Allthing - April 2020 - Predator's Prey Intro

Allthing - April 2020 - Predator's Prey Intro

Helmer, Eric, Alvin, Jasmine, Elyssa, Nedra, Banality and Lilith as ST


The room is arranged into a compass rose, loosely. To the North rests the seating for the Wise, to the South, the Kindred. West for the Wolves and the East for those of the turning Seasons. Servants of various natures are at beck and call, the gaps between the points filled with seats that, overall, form a massive circle with a round, red carpet in the center from which announcements might be made. Or pleas for mercy, depending.

Outside the skybox, the stadium is quiet, with just the security lights on and the wind blowing rain against the massive windows. Helpers, servants, slaves - whatever the label of choice for a group is - wait in the wings with refreshments catering the needs of the various supernaturals present.

To the south of the compass, there are three seats arranged. Tillo Protz, Undercity Prince, has reclaimed his twisted rebar throne and sits with the stiff dignity of a resting insect. He doesn't bother with the small things that feign life. Overly tall, overly thin, he exudes an air of menace that solidifies to a sense of pure hunger - a dark, starving hunger that will never be slaked. (Nosferatu Clan Flaw).

An empty chair of plush, expensive leather sits empty to the right of Tillo. To his left, Raul Alvarez, Sheperd of the South Praxis, lacks his usual sprawling posture, and is sitting stiffly on one of the seats provided by the venue. His fur coat obscures some of the tatoos that cover his body, and the harsh, ganger looking Kindred looks... unsettled.

Soon after two changelings arrive. Both with their masks shreaded so theit true selves under can be seen. First is a rabbit. An atletic man in fatigues and tactical gear and armed to the teeth with very rabit features. He does a quick look aroun before the other somes. This one is MASSIVE, over seven feet tall and what could classicly be called an ogre. SHe has a bright smile on her face and her walking is almost skipping. Sandals and a swishy, light skirt with a florwery blouse is at odds with the rest of her. On her head is a crown of vines and flowers and she carries a large picnis basket. SHe makes the rounds, handing out cookies to whoever takes them from the basket before finally sitting with the rabbit standing at her side.

Behind the pair of Changed Children, comes a dapper gent with a pinstripe suit and polished shoes. Classic of the board room exec build and height, but the roguish good looks and serious demeanor are paired with a 'merman' dye job in blues, greens, purples, and a streak of defiant pink. He takes his place to the north end of the compass rose.

Eric walks in wearing a dark grey tshirt and a pair of black jeans. He is wearing a pair of dark, thick soled black soles. Walking into the meeting with Elyssa on his arm. He walks silently and slowly towards the west basically following the smells to guide him. He looks around as this is his first time in such a place, but he feels he needs to be here to help represent the pack they are forming and to try and getting a better understanding of the different groups. He pauses as the giant changeling passes by with cookies. He takes one...okay, two, but only because she is offering and he totaly doesn't want to offend someone. Right. It definitely isn't the fact that as an Uratha he has a huge appetite. Nope.

What was once a chirpy Millennial searching to take the best Instapic she could by the bean is now rather stoic. She stands on the side where the wise congregate, her clothes simple yet refined. For her part, she's come in MIB chic, with the classic white blouse, black blazer and skirt combo. Her hair is tied back, and there's a bit of surprise as one of the dreamers offers a cookie. There's a shake of her head at the offer as she mutters softly. "I'm on keto." Jasmine simply explains before she glances about, remaining pensive and just observing.

Sticking close to Eric's side, her hand upon the crook of his elbow, Elyssa makes her way on in. Blue eyes widen in surprise at the sight of the large rabbit man and even larger crowned woman. It is not unlike a child that is seeing a circus of 'oddities' for the first time. In fact, it takes nearly all of her thought to not let her jaw drop to the ground. Still, she manages a faint yet polite smile in return. She, too, accepts a cookie when it is offered before finally letting her gaze slip amongst the others gathered. Raising slightly upon her toes, the young blonde leans in close to whisper something to Eric.

An older gentleman arrives wearing a three piece suit. He walks towards the West of the table. His eyes slowly scan the whole place before he looks at Eric and grins a little. He moves over to Eric and lightly pats the younger on his shoulder. He doesn't sit though. He keeps himself up right and he grins kindly to the woman handing out cookies but declines with a rub of his slightly protruding belly. The senior makes note of Elyssa and he grins a little. He turns back to the table and then Helmer lightly crosses his hands over his stomach waiting silently.

