Black Threads pt 4

Black Threads pt 4

James, Darius, Lilith as ST


"Hello there...."The beast is surges out, primal, violence, desire to battle but it is stops as it is pushed down, the beast strong in him, as his fingers ball into fists."Come in, come in sit with me, let us chat, get to know each other, I'm Mr Yates. It is a pleasure to meet a lovely new face." WIth that he sweeps his arm, towards the chairs in the corner of the room.

Giving a soft growl as he turns his eyes away from 'Mr. Yates', James gives a small shudder as he feels the other beast burst out of the man for a second. After all, James is lower on the totem pool, and actively fighting back against those with more potent blood is... Difficult. Lastly, this is /Darius/ place. /His/ turf. Challenging him would be... Foolish, particularly when he came to potentially do business. "The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Yates. I am James Tucker. I hope that I am not... Putting you out unduly?" He offers quietly, keeping his gaze slightly lowered as he does so

"Now then, sit and chat with me get to learn about our city, and yourself. Now then what do I owe such a great pleasure to mr Tucker." Darius slides into the chair, and then his leg crosses over the other, as he leans back his fingers steeple over his chest, as he waits."Have you been here long?"

"Yeah I see, the feet under you is a good first step indeed, welcome to the glory that is Chigaco, it is good to see new faces." Darius watches the man with a little chuckle, as his eyes drift along his."There is much out there to get to know, to see and to enjoy, what is your plan of action on that front?"

Thinking for a moment, James is quiet, before saying slowly and carefully, "To... Introduce myself to some of those whom have their own places here, in and about the city. Not those too high up, of course, because I wouldn't seek to attempt to seem like I am trying to consort with those who are too high above my station, but those whom are lower down, and wouldn't be... Overly offended by my presence." He states in a quiet, slow tone, before looking a bit higher, focusing his eyes on Darius' chin, as he thinks for another moment. "Thank you for the welcome, of course. I imagine you don't allow... Hunting in you club?"

"If your a good boy, not drawing attention you make a mess, I'll kill you." Darius's voice is soft, with a little chuckle, as he watches the man."This is shared, land and I don't wanna get in trouble, so I will fucking take it out on you, got it."

He nods, once, before James hesitates for a moment. "And that... Is actually part of the reason why I am here, Mr. Yates. May I be... A bit foreward, perhaps?" He asks quietly and slowly, keeping hsi gaze away from the mans eyes, inclining his head once as he adds quietly, "After all... A careless predator is a /dead/ predator, and I don't endeavor to end my danse macabre just yet."

Darius chuckles slowly as he watches the man, witth a nodding of his head."Okay then, thyat is good to hear, death is so boring and so damn final." His voice is soft, as he slides to his feet looking at the other kindred."Now then, what did you come here to truly ask, cut the bullshit."

"Mr. Yates, I am actually not slinging bullshit. Having multiple goals is something one may aspire to, and I did state at the forefront of our conversation that I did come to see if their was the potential for mutually beneficial business to come forth." His tone is quiet and thoughtful, even as James tilts his head, before finally letting his eyes focus on Darius' eyes, stating in a low tone, "However, I do not have a grasp on your personality, so, please do not take offense to this, however... You have the skill of dominating the minds of those lesser to you, correct?"

"I have powers of all sorts, but why do you week to understand my powers." Darius watches her now, as he leans forward slowly with a wicked chucckle, as his fingers pick up a little bit of a tin, opening it with cookies inside."Care for a cookie, or do you wish to ask me more about my life and powers, it is not becoming to go right for the cookie, but I guess I asked you to be a real straight shooter, if I had such powers what do you want them for?"

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: The examination is complete.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: Do you need me to come or can it be explained this why?

Darius slides his phone out of that coat, to respond as it beeps, with a little sigh of displeasure.

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: The findings are... fascinating.

