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Stat Box
Deedname: Subhar-badh - Body-Breaker
DOB: August 22nd, 1975
Concept: Boogeyman Bully, Cultist of Terror
Blood: Monster
Bone: Hedonist

Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talon
Lodge: None, yet
Pack: None, yet



Height: 6'3" Build: Bulky, potentially powerlifter Eyes: Dark blue? Brown? Ethnicity: Caucasian

This man is built like a brick shit house in all meaning of the word. At six-foot-three, and with bands of muscle moving across his skeleton, he looks like he's - for funsies - gone into Dracula's house and beaten that motherfucker up for some lunch money. His face is stern, brow heavy, nose large and chin strong. Hair is sparse on his head from shaving, and mostly that face is somewhere between 'fuck I need to shave' and 'fuck I need to shave'; his upper-body has more definition than 'normal' showing its constant use. Sinew can be seen under the skin, and when the torso is uncovered there is a distinct lin o fhair that moves down the front of his body like a thin carpet. The spine, too, has dark hairs that fade half-way down. His skin has marring but he's old. Older, even. Middle-aged? Somewhere near 50s and likely has every woman (and man) with Daddy Issues looking because fuck it, why not? But there is an air of menace there. He's Seen Shit (tm) and it affects not just facial features, but across the right-flank where his liver would be there are four large claw-marks that make the skin pink and tender looking. Deep. These rake down beneath the clothing of pants, likely to meet his right butt-cheek. All-in-All, this man reeks of the sort to charge headlong to beat the fuck out of Aliens, King Kong, Dracula, and probably Godzilla. Or, you know. You.



RP Hooks


  • Flint has had several wayward bastards born under him, but in 2009 a little girl was born, his daughter, that reshaped his resolve in his Sacred Hunt. The Uratha who gave birth was named Cassandra, or Ur-Zi'ir. Another Blood Talon. Another Rahu. But in that moment, it forged his moments in this world.
  • Flint has a fondness for comedy clubs, that's all. Warriors love to laugh, right? Well, Flint's a bit of a maniac.
  • Body-Breaker. That's what they call him, that's his Name! Wanna know why? Has nothing to do with a hunt, murder, or the Sacred Slaughter - but challenged to a match with a human cagefighter, Flint and he fought for three rounds. /Three/. In the end, the man succumbed to his injuries, his ribcage and facial brones broken. That day, he gained his Name.

Supernatural Moments:

  • The first time Flint was Challenged by another Rahu, he entered Kuruth, slaying his Challenger. This wasn't the bad part - the bad part is what came after, how many died, and the mental scarring that occured. What many do not know, is that night, he had seen the Predator King far off -- laughing -- claiming responsibility for manipulating his raging impulses against him; causing the Kuruth and, worse still, the devastation. Now we know why Flint wants a Predator King pelt coat.

Jasmine - Knapper. Hex Kitten. Girl's like a Good Luck Charm, y'know what I mean? She thinks it's old shit about her blood that makes me linger around. Ha. Fool girl.