Alvin appears in the room at the table to the north, teleporting in to save time and bother. Instead of his normal hoodie, he has on a forest green hooded, lightweight windbreaker and goggles. Alvin takes off his goggles as he pulls out a seat with one hand and drops down into it. He pushes back his hood and brushes sand off of his head, trying not to stare at the others too much as he glances towards the gathering of Lost, Wolves, and Vamps. His attention is drawn suddendly when he notices Jasmine, though, also at the gathering in the north and gives a slow upnod in the direction of the mage that is unfamiliar to him. "Hey..." He offers a neutral greeting and a brief, polite smile, then turns his attention back to brushing sand off, this time from his shoes.

As the gathered begin to find their places around the circle of the compass and its point, Tillo rises to his full height, well over seven feet tall, and adjusts the lay of his suit coat with an absent tug. Raul glances tot he towering figure and rises as well, but at a more normal human height, he all but falls into the shadow of the Nosferatu that rules the bowels of the city.

"Tonight, we three that own the night find ourselves at a loss." A gesture, and one of the side doors open, a table with a sheet covered body pushed out and towards the center of the floor. Tillo's not much of one for flowery preambles, after all. "Enrico Salvatore has been laid low, and despite how much I desired to, it's not by my hand."

One of the assistants draws the sheet back from the lumpy figure beneath - no dignity for the sleeping dead, the Prince stripped to his waxy, pale birthday suit. The distortion tot he shape beneath explained by the presence of short crossbow quarrels sticking up from the Kindred in half a dozen places on his torso before one got close enough to his undead heart to lay him out.

The gentleman with the gemstone hair inclines his head to the two that venture towards the north. No introduction, just a dazzling smile and a little nod towards the sound of the tall dead thing starting to speak. "This should be good." It's a low, stage-whisper, paired with a motion towards the empty seat. The words trailing off when the corpse is wheeled in.

The rabbit, is a silent guarding for the time being. He watches everyone enter and even moves a hand reflexively to his pistol when Alavin just arrives. Just as quick, he pulls it away and geos back to watching. he cookie giant on the other hand pays very little attention to whats going on. SHe rumages around in the picnic basket and humming to herself. The table being wheeled in get her head up and she watches with interest. When the sheet is pulled back so gasps softly and puts both hands to her mouth. "Oh, darlin. What have they done to you?" She taps the rabbit to get his attention and points at the table. To answer he rolls his eyes and says. "Yes. I saw it."

Eric goes to eat one of the cookies and pauses when Elyssa whispers to him. He blinks a bit and then whispers something back. When the body of the dead vampire is revealed, he puts his non-cooking-holding hand around her waist. His eyes focus on the dead man or whatever. The police officer in him starts to pay close attention.

Nedra is admittedly late to the gathering. She tries to remain as unassuming and in the background as possible, clad in a black pantsuit with a white blouse, pearl necklace and earrings, and low black pumps. She slips in to sit near the Prince of the South Praxis, her expression a deep frown as she notes the body of Jose Camarillo.

Squinting for a few moments, Jasmine quirks a brow at the dead (double dead? super triple final dead? sooper seekrit probation dead?) vampire. It's clear that she's confused. Sure, she knows about the woofs, but the creepy crawly draculas are beyond her ken. It's then that ALvin can hear her mtuter, "Buffy always told me vampires dissolve when they're staked."

Glancing around Eric to take note of the older wolf, Elyssa gives Helmer a warm smile and silent wave. As for her cookie, she politely tucks it away into her coat pocket for now certain to partake in it later. She cannot help but have her attentions drawn to the elongated man as he speaks, slightly unsettled just by his presence alone. Her body instinctively draws a little closer to that of Eric's own. She says nothing, perhaps realizing it is not her place to speak for now. Yet her attentions are definitely trained upon the Southern point of the cross as they draw back the sheet to reveal the deceased man with numerous arrows. One does not need to be a skilled medical practitioner nor close to realize that poor man is clearly no longer among the walking variety.

Helmer blinks a few times and as the corpse is brought in. He tilts his head a little and looks over it carefully. He makes a small humph sound as he looks over to Eric and his grip to Elyssa. He nods his head in approval before looking back at the body. The senior wolf looks over to the vampires then back to the body. He makes another humph sound. Yup. Dead.