"No, thank you." He then sits back in his seat, thinking for a long moment, before James says quietly, "it grants me... Options I do not..." He trails off as Darius' phone beeps, and falls silent at the sigh of displeasure, instead awaiting to see what is going on, trying and failing at concealing some of his curiosity "Now then, what do you offer in return?" Darius watches the man for a moment, as his eyes on the phone sending off another one quickly, as he leans back that phone now on the table, as he waits for the responding, priavcy screen, and a case blocking his view.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: Do share, my good leader.

<TXT> From Lilith to Darius: It is better seen in person.

He doesn't look at the phone, instead James tilts his head, thinking quietly for a long moment, before saying quietly, "In leu of not knowing what you would require, as I did not actually presume you would even pretend to entertain the idea, I would offer three services at least that would not have the potential of final death, Mr. Yates. As well as the potential of risking a blood bond to you, having access to some small level of skill with the discipline would enable me to fulfill my end of the bargain with more ease and subtlety then I may otherwise." His words are carefully picked, however its clear James is not likely to be the most persuasive person ever.

"I will thank on it, I have something I have to do as per that phone." Darius picks up the phone, sliding it into his pocket, with a sigh."Leave your number with my man downstairs, and he will bring a sexy little minx up for you to enjoy, from my private stock. I will see you soon James, have a nice night." WIth that he is gone heading with purpose.

<TXT> From Darius to Lilith: On the way.

          • Scene Change from The PUlse Penthouse to the Oubliette *****

Above ground, it's overcast and a cold drizzle is settling in. Below, it's far warmer, sheltered from the wind and the rain, warmed by the ambient life of the sewers and the city above it.

Below, on the throne of bone and rebar, sits the impossibly tall, skeltally thin form of Tillo Protz, the Prince of the undercity. The room has been more or less cleared, barring an older, regal looking woman with a floor length black dress that buttons up her throat and to her wrist. The local lead of the Ordo Dracul, Miss Vanessa Beaumont.

Laid out on a dissection slab is a nude, curvy girl... well, she -was-. Now she reeks of embalming fluid and her skin is laid out flat under her, the musculature and white marbling of fat on display. At the moments, the flaps that were cut for the autopsy remain closed.

Darius comes in dressed it a fine suit, changing on the way as he moves towards the slab, with a bowing towards the Vanessa, and then over at his prince."Greetings, to you both I hope this find you in a good health, and in good spirts." His voice is soft, as his eyes on his wife, his hand is gripping the cord around his neck, his fingers teasing it where the silver ring lies hidden under his clothing, his face blank of emotion.

James came because he was curious, coming in a minute or two after Darius. He isn't dressed up, of course, but he is wearing one of his finer leather jackets as he walks in, looking about curiously, even as his eyes linger on the corps in curiosity, before he gives a slow, deep bow, however he doesn't speak. Giving respect, however holding his tongue, and waiting to see if he is allowed to stay, or if he will be sent away.

Tillo lifts a finger in silent acknowledgment of the arrival of the two. While the woman, Vanessa, steps forward. "We found several unusual things wrong with your property." she says crisply, her voice colored with that older, victorian age manner. Reaching, she peels back the flesh of the chest, the ribs neatly snipped and allowing the meat flaps to be fully laid back. Bags with organs are pulled out and set aside, leaving the back of the ribs and the spine exposed. "If you look along here..." she says, reaching for a long pair of tweezers, a good eight inches long, she plucks at the flesh to reveal black threads like roots.

The husband of the once alive hunk of flesh on the table moves forward with a little sigh of displeasure, Darius that stone cold killer moving forward to peek into the chest."What is it, where did it come from?" His voice is still cold, and then his eyes on James with a flash of something unpleasent, but quickly that is gone, as he looks down at the corpse, his memory scanning the knowledge, and rumors and all of it.

