Actors Used

This is where you can find which face models have already been claimed. It's handy if you don't want to double up but don't want to go through all the active character pages to find out if your pick's already been pulled out of the hat.

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Active Characters

Character name Model name Image
Marcus Lopez Benjamin Wadsworth Marcus2.jpg
Ian "Samhain" Hale Charles Hunnam Charlie Hunnam as Ian Hale.jpg
Sheridan Larkin Chrysti Ane SheriAv.jpg
Ryan Astor Cole Sprouse Ryan01.jpg
Ashkii Nakai J. D. Pardo Ash1.jpg
Alexander James O'Brien Jamie Campbell Bower Alexart1.jpg
Jack Smith Jimmy Q none
Anna Nicole Elise Lucy Collete 692688c995574a60c43256e85a3c63bf--nicole-fox-foxes.jpg
Dalvin Abdullah Michael B. Jordan Alvin5.jpg
Darryl Brooks Michael Ecklund Checkers1.jpg
Maxwell Nestor Carbonell none
Simba SimeonPanda SimbaMask1.jpg
Krystal Madison Stacey Dash Vellacityscape.jpg
Velma McGee Tati Gabrielle Velma1.jpg
Joseph Freeman Will Smith Joseph1.jpg
Richard Nathanal Mortenson Young Bill Nye Richard1.jpg
[[Vito|]] Unknown none
Megan Rodriguez Unknown Redhead cities.jpg
[[Simba|]] Unknown none
Rashida Unknown Rashida Face.jpg
[[Marlie|]] Unknown none
Jake Stephens Unknown JakeStephens1.jpg
Helmer Cain Unknown Helmermale3.jpg
Thomas Ward Unknown Ward 01.jpg
Potential Characters

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Inactive Characters
Character name Model name Image
Ryleigh Cavenaugh Cara Delevingne Ryleigh1.jpg
Sarah Ballard Emma Watson Serendipity1.jpg
Jimmy Bluesman Jimmy Urine Jimmy.jpg
Makar Elbrus MagentaGoddess Makar 1.jpg
Alexandria Longstein Marie Avgeropoulos Alexandria.jpg
Heidi Bierhoff Melissa Benoist TZ9.jpg
Darius Yates Unknown D.jpg
Diana Maestroangelo Unknown Diana.jpeg
Eden Montgomery Unknown Eden.jpg
Jackson Arnold Unknown Jack1.jpg
Molly Rosalee Manchester Unknown Molly1.jpg
Rosa Unknown Rosa 04.jpg
Dead Characters

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