Psychotic Pagan Preacher / Patriarch
Fullname: Jeremiah Cutter
Date of Birth: July 17th, 1979
Mask: Monster
Dirge: Guru
Occupation: Family Patriarch
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Bloodline: Oberloch
Coterie: none


Everyone feels alone sometimes. Everyone feels weak sometimes. Everyone feels like they lack a purpose sometimes.

Jeremiah Cutter offers answers to all of these qualms. He will take away your weakness and replace it with strength. He will surround you with Kin you can call your own. He will take away your lack of purpose and replace it with a grand destiny.

The Crone is real. She is not some metaphorical figure or distant Goddess Figure. She is as real as Jeremiah Cutter is.

With a sermon on his lips, blood under his nails, and lust in his eyes, Jeremiah will bring glory to The Mother's Army, and the Cutter Family.

RP Hooks

  • Archaeology : While he was never able to leave his tiny little rural town to go to college, Jeremiah was always really into history and archaeology. He directs this knowledge towards his research as a member of the Army. He can also quote poetry and such. Most people are quite surprised by his intellect.
  • Oberloch : The few who actually know about the Oberloch Bloodline tend to underestimate them...for good reason. Most of them never even find out other Vampires exist, or ever leave their tiny towns. They rule them almost openly, becoming monstrous Gods in those rural areas. Jeremiah's Oberloch family, the Cutters, are different. They settled in Chicago in 2019, and have shown themselves to be violent, lustful and fanatical. Also, far more cunning and ambitious then most are comfortable with.
  • Cutter Family : This Family is open for play! Whether you want to app in as a Vampire member (All are Oberlochs and belong to The Mother's Army, and the Circle of the Crone), or become a ghoul. Also, he is happy to Embrace or Ghoul on-grid if you think you might fit the mentality, or are interested. If that is the case, feel free to contact!
  • The Mother's Army : The Army is a fanatical, dangerous offshoot of the Circle. While they belong to the Covenant, many members view them as a threat. Their views are odd and possibly even blasphemous, depending on the Acolyte viewing them. Also, their way of Unlife can be...beguiling...which worries more staunch Acolytes. Interested?


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