Quiet, James eyes linger on the roots for a long moment, before he frowns and takes a step forward, before straightening up and remaining silent for a long moment as he hears Darius' tone of voice. Clearing his throat, James is hesitant for a moment, picking his words with care, and not overly looking at the corpse, "That... Looks like a nervous system. Something that took over part of her and took control of her... right?" he says in a low, quiet tone of voice as he glances towards Vanessa, a small frown of curiosity on his face as he tilts his head

Tillo rises from his throne, proving quite taller than he seems, a half dozen inches over seven feet in height. His suit fits him perfectly, tailored to his lanky gauntness. "So it would seem. Miss Beaumont came to a similar conclusion. That something settled into her nervous system." Despite his gauntness, his voice is low, the sort that carries like the rumbling of a bull elephant.

Vaness moves to the side before rolling the corpse over and flopping the empty skin out of the way. Another carefully sliced flap of muscle is moved and a vertebrae shifted to show the lines that tangles more thickly with the spinal column itself. "As you can see, it is quite imbedded, integrated. How long did you say she was missing for, Mister Yates?"

"Only a few hours, she went for a walk, and to do some work for me." Mister Yate's voice is cold, as he looks over at James, with a little chuckle, and then back at Tillo and then at Vaness."It was quick, I dove into that creature, to get her out, and I gave you the suit, and the watch, and all that I was wearing that evening, did it show anything odd?"

James falls silent, and puts both his hands behind his back, instead listening for the moment as he keeps his mouth shut. Not in the way of 'don't notice me', but in the way of someone who wishes to see whats up... And maybe help rectify the situation

The woman and the Prince exchange a look, the Prince nodding before Vanessa moves off to retrieve a covered medical style cart from one of the side rooms. Wheeling it back, she stops it next to the dead ghoul and pulls the cover off. "It is good you left everything with us." The woman says.

Under the cover of the cloth is a covered tank with a small scrap of cloth from Darius' suit. Within are, well. They were sewer rats.

Black fillaments have netted themselves around the rats and attach the cloth like an umbilical cord made of thousands of the little black threads. The rats seem alert and alive, but are very still and move as one.

There is roar from the Kindred, male as he watches it and then his eyes are narrow, and then he speaks through teeth tightly clenched."What did this, what is this, and where can I kill it?" His voice is filled with cold, desire his eyes narrowed as he speaks softly."This touched my pet, my toy, my little property, I don't like when others break my toys."

Andddd James remains quiet. Maybe he moves a step back. Silently, of course, however he does tilt his head as he focuses his attention on the rats, before glancing towards the woman and the prince, before raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Perhaps a silent offer to attempt to be the animal whisperer

"When severed from the cloth, the rats die. We believe it is because the threads attach to the nervous system thoroughly and quickly, over riding the natural function. The current hypothesis is that whatever it is, the host succumbs quickly." Tillo rumbles, watching the rage of the Ventrue and the quiet of the other. "Neither of us have ever seen such a thing before." "I have not seen such a thing either, this is one hell of a day." Darius watches as he looks down and then he chuckles, as his teeth bite down on his lips."Now then, we know nothing yet, I see....what do you need me of me my prince."

Hands behind his back, James raises a single eyebrow, before looking back towards the rats in the cage, frowning slightly to himself as he ponders. Oh, he seems pretty curious as to the whole sequence of events, but holding his own consel, particularly when this isn't his praxes, but he is a guest instead, seems more... Prudent.

"We are learning more, nightly. The important part, however, is that we think your wife was alive until you cut her out of the mass. But we do not think she was herself. There is no guilt. She was not herself before you killed her flesh." Vanessa informs the grieving man.

"Okay then, it seems you are right then, that does not help me. I'm made something went and took what is mine." Darius watches her for a moment, as he chuckles slowly, as he looks at James."Now then, keep me in the loop please, do you need anything for me?"

Welp, James remains silent and tries to ignore the creepy staring of the bono fide creep, who definitely is just staring at James because he has a nice ass, and not at /all/ because he is pissed off with his presence here.

"Find what killed her. We are certain it remains. Be -careful-. Do not let it linger in contact with you. Especially near the head or spine." Tillo says simply, watching the pair of males impassively.

"I will do that, I will kill that my Prince." Darius walks out of the place quickly, he is not looking back and then he is going towards the underground of the city.