologies. We have already lost three ghouls to this foul substance." As thin and tall as he is, his voice is low pitched and powerful. "It seems when the heart ceases to beat, if the specimen is removed from the mother, the substance dies with it." He motions and the ghoul in the space timidly scurries to unveil the other crates in the room. A horde of mice and rats, dogs, cats, two other bums. The black threads spread across the ground like a living, pulsing filigree net. The creatures enclosed with it are motionless, pulses and breaths slowed to an almost hibernative state.

Vanessa is let out of the box by the helpful ghoul, who wipes her down with some sort of acrid smelling cleaner.

Removing the clear vinyl makes it easy to speak, the latex torn and hanging at the edges of her face, framing it.

"The experiments are progressing nicely. I am.. concerned, however, that Kindred can fall sway to this as well. More of a carrier than active participant." She pauses, nodding to Blake. "There are many resources, if one gains the favor of the Prince to gain access. As for the light... it doesn't /like/ it, but none of the types we've run across it seem to cause it lasting harm or discomfort. But then, how do you measure the discomfort of -that-?"

"You bring up something I wanted to bring up, I wish to have one of our outcasts, to hunt down and feed to the black thread right in here." Darius watches his prince, as he bows again with a little smile."I wish to hunt down, someone with my cotire, and this one as well. I want to use the black thread, that I will be bring them here for you. If you allow it my prince?"

Blake looks somewhat taken aback by the suggestion. "I suppose it would answer my other questions. I assume it can't use us as hosts if we are not living but... uh, I wouldn't bet my life on it. I would like to research this further for your benefit as well as our own. So, uh, a dilemma, since to do that, I would request the use of the books that I would use to garner that favor. Uh. Is there maybe something else I can do for you?"

Listening, Alexandria frowns a bit, "I saw something in the paper about a dog that was found with these thread sort of things. Dead of course when they found it. The article mentioned they sent the speciment for testing." gesturing to the boxes she asks, "Has heat or freezing had any effect?"

Maxwell's morbid curiosity gets the best of him he nods in agreement with Darius. "I also would like to take a look at your oldest books. Never know what one may learn."

The woman and the Prince trade a look - the sort of silent interaction people that have worked alongside one another can have, without needing a word. Vanessa gives the slightest of nods and the Prince turns his full focus on the four. When his gaze lands upon each, the weight of it brings the sense of seething hunger. The sort of hunger that could devour the world and never know satiety.

"You have permission to bring me draugr or revenant. No more than five, no less than one. For each brought before me, and gifted to Miss Beaumont, I will reward you each with two coins for the service." There's another motion and the ghoul steps forward, presenting a heavy drawstring bag. A twitch of the Prince's finger sets the ghoul to doling out two coins to each. "For bringing another specimen, and your ongoing service to the praxis, to the Accord."

"Access to the libraries here costs one coin for a month's access." He intones for the two that seek such knowledge. "We must find out how this affects out own kind."

Darius takes the bag of the coins with a nodding of his head, as he bows before the prince."You honor me with your gift my princes, and showing your good will again, I'm honored to be a memeber of your praxis." With that he looks at the others for a moment, as he starts to pass out the coins to his group, with a nodding of his head."We will bring you both 5 of them, we will find them and hunt them. Anyone you want most, you may txt me and I will personally bring it to heel."

Blake bows his head slightly as the coins are handed over, "Thank you, uh here," he hands one coin back, "For the library?"