Black Threads pt 5

Black Threads pt 5

Darius, Alexandria, Max, Blake, Lilith as ST


The meeting was set a bit away from the enterance to the undercity, they would of course be given directions, and the plan and well thoughts idea sharing. Darius is leaning against his rolls royce, as he is watching the city, next to him is his two buddies, as he looks over at them."So I txted, a woman, Lex to meet us here, and then we will talk of our powers, and our goals, and how to do this best. I have a fairly good idea, but I will only explain it, once we have all arrived."

Alexandria drives up the street on her bike, circling the street once before pulling up and parking. Dressed in jeans, a dark long sleeved sweatshirt and a half trench, she slides off the bike and moves over to join Darius and the group. Listening to the discussion going on.

Max flicks away a cigarette and looks to Darius. "Lex huh? sounds familiar for some reason." He notices Alexandria pull up and the dots connect instantly. "Hello and welcome friend."

A younger, but hardened, looking man in a trenchcoat, with an old style rifle, is near the group, watching uneasily. He nods, "m Blake" he says.

"Now then, here is the plan I'm grab a bum, lead him into that place, feed him to the shit and bring him back. I will use my powers, to be inside of him. I will be talking to you, telling you about it, you note it and then if any of you are good at tracking, and so willing follow me down into that mess." Darius states it coldly, as his hands are in deep in the pockets of his black hoodie, with the hood pulled over his face, and a pair of black leather gloves.

It's cold tonight, the temp dipping down within a few degrees of freezing. Between that and the rain on and off all day, it'd be miserable if they were breathers.

Blake looks puzzled.

Alexandria nods her head to Max, her lips turning up lightly, "Hey Max, nice to see you again." she nods her head to Darius and Blake, "I'm Alexandria but you can call me Lex." turning back to Darius she askes, "Anyone have or know how to use one of those drone things?" "So I was wondering, does it need to physically touch you to do... whatever it does to you?"

The meeting was set a bit away from the enterance to the undercity, they would of course be given directions, and the plan and well thoughts idea sharing. Darius is leaning against his rolls royce, as he is watching the city, next to him is his two buddies, as he looks over at them."So I txted, a woman, Lex to meet us here, and then we will talk of our powers, and our goals, and how to do this best. I have a fairly good idea, but I will only explain it, once we have all arrived."

Max chuckles to himself and smiles. "Drones what for ? if we need to spy I can Handle that no problem. Also yes we believe touching it is part of it we are wearing gloves as precautions."

"Yeah it needs to touch you physically to do it and then it will take you over. As I stated I will be in a homeless man, you can see it go down. Goal is bring rats back in a racksack, but if it takes me I will ride the wave." Darius nods slowly, with a little chuckle, as he watches the others, his hands coming out of his pockets."I can't use a drone, I have no skill of that sort." His eyes move to Max with a nodding of his head, as he chuckles."Now then, everyone fine with this plan?"

Blake has a sudden look of comprehension. "I see we want a sample, OK then. Preferrably living I assume." Blake seems lost in thought. "How do you catch something without touching it, or it touching you."

Alexandria nods slightly, "It would give us a recording but I don't have the skill either." she listens and nods about Max sneaking down, "Do we know if anyone has recovered from this?"

Max looks at Darius." I don't know more than what Darius has told us, but I don't wanna contract it and find out."

The phone is brought out, and then Darius speaks softly into it."Bring me a customer, to the alley, down on." He looks up at read the sign, with a little chuckle."Burly, big, dumb. I need something for a fight tonight, normal pay off. Do it quickly, you get double. My fighter is O'ED tonight on his coke, and well I got a lot fucking riding on this fight Drake."

"I, uh, don't know anything about drone neither." Blake is looking at everyone in turn. He looks like he's about to say something, but then looks away.

What arrives, not too long after, is a guy that's about six-four, and has the look of a roid-boi, thick and stocky, and the kind to get hooked on the needle and get desperate when things fall out of their favor. ( )

Alexandria draws out her phone to take notes on what they already know, which isn't much. Nodding to Darius's car, "You by chance bring any cages or boxes for the rats?"

"Do we really want to catch one? do we have nets?" Max sighs and looks at his hands and tightens them.

Blake says, "This plan just keeps getting better." Out of earshot of the mortal, Blake mutters, "Do we think his strength will be a benefit to us down there? Or are we just feeding it muscle?""

