Stat Box
DOB: November 26, 1990
Concept: Journalist with 'Splash' Magazine
Virtue: Dedicated
Vice: Impulsive

Gang: N/A
PoB: El Paso, TX



Dark brown hair falls in thick waves to the small of this woman's back. Her complexion is a dark olive blend frequently found amongst those of Mediterranean heritage. Large brown eyes, the color of warm copper, are hidden beneath long dark lashes and perfectly arched brows. Her nose is thin, yet delicate, with a set of high prominent cheekbones and full lips set upon an oval-shaped face.

She stands around 5'8" with a shapely form, each curve proportionate yet well hidden beneath her chosen attire. A long black skirt, cut in a fit and flare design, falls down to mid-calf. Upon her right leg, it is easy to see the remnants of a metal leg brace. Her torso is wrapped within a form fitting shirt of pale yellow which rests just off her shoulders with a wide jewel-cut collar. A pair of thin spaghetti straps help keep it in place. Her ears are pierced three times per lobe, each hole occupied with a small golden hoop. A pair of beige espadrilles cover her feet, lacing at her ankles.

Occasionally one might catch a glimpse of a blue butterfly tattoo upon the nape of her neck and small black cross entwined by a red rose tattoo upon the underside of her left wrist. The woman can frequently seen using a simple cane within her right hand with a leather computer satchel tossed over her left shoulder.

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RP Hooks
  • Musician: Dayana was a very successful singer, songwriter, and dancer during her teenage years in the Los Angeles area.
  • Reporter: Dayana is a journalist for the online tabloid magazine, 'Splash'
  • Recovering Addict: Dayana can be frequently found in attendance at local Narcotics Anonymous meetings.



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