Alvin looks towards the empty seat when it is referenced but doesn't show much in the way of emotion. He knew little of the vampires or what that death meant - for them or for the city as a whole. He didn't feel much in the way of loss for someone he didn't know in any way so he just sits quietly as the body is rolled in and lets the vampires work out what they want to work out with the news. He looks leans foward, restiing his forearms on his knees and just waits, being patient with the long lived creatures and thinking on his recent vacations to pass the time. He looks over to Eric in the meanwhile and gives a nod if/when he looks in his direction. Otherwise, he just remains, fiddling with his goggles. There's a quiet snap as a plastic piece of the eyewear breaks.

He glances up to Jasmine with a smirk when she mentions Buffy and replies quietly, "I prefer Vampire Diaries, myself. They get it a lot closer to right. Except for all the daylight rings. I haven't seen one of those yet. But... Hollywood. Whatcha gonna do?"

The assistants back away, leaving the body to be looked over - the nudity and utter vulnerability of the North Prince is intentional. He'll never live it down, even if it is a low blow.

Striding forward, Tillo crosses the distance with just a few lanky strides, and reaches to pluck out four of the bolts, setting them so the fletching lays towards each of the cardinal points. "Bare wood, with the marks of being hand made. Whatever, whoever, sent him to sleep knew what they were doing. A bolt for each of the Accord's outstretched arms. It will be some time before I am able to wake Salvatore up to question him directly. One that can fell a Prince, can bring any of us down." There's no passion to the tall man's voice. Rather, it's a softly seething chill in tone. "Knowledge will be rewarded. Seek out the source of the bolts, and the ones that assaulted him."

Tillo turns and takes his place back on the throne of burnt bone and warped rebar, leaving the Prince of the South Praxis to stare at the slumbering Enrico, nodding to Nedra as he takes his seat once more.

The peacock-painted mage moves forward to collect the bolt for the North, twirling it nimbly in his fingers. "A race to curry favor with the Lord of the Undercity? Delightful. Is there other news of what is happening among the Sleeping?"

Nedra lowers her gaze in obeisance to her Prince Raul, then to Prince Tillo. She can't help but look at the fallen Prince as well, but her focus is now upon the other people attending the Allthing, trying to observe their expressions and body language in a manner that is a little creepy. She crosses her ankle as she sits primly.

Raising her brows for a few moments, the brown skinned Acanthus hrmms for a few moments. She looks towards the peacock painted elder mage and mutters softly. "Why would they need to interview him? One of us could peer into the past and see what happened to him?" Jasmine whispers softly, so hopefully only her fellow magi would hear.

Eric nods to Helmer and slowly removes his arm from around Elyssa's waist. "Wait here," he whispers to her trusting in the rules of the accord. He steps forward and picks up one of the bolts. He looks at it and sniffs it a bit before saying, "Eric Berg, pack Garum Akkal, collecting on the behalf of the forsaken." He takes one step back and still addresses Tillo, "What information has already been gathered? Where was he found?"

"Have greatly must your forebears betrayed wood for it to lay you low so easily." Says the huge Spring queen with sandess in her voice. "Have you tried making amends with Wood so it no longer hates you so?" THe question is asked to the equally tall Tilo with a faint smile. ALways something she can help with. While she speaks, the rabbit strides across the floor to grab the bolt and stuff it into a pouch on his vest. "We'll see what we can find."

The young blonde woman lets her gaze wander to the north to give Jasmine the once over for a moment in response to something murmured in her ear, followed soon after by Alvin near her side. Yet when the creepy elongated man speaks further, her focus drifts back to the spokesman of the South. Elyssa blinks widely as he talks of 'waking' the dead man. Which in turns draws her eyes back to that body again. Completely content to stay nestled against Eric's side until suddenly she is not! Intaking a breath slowly, the woman stands on her own as she watches Eric step forward to claim the Western Bolt on behalf of the wolves, self-consciously drawing her jacket just a little tighter around her in the process as she holds her tongue.

Helmer moves closer to Elyssa standing to her side so he quietly watches the situation. At the Spring queen mentioning amends with wood, he bites his bottom lip and slowly brings his hand to his cheek. He clears his throat and crosses his hands again, being quiet.