Darius leans forward his eyes on the man, and then he starts to push himself forward into the large man, and then he picks up his own body tucking it into the boot of the car, after locking it with the keys, as he speaks in that large man's voice."Ain't got no cages, but I have three nets in the back, and a cat carrier, for one of the girls wants a cat, never got around to picking it up."

Alexandria nods and moves around to grab the nets and cage so it's ready in case it's needed. "Max, leave your phone on and call my phone so we can hear whats going on."

Blake says, "so wait, you're staying up here then?""

Max nods at Alexandria and clicks his phone. "Alrighty we should be good right? I'm gonna head off."

It's quiet. There's no bums, there's no bin fires. No cats or dogs, no rats. The alley, at least, is a dead zone - one partly covered for by the general sound and activity of the buildings and people.

Blake says, "Well I can't do much from up here, and it only takes one person to report back to the Prince how we all valiently died in battle so...""

Alexandria says, "I don't know, thats what it sounded like? Darius wanted those that could stay hidden to follow him down?"

The bum is moving forward with the pilot of his action being one Darius Yates, and then he walks towards them, as he starts to dial his phone in the pocket, using the bums right to Lex, as he places it on speaker phone in the front pocket of his shirt, everyone has phones even dumb bums."Okay heading, towards the undercity."

Blake says, "Well it's not exactly hidden but I can be intangble. Does that help?""

Alexandria pulls out her phone and sets it to record before putting it in her pocket. Drawing out a earpiece thats connected to her phone so she can hear the on-going conversation. A little un-nerved with how quiet it is she checks her handgun, making sure it's loaded before nodding to the men.

Blake says, "Or would you like me to cover the exit?""

Through the nearest build and down a flight of stairs into a basement. The guy doesn't move real fast, but he's got the power of a bull in his flesh. Solid. The stairs are a bit rickety, creaking ominously under the weight of the borrowed meatsack. It's the easiest route, really. Down the stairs and through a hole punched through and reinforced, covered with a makeshift door.

It's still eerily quiet in a section of city that should be /busy/ with the sounds of scuttling and scurrying. There's the odd feeling of the darkness on the edges of the door moving.

Max stays behind Darius's meat shield in case there's anything ahead. He looks around hoping to find anything in this odd desolate place.

"Going the way, she went heading down the passage, my dead ghoul for those playing at home." Darius moves down the stairs, and then he is moving towards the darkness by the door, as he speaks softly."This is the spot, the shit is on the door, and around it." His hand is reaching back to open the backpack, and then he sighs softly as he peers into the dark, as he waits."I'm going to wait for my eyes to adjust, try grab a sample and get the fuck outta, dodge."

Alexandria paces quietly in the alley, her gaze moving back and forth from the street and over the direction the others went in. Lookout girl!

Blake grumbles, mutters something under his breath, and takes out his rifle, checking the rounds

Blake turns to Lex and says "look out above us" and readies his rifle, backing away from something...

Max stares at all these weird creatures and slowly backs up. Doing anything right now will get him killed. He waits for meet shield to make a move.

"It's all moving down her Lex, and well I think it is much larger then last time, this is fucking bad. I think, I don't know what to do, I need a sample I'll find one for us. The others are in the hands of the prince." Darius moves forward slowly his eyes on it, as he takes out a jar, of a something once perserved, now about to be used for scooping in weird bood stuff, as his hand is coated in black gloves, his jar is pushed into the gunk to collect it.

Alexandria pauses in her pacing, her lips turning down into a frown. Edging away further from the doorways she says, "Somethings not right. Those shadows are moving, like bits are darker then other parts, it's not solid." she's moved closer to Blake so she can lower her voice to speak to Blake about what she's seen. Above? Fuck. Alexandria glances up and back towards the doorway. Maybe getting out of the alley would be a good idea. Taking out her phone she says into it, "Shadows are moving up here, in the doorways and Blake warned to watch upward."

Above Ground: Attention drawn tp the shadows, they seem to be gathering, trying to /sneak/ and wriggle to cut off the exit of the building. They're not surrounded, yet, but if it had gone unnoticed, the Kindred would be in trouble.

Underground: Darius busies himself with stuffing the wriggling black threads into the jar. It clings to the hand, the jar, and it spreads -fast=, snapping out little tendrils like sticky webbing and hauling more of itself along. The pattern of motion a lashing tendrils, a surging forward, and two or three splitting from the new anchor point. Each anchoring point splits again, webbing out in a rapid manner. As one, the trio of coated dogs and the gathering rats surge forward from the shadows where they were overlooked by Darius. Silent. Not a sound made beyond the marest needed for motion. Tethered, tendrilled to a mass, they act as robots with their cabled tethers. But living.

Blake mutters "gotta do something to cover their exit". He shouts "Over here you amorphous shit!" pulls his rifle, and fires off a shot into the center of mass, and moves away from the exit.

Max decides to calmly walk back up the stairs. He has seen enough of this to satisfy himself.

The large man is like fuck this shit, I need to go go go go go go go go go go go, there is a moment in every drug adicts life that is called rock fucking bottom, too bad this one is not for him when he is home. He turns quickly with the jar in his left hand ,and then he is a bolt of lighting, very very frighting, as he is dashing out of the undercity, back to the others, pass them to the car.

Alexandria taps her foot on the ground, thinking she goes over to her bike and flicks the headlight on after wheeling her bike so the light will cover the door, "I don't know if light will have any effect but maybe the stuff will avoid the light, keeping the doorway open."

The bullet doesn't have much effect on the amorphous nature of the material. Whatever it is. It simply reforms and seems to -boil- up, gaining mass as it gathers at that point of penetration.

The meatsack manages to outrun the rats, but one of the dogs keeps pace. It can't bite, or trip him, but it does rub against the man's leg, leaving behind a black, tarry smear before the ridden fighter hits the stairs and ascends them like the devil himself is on his heels.

The light doesn't seem to harm it, though it does prefer the darkness, skirting around the brightest of it.

Blake chambers another round, and readies a shot for whatever comes out of the building which will hopefully have more mass than the shadow.

Or at least more blood.

Max walks calmly towards the car now with a smirk. He finally got to witness something exciting in this city.

"Here are the next steps open this trunk, take the jar, shoot this fucker, and then I'll get out and he goes into the trunk. Then we go research this shit, and maybe maybe not fucking die." The fat man talks as he points to the trunk with keys still in it, smart in case he fucking died down there, no reason to live in a trunk.

Alexandria wheels her bike back to the car where she openes the trunk, eyeing the living shadow shit as she mutters, "Lets get out of here, that crap is freaky. We need to find a way to contain it. How large was the area when you first saw it?"

The black smear from the dog is already working into the fabric, into the skin of the body. Tendrils thinning enough to seep through the pores and infiltrate the man's body. It would look akin to black, vericose veins, spiderwebbing through the tiniest of vessels until it hits the thicker veins that supply the blood to the limb.

Darius can -feel- it seeking, the body growing sluggish.

Blake says, "Can it survive without the host body? Let's find out!" as he re-joins the group, still eying the building warily."

Max reappears in front of everyone by the trunk. "Hold on how are we getting the body in the trunk without touching it?"

"Okay good point, pull me out of there, now and then I'll have him put himself into it. Good thinking Max." Darius moves the large dude back away from the car, and then he waits to be lifted, the mintue he is out of the trunk, he is going to put the large man into it.

Blake shrugs, opens the trunk, and lift's Darius' limp form out of the car by the armpits. He looks at the others "Someone wanna get the feet?"

Alexandria is glad the won't be in the car when they transport the body, "How do we know the shadow thing won't be able to move from the body and into those in the car itself?" she moves to lift Darius's feet with Blake at the head.

Blake says, "We don't"

Max sighs. " Well I'm sure as hell not going in the car. That stuff seems so fluid it could easily slip through the trunk to the back seat."

"Fuck......" As he places himself in the trunk, Darius leaps back to his body quickly running towards the trunk slaming it shut, and then he locks it quickly, with a turn of the key."Fucking thing is turned into it down there, it is starting look I got a place to take it, undercity has a lab we can go down there, the doc has been able to keep the other ones controled, she can do it again. Anyone of you have the skill to examine it on the spooky or medical side?"

Alexandria shakes her head, "Afraid not, not my sort of skill." she eyes the trunk before glancing at Max with a grin, "You and me both."

Blake looks off into the distance. "I know a little about the weird stuff I suppose, although this is hardly my specialty. If you have a way to contain it, I could take a look. Would be helpful if you have reference materials." Blake looks back at the car. "Yeah no way I want to ride back in that. Not until we know more about it."