Alvin sits up a bit more when Tillo begins placing the bolts in the direction of the cardinal points. He watches as the mage with the rainbow hair helps himself to one to bring back to their table. He doesn't touch it, but rather continues breaking the goggles that he wore into the gathering with quiet, sharp snaps. He doesn't ask questions of the group, but instead shifts towards Jasmine. He says, just as quietly, "Oh. I learned this one the hard way. There's always been a lot of distrust with the groups. Natural fear and paranoia, I guess. I know it looks friendly with us all gathered here, but by most accounts this meeting is done out of absolute necessity rather than preference. Each of the groups - at least their leaders - would prefer to not have to deal with any of the other, but found mutual survival better when they do. Because of that, there's not a whole lot of information on each side about what what the others can do. Even if one of us has looked into the past previously, if that person's not here..." Alvin glances around the table, "And most of us at our table, if not all, are still pretty new... they might not know - or won't ask out of pride - until you mention it." Alvin nods his head in the direction of the three princes. "Feel free to offer. I'll get the next one." He finishes and sits back in his chair, dropping the pieces of his goggles in a neat pile on the table in front of him.

Nedra raises both of her brows as the man breaks his goggles. She leans in as she observes, listening to the snapping noise, over and over. She's clearly curious about why the goggles were destroyed.

"The answer, dear Baba, lies in the lore of Longinus - according to the Lancea et Sanctum. The spear and Jesus and all of that." Tillo, even using dismissive words, keeps his tone flat and even. Inflection takes an effort towards humanity he just cannot be bothered with. Beyond the reply to the Spring Queen, he is unmoving, posture stiff like a rigored corpse.

The brightly dyed man near Alvin and Jasmine nods. "More or less. The idea is that we survive longer when we aren't killing each other. It just means people get better at covering up trespasses or they get keel hauled."

It's Raul that answers the question to where the body was found. "Enrico was strung up and hanging outside the window of the Elysia to the North. I believe the intent was for the sun to find him. One of the ghouls that tends the cleaning found him just before he started to get crispy. Our safe places are well guarded. Not easy to get into. Especially not the top floor of Block 37. Security footage was wiped clean, and beyond the ghoul? No witnesses that we know of. The ghoul's mind was stripped, but there's nothing that seems out of the usual. Other than the direct assault on the Prince, and how he was left hanging out a window to greet the sun."

Well, there's an opening. As if she has permission from the other mage, Jasmine purses her lips for a few moments, chewing upon her bottom lip as she takes in all the information. "Your ghoul?" Is that a proper term? She looks quite unsure. "Might have had the mind wiped, but temporal sympathies or even fate's interconnections will remain. You commit a grievous injury like that and its karmic weight will mark you." she says softly, her eyes twinkling for a few moments. "Unless that person had the assistance of the wise, it would be very difficult to wipe those sympathies to where one of the awakened couldn't track down at least one suspect."

Eric nods his head in thanks to Raul and turns. Seeing Alvin, he offers a nod of his head towards the man. Well, another person knows he is a police officer here. He isn't hiding the fact, but he isn't advertising it either. Heading back to Elyssa's side, he nods to Helmer in thanks and puts his arm around her waist. He has no idea what Jasmine just talked about with sympathies and awakened. He isn't really sure what a ghoul is, but he figures he can get that information later. That is not why they are here.

"Honey. I say you go apologize to that wood and make things better." Baba, finally stands from her seat and walks over to the princes to hand each a cookie from her basket. Just a normal cookie that will do them no good. After sitting down again Jasmine gets her full attention. She shakes her head and look at the rabbit who simply shrugs. He looks squarely at Jasmine with a smirk. "If uou're offering assistance, just come out and say it." He glances at Baba then back. "And this time, use English so more than five or so people know wnhat you're talking about." He looks to the princes. "Nothing is truly sa

"Honey. I say you go apologize to that wood and make things better." Baba, finally stands from her seat and walks over to the princes to hand each a cookie from her basket. Just a normal cookie that will do them no good. After sitting down again Jasmine gets her full attention. She shakes her head and look at the rabbit who simply shrugs. He looks squarely at Jasmine with a smirk. "If uou're offering assistance, just come out and say it." He glances at Baba then back. "And this time, use English so more than five or so people know wnhat you're talking about." He looks to the princes. "Nothing is truly safe. Given enough resources and time a determined person or group can get in anywhere."

Elyssa listens to everything around her. The dangers of wood, making atonement for betrayals of trees, talk of spears and Christ, and finally men being strung up and left for the sun - Quite frankly, it is A LOT. Yet the young blonde seems to be doing a decent enough job of following it all as she mentally catalogues it for later reference. This is definitely way better than those silly books the library seems to have on file. She easily falls back against Eric's side as he returns, glancing up at him for a moment before she looks back again as Jasmine speaks, "Forgive my interruption, I may not know much about the wise or these ... awakened... you refer to, but there are countless ways to permanently wipe a mind that could be at play that would not necessarily leave traces upon which to follow. Surgical methods, pharmaceuticals in the right combinations, even electroshock therapy to the hippocampus could render irreparable damage. In fact, there are numerous medical practices now considered too inhumane to perform because they would render the poor victims little more than hollow shells of their former self. One would not need to be anything more than simply human to cause this sort of damage. In fact, all they would really need is an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology or even an interest in the way biochemistry works. Both of which they could gleen easily enough with extensive research of University of Chicago's medical library. You can only follow breadcrumbs if they have been left behind, if not... you will likely still be lost."

Nedra carefully places a hand over her mouth. Baba reminds her so much of someone from her own family. The cookies. She can't laugh now, so she'll hold it back and laugh later. After Elyssa speaks, she slowly nods in agreement. As a psychiatrist, she is also well aware of such...methods.

Helmer is rather quiet about the whole thing and he grumbles a little. "Elyssa dear... What that one means..." He points to Jasmine. "Is that this type of crime even if the person doesn't know they did it still leaves a mark. Either on their soul or in the universe somewhere. So if someone is brutally murdered and the murdered is completely wiped of all the information that they did it and given new memories, that murder is still there. The ties are still there. Hopefully I have that right." He looks at Alvin for confirmation. "As for this murder, I am sorry for your loss. What can we do to help you in finding who did this?"

Alvin gives Eric a quick upnod, greeting the man as heartily as he can in a room full of wary isolationists. He looks back to Jasmine as Baba expresses her confusion. Alvin chuckles lightly and agrees, speaking again low enough so that his voice remains at their table. "I hope they brought their magish-to-English dictionary. Best to keep it as simple as possible. Last thing you want in these things are misunderstandings. It could cost you missing out on a lot of that sweet, sweet Accord coin." The Vice Lord mage gives Helmer a short nod but doesn't say anything outloud, not wanting to speak for someone he doesn't know yet. Be he does add to Jasmine, "Who knows. Maybe they're more familiar with us than most. Between the two of them, they have been around a long time. Maybe one of them picked up 'magish' as one of their second languages. But just to be safe, plain jane it for them so they know what you're offering or they might dismiss you without realizing how much you can actually help them." He sits back again clasps his hands in his lap. "That's what happened to us the last time we were at one of these and everyone was worse off for it. They won't be offended if you dumb it down..." He adds belatedly and quieter, "... hopefully..."

Her brows raise as she looks first towards the rotund changeling and then blushes bashfully, her cheeks reddening with a slight hint of embarassment before nodding at Helmer. It's then that she turns to Alvin for a few moments. "I guess they don't need to know how the sausage is made." Jasmine offers with a shrug of her shoulders before she looks towards the gathered vampires. "I can't promise anything super enlightening, but if you take me to where this occured, I can try to find your attacker." There, is that simple enough?

"We did not wipe the mind of gho--" Tillo breaks off mid-word to stare at the cookie in his hand. Still as a statue. There's a cookie. In his hand. When's the last time he even touched a cookie, let alone imbibed one? Moving stiffly, he lifts the cookie to his nose to take one, singular *sniff* of the aroma coming off it, then casually reaches out - a servant quick to scuttle up and retrieve the offending item from the Prince's fingers, brushing any crumbs away with a quick motion.

"By stripped I meant hat the ghoul's mind was... /relieved/ of everything it held. I presume it will be rebuilt. Or not. It belonged to Salvatore and is not of my concern what happens to the property of another Prince."

"THe bolts, the location." A slight beckon - he truly pays no attention, expecting that who needs to see the movement, will simply hop-to - and a male, shrouded in dark clothing, hooded, moves to stand behind the warped throne of ruin. "My sheriff will give aid, as needed. And the Coin will flow to those that provide direction or answers."

Eric looks to the dark figure and nods. He pulls out a small green notepadd from his back pocket and writes a few things on it. He then holds it out to he Sheriff. "If you will please text me or email me the address as well as any photographs taken. I would also appreciate the chance to examine the ghoul, whatever that is." He looks over at Elyssa as he talks and then looks back to the group. "I guess the question is: are we doing this together or separately? The other question is: who is making sausage?"

Nedra is a young enough vampire that the dark comedy of Prince Tillo dealing with a cookie is almost hurting her. She recrosses her ankles and places her other hand over her mouth.

The Lost leadership listens to the new explaination from Jasmine. Simple enough. They nod at each other and it's the rabbit that speaks. "We will help how we can if it's needed. Your leadership will..." He gets interupted by Baba jabbing his side with an elbow with enough force to nearly knock him off his feet. "Give her the number wher she cna leave a message." The rabbit shakes his head and starts to say something. Before he can Baba taps at the crown on her head and nods. The rabbit stares for a long moments until he relents and gets a notepad from his pocket that he writes a number on. It's torn out and he walks over to give it to Jasmine with a scowl then walks back to take his palce beside Baba. The huge ogre of a queen looks at Jasmine, smiling widely and says in a cheery voice. "Misuse that and I'll haunt your dreams."

When Helmer interjects to explain and the other woman strips everything down to the simple, Elyssa nods thoughtfully in return. She does not comment again, instead returning to the role of listener. Her blue eyes do slip a few more times to take note of the elongated speaker to the South, something about him just making her want to hide behind a rock. She may not have a rock, but she does have an Eric and the larger man makes a fairly good shield to cling to, so she does so. She nods mutely in agreement when he mentions examining the ghoul, and maybe even the body of the fallen prince. His question about 'sausage' elicits a mild jab of her elbow into his mid-section before she leans up to whisper something once more too him.

"If she wishes to explore my Onieros I will welcome her as I do all creatures of the wyld." Jasmine replies with almost a curtsy of deference when the number is given before she looks back towards the vampires once more. "I would wish some time with the body, so that I may understand the connections there first, if that is alright. Then I can compare with what I find at where it occured." She might as well reveal a little of how things are done afterall. It's then that she looks towards Eric, raising her brows, squinting for a few moments. "I don't mind you joining if you promise to not get in the way. Things don't work well around those who don't understand." And then she looks toward Elyssa with quirked brows.

Alvin gives Jasmine a silent thumbs up and nod of approval for her revised statement and inwardly laughs at the necessity of such rephrasings. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he listens to others speak up. There seemed to be plenty of people wanting to help. That was good. "Nothing should be going around killing Princes willy nilly when no one even knows who or what they are. That's just bad business for everyone." He looks to Eric as he asks his question about investigating together or separately and motions around, "I think that's up to us. You know my view. Always better to work together. Otherwise everyone wastes their time uncovering the same same information." He shrugs at the though and says, "But to each their own. I don't presume to hold anyone's feet to the fire. Fish gotta fly. Birds gotta swim."

"Oh, honey. I promise that you would change your mind if I accepted your invitation." Says Baba with a huge sugar sweet smile as she stands up. "Maybe I will visit and watch you swoon over that man you are trying to hide feelings for." She winks and gives the rabbit a pat on the back. "Let's go and make sure things are secure." THe rabbit nods and eyes Jasmine one last time before the pair make their way back out.

Eric adds to Alvin's words by saying, "And wolves have to hunt." He then glances to Jasmine to say, "I don't know your ways, nor you, mine. Safe to say, we'd be in each other's ways then." With his hand around Elyssa's waist, he says, "Assa, Helmer." He then starts to walk forward past the vampires. He glances over at them and says to the Sheriff, "I look forward to any information you can provide. We will be in touch." He figures that whatever means the Sheriff using to contact him will be the means he uses to relay information back. He then continues to walk out the exit offering the lings a nod in respect as he goes.

As it seems that the meeting is coming to an end, Nedra rises from her seat, slowly moving towards the exit, her mind awhirl with possibilities.

Elyssa starts to let Eric lead her off and then stops, placing a hand upon his chest as she turns to address Jasmine directly. "See, that sounds much less like a joint endeavor and more like reluctance. Almost as if you feel anyone that is not you is somewhere inferior," she pauses for a moment thoughtfully as her gaze moves to light upon those remaining before again settling upon Jasmine, "I may not know much about your kind, but if you fail it will not because of our lack of comprehension but because of your own hubris." She then glances back towards the others with a bow of her head in silent farewell, slipping the rest of the way out with Eric and Helmer both.